Gün Olur Asra Bedel (2020)

Gün Olur Asra Bedel Chingiz Aitmatov G n Olur Asra Bedel Text English Russian translation
  • Title: Gün Olur Asra Bedel
  • Author: Chingiz Aitmatov
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 329
  • Format: None
Gün Olur Asra Bedel Chingiz Aitmatov Text English, Russian translation
Gün Olur Asra Bedel Chingiz Aitmatov

  • [EPUB] Ñ Unlimited ✓ Gün Olur Asra Bedel : by Chingiz Aitmatov ò
    329 Chingiz Aitmatov
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    Posted by:Chingiz Aitmatov
    Published :2020-04-16T06:24:56+00:00

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  1. Karl Schmiedeskamp

    This is easily in the top ten of best books I have ever read Aitmatov is an over looked genius While the translation I read is less than the best, there are passages so lyrical they could easily pass for poetry.I attempted to give a review of the book to my Toastmasters Club and discovered that it is simply too complex and filled with layers of meaning to cover in a 7 minute speech I cannot do it justice here I will just note that anyone interested in any of the following will like this book Sov [...]

  2. Eldonfoil TH*E Whatever Champion

    A fervent tale that reveals just how real, how surreal, how drastic, the gap is between modern and traditional lifestyles The prose, the imagery, and the outcome of this story transport me to a discarded, burnt out, rusting hull of a train, plane, or submarine at the banks of a receding sea, invisible radiation raining down, the last pick of cotton long gone from an abused land How far is it then to find beauty in a simple hut or the explosion of fresh yogurt on your tongue

  3. Peri Kitapları

    Duygu bir ark dan ba ka bir ey de ilse, ark s ylemek ni in ay p olsun A k varsa hele a k olmak Allah vergisi ise , ni in ay p olsun D nyadaki en b y k sevin , sevmek sevilmek sevinci de il mi yle g zel bir kitap bitirdim ki, bu kitap zerine ne s ylesem eksik kal r Yazar sadece bir g ne, bir as rl k hikaye s d rm Zaten bence bu kitapla ilk kez tan acaklar , kitap hakk nda ayr nt l bir yaz okumadan , kitab okumal lar Neden mi nk D nenbay Efsanesi ndeki Nayman Ana ve Mankut u bizzat kendileri tan m [...]

  4. Serkan

    K t phanemin tozlu raflar nda buldu um bir kitapd rendi im kadar yla e ime niversitedeyken bir edebiyat hocas ald rm ve d nem boyunca sizden tek istedi im bu kitab okuman z demi Failatun failun lar , yazarlar n do um tarihlerini, ya da dil gruplar aras ndaki ili kilerin haritas n ezberleten edebiyat hocam d nd mde e imin ne kadar ansl oldu unu imdi anl yorum Chingiz Aitmatov gibi K rg z bir edebiyat ustas ndan haberimiz olmadan yeti tirildi imizi d nd k e e itim sistemimizin sadece mankurt lar y [...]

  5. Naeem

    In the semester of 9 11, I was teaching International Conflict It was one of the best set of students I ever had One of them, Kydr from Kyrgyzstan whom I met again one day inside the Blue Masjid in Istanbul gave me this book to read He said it was one of the best books by a world class writer I had my doubts But then I read it And wow In part its a homage to to Gabriel Garcia Marquez But mostly it is about the encounter between the traditional cultures conquered first by Russia and then by the U [...]

  6. Levent Pekcan

    Nice zamand r okumay istedi im bir romand , sonunda okudum ve olduk a be endim T rk eye evirisi zellikle ba ar l Bu y l bir ka Aytmatov eseri daha okuyaca m.

  7. Emma Deplores Goodreads Censorship

    This is exactly the sort of book I was hoping to find when I started my world fiction challenge a truly excellent and accessible novel that deserves to be much widely read Fiction in translation covers a wide spectrum, sometimes feeling very foreign and bizarre, but there s something wonderful and life affirming about finding a book like this, that s perfectly relatable and understandable despite for most English speaking readers an enormous cultural gap.The book is about an old man named Yedig [...]

  8. Conny

    Still one of my favorite books The English title is The Day lasts longer than a Hundred Years I think Written during the Breshnev years, during the Cold War, the novel interweaves several stories and discusses various problems of the day Beings from another galaxy contact astronauts at the space station because they need help But since the world was split into two political systems, fighting over world power, the astronauts were prohibited to help them The death of a villager in Kyrgyzstan bring [...]

  9. Torsten

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  10. Pinar Celebi

    pinucciasbooksHer zaman oldu u gibi kendi yorumumu yazmaya ba lamadan nce bu kitap hakk nda yaz lan yorumlar okudum ve g rd m ki pek ok okuyucu ba larda ok s k lm Oysa ben ilk sayfadan Yedigey in yan ndayd m sanki O uzun bir g n birlikte ge irdik Hatta ben bir ara yle kapt rm m ki kendimi Yedigey in devesinin kokusunu bile ald m bir noktada Zaten bir kitab n bende b rakt etki bahsi ge en herhangi bir eyin kokusunu almama neden oluyorsa d rt d rtl k kitap oluyor o benim i in.Kitab n konusu beni d [...]

  11. Eric

    This novel was reommended to me by an Israeli friend which is a little odd as it was written by Soviet Kirghiz the Turkic people of the Soviet Union who are principally Muslim about a Kazakhstan Muslim While religion does not play a major role in the novel, it seems to be always in the background The novel is about a lot of different forms of prejudice against prisoners of war an interesting historical event from WWII , against creative artists mainly writers , against higher intelligence, and a [...]

  12. Ruslan Georgiev

    This is the third novel I ve read by the Kyrgyz writer and again he manages to make me fall in love in his characters and narrative There is something special and unique in Aitmatov s writing that I seldom see in other authors I especially admire is his skill to describe nature and use is to crate emotional atmosphere and evoke feelings He has the ability to write beyond time and space by using grounds common for all human beings He makes us realize that we are not so much different than the peo [...]

  13. Anh Dũng

    C th k b ng ch c ch v n v n trong ng y a tang m t ng i ng k nh, bao h i c c a ng i k a v m ch to n th y au bu n x t xa.

  14. Ece

    Okurken, kendimi bir Reha Erdem ya da Nuri Bilge Ceylan filmi izler gibi hissettim nsana dair ne varsa, plakl yla, abart s z, s slemeden vermi Aytmatov Kitab n bir k sm n n, Kuttubayev in neden ld r ld yle ilgili k sm n n yasakland n ve bunun i in Cengiz Han a K sen Bulut adl kitab okumak gerekti ini kitab n sonunda yaz lan nottan rendim Bu durum bile kitab n ger ekli ini g steriyor zaten Yer yer Y lmaz G ney in, insan n aresizli ini anlatt filmlerini a r t ran sahneler okudum zellikle Yedigey i [...]

  15. Ahmad Sharabiani

    The Day Lasts More Than a Hundred Years Une Journe e plus longue qu un sie cle , Chingiz Aitmatov 1364 452

  16. Anna Prejanò

    Il fantastico amplia alcuni aspetti del reale e osservando le regole del gioco le mostra nella loro generalizzazione filosofica, cercando di svelare al limite massimo il potenziale di sviluppo degli aspetti in questione Il fantastico la metafora della vita che permette di guardare ad essa da un nuovo inaspettato angolo di visuale Realismo storico e psicologico, fantastico e fantascienza si fondono in modo unico in questo libro dai toni languidi di antica ballata della steppa L eroe si mette in v [...]


    Aytmatov un ola an st g rsel anlat m yla bozk rlarda dola p, demiryolu i ilerinin ileke ama mutlu ya ant s n n i ine giriyorsunuz Yazar, sadece klasik Rus Edebiyat n n o g l karakter analizleriyle yetinmeyip, do ay , hayvanlar ,ya an lan tarihsel s reci ve efsaneleri de bize aktar yor Hem de m kemmel bir kurguyla,,, Tilkilerle demiryolu civar nda yiyecek ar yor, uzay ss n n dikenli telleriyle ge mi inizden kopar l yor sonra aylak ku lar yla birlikte zg rce u uyorunuz Develer ise sizi demiryolu i [...]

  18. Sivan

    Absolutely loved this book It is very hard to come by in English, though If you get your hands on a copy you should read it One of the few books that blew my mind.

  19. Harry Rutherford

    This novels tells the story of Yedigei, a worker at a remote railway junction in the middle of the Kazakh steppes There s a refrain which is repeated at intervals throughout the book Trains in these parts went from East to West, and from West to East .On either side of the railway lines lay the great wide spaces of the desert Sary Ozeki, the Middle lands of the yellow steppes In these parts any distance was measured in relation to the railway, as if from the Greenwich meridian .And the trains we [...]

  20. Nati Korn

    A few years back one of the papers started this project, you know, literary people, writers, editors and the like, list their reading recommendations, ten books for a desert island, this sort of thing I began to notice quite a few of them, the serious ones maybe, recommended this book, mentioning how good it was written.This of course kindled my curiosity Reading about this book I found out it seems to contain in part a sort of a SF or new age motive Not that there is anything wrong with SF, g [...]

  21. Asher Gabbay

    Aitmatov is a Kyrgyz writer who passed away this year I have never heard of him or his books, but a friend recommended this book to me recently As is usually the case with friends recommendations, this book turned out to be a real gem return return The story takes place over the course of one day, and includes one major plot and one short sub plot Yedigei, a railroad worker in remote Kazakhstan, sets out to bury his old friend, Kazangap, in an old cemetery Throughout the long journey to the ceme [...]

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