Winner Lose All (2020)

Winner Lose All Timothy Zahn Winner Lose All Timothy Zahn s upcoming novel Scoundrels starring Han Solo Chewbacca and Lando Calrissian returns to the excitement of the classic Star Wars films In this thrilling prequel eBook novella Winner L
  • Title: Winner Lose All
  • Author: Timothy Zahn
  • ISBN: 9780345544919
  • Page: 152
  • Format: ebook
Winner Lose All Timothy Zahn Timothy Zahn s upcoming novel Scoundrels, starring Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Lando Calrissian, returns to the excitement of the classic Star Wars films In this thrilling prequel eBook novella, Winner Lose All, Lando and a pair of unlikely allies find themselves involved in a dangerous game Fortunately, Lando can survive against the odds a skill that he will need in spadesTimothy Zahn s upcoming novel Scoundrels, starring Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Lando Calrissian, returns to the excitement of the classic Star Wars films In this thrilling prequel eBook novella, Winner Lose All, Lando and a pair of unlikely allies find themselves involved in a dangerous game Fortunately, Lando can survive against the odds a skill that he will need in spades Lando Calrissian s no stranger to card tournaments, but this one has a truly electrifying atmosphere That s because the prize is a rare sculpture worth a whopping fifty million credits If Lando s not careful, he s going to go bust, especially after meeting identical twins Bink and Tavia Kitik, master thieves who have reason to believe that the sculpture is a fake The Kitiks are beautiful, dangerous, and determined to set things right and they ve convinced Lando to help them expose the scam But what they re up against is no simple double cross, nor even a twisted triple cross It is a full blown power play of colossal proportions For an unseen mastermind holds all the cards and has a fail proof solution for every problem murder.
Winner Lose All Timothy Zahn

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    152 Timothy Zahn
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One thought on “Winner Lose All

  1. Scott

    This is simply a fun tale of Lando getting mixed up in a plot involving forged artwork, dirty thieves, gamblers, and ghost assassins Timothy Zahn s expanded universe writing is always some of the finest to capture the classic Star Wars feel , and here it fares well My only disappointment is that Lando is not so much involved in the story as I thought he could have been, and instead left on the fringes in favor for a couple of sisters who steal the show That said, the sisters Bink and Tavia Kitik [...]

  2. Thomas

    This is a decent little heist tale, featuring Lando He s not a principle character, despite being critical to the story, so readers wanting Lando should look elsewhere, but it s a Zahn story, so it feels like classic Star Wars than most other writers.

  3. Mphecker

    This is like a 3.75 than a full 4 stars After finishing up the Legacy of the Force series, this was a nice change from the angsty lightsaber swinging Darth Caedus action I ve read for 9 straight novels As a tie in before I try to read Scoundrels, I liked being introduced to a few of the new characters for that novel in a short story beforehand A neat little heist novel, but aside from the mention of some alien races and Lando, it lacked a Star Wars feel.

  4. Jeff Crosby

    A very tidy little caper featuring Lando There is nothing particular tying this story to the Star Wars universe other than Lando, a brief mention of the emperor and sabaac Still, it was well crafted and fun.

  5. Jordan

    Last week I reviewed the newest Star Wars novel by Timothy Zahn, Scoundrels A couple days ago I finally got the chance to read the ebook novella he wrote as a prequel, Winner Lose All It was enjoyable, on the whole, and if you ve already read Scoundrels you should give it a shot However, while it was released before Scoundrels and happens before Scoundrels, it was clearly written after Scoundrels and would be best read after finishing that excellent novel Why Because it features several of the c [...]

  6. Jim C

    My actual raring is 3.5 stars This is a prequel to Scoundrels In this short story, Lando enters a sabbacc tournament where the prize is an expensive sculpture Other characters in this book are conspiring to steal from the casino head and soon Lando is mixed up with these characters as they stumble on nefarious happenings.I liked this short story and I actually enjoyed it than the novel that follows it It has a caper movie feeling There are no force sensitive beings or lightsaber duels in this [...]

  7. Michael

    This was a little something by the Master Of The Expanded Universe to tide us over until Scoundrels comes out next month, to which Winner Lose All is a prequel Although I m a lukewarm fan of the heist tale , it was good seeing new characters who, I presume, will make it into Scoundrels The only actual criticism I have is that Lando only has a small part and the tale really centers on Tavia and Bink, twin female human thieves who get caught up in a nasty double cross at the same time a high stake [...]

  8. Randy

    A nice tight little story that is a prologue of sorts to Zahn a Star Wars novel SCOUNDRELS Lando Calrissian was on planet for the Sabacc tournament that had a huge prize, a rare figurine worth fifty million credits He couldn t afford the buy in of ten million, six had already bought seats, but he was entered into the tournament from which the top two would get seats at the big one.Lando spots the twin Kivik sisters and their partner and learns they ve discovered a second figurine in the vaults t [...]

  9. Rebecca

    A short story included in the paperback edition of Scoundrels , this is set before the events of the main novel and centres on Lando Calrissian entering a sabacc tournament where a wealthy art collector is offering a priceless statue to the winner prompting questions over his motives, as well as the provenance of the statue.Lando teams up with two characters that he will meet again in Scoundrels, the twins Bink and Tavia who help him with his investigation and uncover that the collector has been [...]

  10. Jaime Krause

    Lando has entered in a sabacc tournament to win a Tchine statue, one of 7 It s been up for auction by a man named Jydor, in order to get money to make up for what was lost in bad deals and debts Also there are twin sisters who are ghost thieves, and happen to know Lando.One of them discovers that Jydor s Tchine may not be what it seems and uncovers a very complex scheme It was fun to have a side story featuring Lando and see a little of his past.First read December 31, 2015Second read August 15 [...]

  11. Joe Hempel

    A little tale before his novel Scoundrels comes out next month.Enjoyed seeing Lando in action again, even though he has a small part yeah, I know, he s on the cover, but he really doesn t see much action Tavi and Bink are two thieves that get caught up in some nasty business doing a bit of nasty thievery of their own They recruit Lando for some help in exposing a double cross A bit slow in some places of the 65 pages, but the end was quite exciting Can t wait for Scoundrels, this was a good preq [...]

  12. Mike

    Lando Calrissian isn t expecting the ridiculously high stakes sabacc tournament he s trying to enter to be a quiet event, but it gets lively and dangerous than he had in mind when a pair of old acquaintances playing a different game show up.Winner Lose All is a fun little novella that mixes gambling, thievery and hidden agendas to good effect It has a couple of nice twists and is the just the right length for this light adventure Nothing terribly deep, but very enjoyable and sets the stage nice [...]

  13. Josh

    A fairly decent short Star Wars story, of which there aren t that many out there I liked the Ocean s Eleven feel, although like most Star Wars works there isn t much attention given to detail or character development At least there weren t any senseless action scenes just for the sake of action scenes This seems to be a build up to Scoundrels, so I am planning to read listen to that one shortly.

  14. Matthew

    A good short story preview for Scoundrels The high stakes sabaac game was an interesting concept, although it would have been much better if they gave of the mechanics of the game, but it was a cute little heist story and a great introduction to Bink and Tavia, the twins I think there was a lot of unnecessary complexity, but it was nevertheless a fun story.

  15. Bill Kellenberger

    An interesting novel set in WWII In addition to the spy nature of the book, a love story also plays a major role in the telling The characters are well drawn and realistic Although I d like for it to have ended differently, I suppose the ending was actually realistic than the one I d imagined Kept me interested all the way through Although it s probably not a masterpiece , it s a book that I found hard to put down.

  16. Marko

    A very nice Lando Calrissian story acting as a prequel to Star Wars Scoundrels and featuring some of the same characters The role of a schemer is a much better fit for Lando than it is for Han Solo Also, this time around, the story is short enough to stay focussed and clear on target.A good read if you love Star Wars and especially Timothy Zahn s work with the EU but his best will always be the Thrawn Trilogy.

  17. Jackie

    Read Scoundrels as soon as it came out and while well written and entertaining, it wasn t a Han Solo book He was just as much a main character as everyone else in the heist Same goes for this story Lando is just one of the team, not the main protagonist Again, entertaining but, like Scoundrels, not what I expected or was hoping for.

  18. Rodrigo González

    Lando Calrissian the James Bond of the Galaxy Winner Lose All is like a hommage to Ian Flemming s books, which I love Maybe Zahn should write a James Bond novel soon I just loved this prequel to the wonderful Scoundrels novel I think Zahn is the only Star Wars writer who can create great characters that fits perfectly into the Expanded Universe.

  19. PsypherPunk

    Moving away from the Jedi vs Sith mysticism and landing squarely in Ocean s Eleven territory, I actually rather liked this one Sure, the dialogue gets than a little trite and credulity gets stretched but for a Star Wars tale that s pretty much par for the course.

  20. Milan Pohl

    A fast paced heist story that serves as a prequel to Zahn s Scoundrels and centers both on Lando and several interesting new characters such as the identical twin sisters Bink and Tavia A very solid, entertaining read.

  21. David

    This is a fun little short story that makes a lot sense if you ve read Scoundrels Makes me wish Zahn could push through a collection of short stories like a lot of Isaac Asimov s old books were I would buy that

  22. John

    I really liked it right up to the end I love Han and Lando but I don t like that they never seem to come out ahead, unless, of course, they are doing something good for the rebellion, then everything works out in the end Regardless, I thought this story was better than Scoundrels.

  23. Tom

    Enjoyable look at Lando before becoming the administrator of Cloud City It introduces a rogue s gallery of less than honest characters who find themselves in the uncomfortable position of exposing a larger crime.

  24. Mike Seiber

    Although this was a short book, which I knew going in, it was still a great read It sets up a few things nicely for Zahn s book Scoundrels and explains a bit of the character backgrounds in that book.

  25. David

    A nice taste, but too short to be really satisfying I suspect Zahn s newest Star Wars book, Scoundrels, will be a better read This short story is supposed to tie into Scoundrels.

  26. Rob

    A great little short that introduces some good new characters Along with Lando they do a con job, which all leads up towards the novel Scoundrels.

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