A Stranger Thing (2020)

A Stranger Thing Martin Leicht Isla Neal A Stranger Thing In this witty adventurous sequel to Mothership which Publishers Weekly called a whole lot of fun Elvie Nara is back on earth but her life including her new baby is still pretty out there Pregnancy w
  • Title: A Stranger Thing
  • Author: Martin Leicht Isla Neal
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 286
  • Format: Hardcover
A Stranger Thing Martin Leicht Isla Neal In this witty, adventurous sequel to Mothership, which Publishers Weekly called a whole lot of fun Elvie Nara is back on earth but her life including her new baby is still pretty out there Pregnancy was pretty rough for sixteen year old Elvie Nara, what with the morning sickness, constant food cravings, and the alien race war she found herself in the middle of But ifIn this witty, adventurous sequel to Mothership, which Publishers Weekly called a whole lot of fun Elvie Nara is back on earth but her life including her new baby is still pretty out there Pregnancy was pretty rough for sixteen year old Elvie Nara, what with the morning sickness, constant food cravings, and the alien race war she found herself in the middle of But if she thought giving birth to an extraterrestrial s baby would be the hard part, she was sorely mistaken.After Elvie somehow has a baby girl, the always male Almiri completely wig out Suddenly Elvie s supposed allies have shipped her along with her father, her best friend, Ducky, and her maybe boyfriend, boneheaded Almiri commando Cole Archer off to a remote retention facility aka alien jail in Antarctica Talk about cold But things really get complicated when a new group of hybrid aliens arrive with information that sends Elvie s world spinning Before long, Elvie is trekking across the bottom of the Earth with a band of friends and frenemies to uncover the secrets of her own origin Will Elvie ever be able to convince the Almiri that a conspiracy to conquer the planet is a greater threat than a sixteen year old girl and a newborn who won t stop crying
A Stranger Thing Martin Leicht Isla Neal

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    286 Martin Leicht Isla Neal
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One thought on “A Stranger Thing

  1. Megan

    I have come to realize that these books are crack fics Did you ever read crack fanfiction They re nonsensical and hilarious and just pure fun Just like this.Now, Mothership was quirky and smart and fun A Stranger Thing is quirky and ridiculous and fun Don t come into this expecting it to follow the rules of logic, you will just be disapointed Not that you can t follow storyline, it s just that there will be multiple times where you will pause and attempt to inform the book But now, you can t jus [...]

  2. Rashika (is tired)

    This book was not a large improvement over it s predecessor and I d go so far to say that it was actually slightly worse but there is something about this series that makes you want to keep reading in spite of its shallowness Sometimes we just really need is a nice fluffy read that doesn t make us ask all the important questions and still manages to entertain us Most of A Stranger Thing takes place over a short period of time and I think that s one of the things that works for this book Its fast [...]

  3. Nasty Lady MJ

    Meh I almost think a reread of the first is in order to see if I truly loved it or if it was naive blogger syndrome To see full review click on one of the below links.The BlogBooklikes

  4. Joel Kirk

    This book got me interested in this trilogy Or rather, the cover did Our main heroine, Elvie, is decked out in shiny black latex pants and a white coat, very possibly for the snow environment of the story She is firing a raygun at someone or something, and in her right arm she carries her daughter Olivia It is a cover that hints a solid action packed story with a complicated, tough heroine Unfortunately, the sequel doesn t live up to the coolness of the cover A Stranger Thing picks up from the l [...]

  5. Kelly Sierra

    Elvie is at it again in the sequel to Mothership Elvie s pregnancy has been pretty rough, but nothing could have prepared her for the actual birth to a baby girl According to her, just handsome, baby daddy it is impossible for her to have given birth to a girl, since he can only produce boys, and it seems like the rest of the Almiri clan feel the same Immediately Elvie, Cole, Ducky, her father, and baby are shipped to Antarctica Here they must assimilate with the criminals shipped out by the Alm [...]

  6. Whitney Pohl

    The biggest issue that I had with this book is the same I had with first of the series the almost casual deaths Ooops, he died horribly, eh Oh well, on with the plot and no lasting emotional or mental consequences And this book committed the Great Sin SPOILER The dogs die Horribly After we re allowed to get attached to them This has been a deal breaker for some books.

  7. Rachael

    All right, first things first This book is definitely in the running for Worst Book Cover Ever So aside from that, the book is great Just like the previous book there are so many moments of hilarity Good times.

  8. Kennedy

    I really liked how this book turned out, I really liked the second book and was waiting for it when I realized it was published in 2013 I would like this serise to end with Elivie, her dad, Ducky, and Olivia the baby to lve together peacefuly I don t like Cole that much It would be cool, too, to have Elvie decide to adopt take care of Bok Choy as her own child, or mabe have the father adopt him for her because shes still a minor.

  9. Eileen

    Loving this series I love Elvie Nara She is witty and funny I would love to see this series made into a movie I think it would be absolutely hysterical It is also packed with a lot of action Onto the last book in the series now

  10. Grace

    You know I never realised how completely ridiculous this book was until I was explaining it to my sister and the sentance James Dean is the dictator of clan of alien parasitic Calving Klein models came out of my mouth.

  11. chisholm

    i love this author now when i read books with action i say man this action is boring cause man when you get action in this book you get ACTION capital letter like i would like to see in what they would or how they would do it in the movies and probably say the movie got it all wrong cause they always do i loved reading this series and the main character and all the characters in this series.

  12. Jess

    The other reviews are pretty spot on, especially about the worst cover in the world I leave it upside down because I don t want my AirBnB hosts to see what trash I m reading.It is funny, and the wit keeps me reading, even though the plotlines are often cringeworthy and the Dad and Ducky characters are horribly cliched The teenage voice feels fairly authentic, as much as I can be one to judge The entire give birth to a baby and then no mention of the unmentionables following that is very hard to [...]

  13. Jordyn

    I m not sure what changed between this book and the first I don t know if it s just me, but something seems OFF with this book and whereas I head over heels loved that one, this one didn t garner the same feelings from me I liked it and I m still going to read the next in the series with the hope that this trilogy will end well , but there was a lot that bothered me here.For one thing while I freely admit that the plot of Mothership was campy and crazy, I loved that one It was unpredictable, ori [...]

  14. Courtney

    When we last saw Elvie, she was just giving birth to a baby girl An Almiri baby girl Because being a teen mother isn t hard enough without your baby turning out to be an alien race Turns out that that the alien baby business is far less of a concern than the fact that the baby is a girl The whole thing about the Almiri race is that they re all male and incapable of reproducing on their own So they go to other words and secretly impregnate their females, who, in turn, give birth to little baby Al [...]

  15. Elizabeth

    Hmm I was quite disappointed 2.5 stars A Stranger Thing is the second book in the Ever Expanding Universe series, and unfortunately infinitely worse I was really excited to read this book because the first one ended on such a cliff hanger But, after sort of hearing what happened in the third book, and not really liking this book, and not having access to the third book This series is very disappointing I mean don t get me wrong it was REALLY funny But that s about it In this book Elvie, Elvie s [...]

  16. Rachelle

    Elvie and co are back And the cuteness and awkwardness of teenagers and aliens with babies continues I read Mothership a couple years back and I thought it was funny, light, and entertaining That pretty much sums up what I felt about this one, too Elvie is still a sarcastic, hot mess who sometimes has me laughing out loud and sometimes makes me want to roll my eyes Cole, the baby daddy, is still incredibly stupid This still angers me Nobody is that dumb And Elvie s eccentric dad and her friend D [...]

  17. Anmiryam

    This second installment in the Expanding Universe series continues the story of Elvie Nara With her newborn daughter in tow, she is transported to an Almiri prison in Antarctica with her father, her baby s father the adorable, but not so bright Cole Archer, and her best friend Ducky The action quickly becomes even implausible don t count on things being what they seem in this futuristic sci fi comedy than in the first installment, but that s all to the good except maybe the killer Orca bit, I c [...]

  18. Michelle

    I give this book the same rating as the first in the series Yet, my feelings toward them are pretty different So perhaps Mothership is a high three because it is silly and fun, but not likable or good enough to be a four , while A Stranger Thing is a low three I don t know that it s objectively worse than Mothership, but it s definitely not as fun but not so bad I would drop it to a two.Perhaps the best summary of my feelings would be thus After the first book, I immediately picked up the second [...]

  19. Amy

    I really enjoyed Mothership, the first book in this trilogy At the end I suspected that there was to Elvie s mother than a woman who died when Elvie was young Well, I was right I won t spoil the story any further but I have to say I was disappointed in the direction this book took I didn t like the way Elvie treated Ducky he is seriously the greatest best friend ever , and ColeI mean could that guy be any dumber In the first book it was kind of funny, in this book it was really annoying There c [...]

  20. Rachael Drenckpohl

    It took me almost a month to finish this book Why I m not really sure It was good, witty, and overly annoying with the repetitive use of the word, like So essentially, it s just like the first Only There s no clear reason as to why Elvie feels the way she does about Cole Why is she so hot and cold with him Why is there never a huge fight with her mom who abandoned her A discussion, yes But not a fight Elvie might be a mother now, but she s still a 16 year old girl, and she doesn t act the way a [...]

  21. Brianna

    This book is ridiculously beyond awesome Aside from the first book, Mothership, I have never read a book like this I was laughing withing two sentences and no matter how much I told myself to stop reading and go to bed I was not able to put it down The twist at the end left me in agony, it was unexpected and terrible and I NEED MORE I hope the next one is out asap because just wow I think I found a new favorite author Amazingly done and I highly recommend this to just about everyone, especially [...]

  22. Becca

    Anyone who has had a baby knows you don t just go to Antarctica days after delivery and then go on a cross continent journey But I guess Elvie just adapts well after delivery, no weeks long bleeding for her Putting all the yeah, right situations aside, just as cheesy and sassy as the first, but the I do like the imaginative story about all the different aliens and hybrids I m intrigued how it will all end up.

  23. Stargirl

    A Stranger Thing was definitely fun Maybe not as fun as Mothership and yet if you liked the first one, the craziness continues in this one and you should enjoy it Elvie is still a fun, clever and smart mouthed leading lady My fav addition to the book was Bok Choy, we don t see him much but I found him to be a funny little boy baby The writing is very fluid and the crazy kitchy scifi is still rocking Just a fun read, really.

  24. Amanda Richards

    OMG I only read the summary online and I am already drooling over the book there s twist and turns and up and downs, not to mention that Elvie Nara is back in business with her supposed to be boy baby girl baby I pray to God that there is 3 book and that it will be out for Christmas this series is like Scotch to a 40 year old work a hloic women I ll give you posts about the series later

  25. Najela

    The ending made this a solid three stars I don t even know when the next book is out Nothing has been resolved, so I m hoping the loose ends will be tied up in the third book, whenever that comes I spent weeks not reading this but I was only 3% away from the end and it ended on a cliffhanger Go figure.

  26. Genevieve

    DNF this book actually doesn t have too many problems, other than a possible new love triangle, slut shaming, and too much teen speak that doesn t quite sound like a genuine teenager, but the thought of reading this book and the other one I was reading at the same time made me too sad to even want to read, so I don t think this is the book for me.

  27. Kelly

    1st 3 26 14 Ended in a brutal cliffhanger, will need to acquire the third whenever that might be released Found out late in 2014 that this is a trilogy and that the conclusion would be published on 4 14 15 Might re read 1 and 2 before reading the third I hadn t decided as of 3 24 15 if I m going to to re read the beginning of the series 2nd

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