Only Human (2020)

Only Human Chris Reher Only Human Captain Nova Whiteside on a brand new assignment to help rid the Commonwealth Union of Planets from a growing rebel force is teamed up with Tychon a straight laced Vanguard commander His opinion of
  • Title: Only Human
  • Author: Chris Reher
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Only Human Chris Reher Captain Nova Whiteside, on a brand new assignment to help rid the Commonwealth Union of Planets from a growing rebel force, is teamed up with Tychon, a straight laced Vanguard commander His opinion of Humans, and of subordinate officers, is less than stellar.Their pursuit of a ruthless rebel leader takes them through the worlds and dangers of the Centauri occupied TargonCaptain Nova Whiteside, on a brand new assignment to help rid the Commonwealth Union of Planets from a growing rebel force, is teamed up with Tychon, a straight laced Vanguard commander His opinion of Humans, and of subordinate officers, is less than stellar.Their pursuit of a ruthless rebel leader takes them through the worlds and dangers of the Centauri occupied Targon sector where the line between their personal lives and their mission quickly begins to blur.On their quest to recover a dangerous, living weapon in rebel hands it seems that the greatest opposition comes from among their own people and Nova must choose between duty to her Command and loyalty to her friends.
Only Human Chris Reher

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    310 Chris Reher
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One thought on “Only Human

  1. MsTee

    GrippingWhat impressed me the most about Only Human was the world within it that Chris Reher created So many different people, languages, and cultures to the point that I was amazed the author was able to maintain continuity of it all I also greatly enjoyed the strong characterization We are allowed into almost everyone s heads to hear their thoughts, and in a seamless way that does not jar or confuse Most importantly, I loved the main characters I loved Nova s fiery, stubborn, determined attitu [...]

  2. Cat

    This is a fully developed story with different species, cultures, planets, organizations and opponents to said organizations, etc What I liked most about this book was the character growth some characters grow in obvious ways letting someone in to their heart life while others main character Nova starts questioning everything her life has been built on.The setting changes throughout the book, but each is described well You meet a lot of characters, so it is a little hard to remember who s who a [...]

  3. Sharon Michael

    Entertaining read, interesting characters and a decently developed world setting Story line was quite well written but seemed to have some difficulty deciding whether it was a sci fi romance or space opera adventure Two strong main characters from two species not overly fond of each other should have been a good format Unfortunately, it felt as if the romance between them developed so quickly they did not seem to be identified as two very separate individuals but only as part of a couple.Fun rea [...]

  4. Stephanie Golscher

    I m in love There I said it.The characters in this book are awesome I think I like every one of them including some of the bad guys You really get to care about them and I want Tychon sp as my boyfriend.The story moves quickly and includes lots of action The main characters need to figure out how to track down a bunch of rebels to save the day What makes this complicated is that they get so personally involved and just following orders just doesn t work so well any I hope there is going to be a [...]

  5. Lena Corazon

    ONLY HUMAN was an incredibly pleasant surprise, in part because sci fi isn t my genre of choice However, this book has everything that I love wonderfully fleshed out, three dimensional characters amazing world building a life or death, end of the world type conflict and a romance subplot that gave me all the feels Chris Reher should be incredibly proud of this novel It is one that I know I will return to in the future.

  6. Amy

    The greatest thing about this novel is the fact the world is already fully developedanets, races, etc Sooooooo hopefully the Author will run with her AWESOME characters and write, write, write, RIGHT Awesome book Can t wait for the sequels Love, love, love.

  7. Mei

    I liked it very much Great belnd of SF and romance Great heroine I really hope the autor writes the second book I would love to know what happens next with everybody

  8. Nikki

    This was great Don t let the cover fool you, this is not cheesy Aliens, fun mental powers, space hijinks

  9. Linda

    The continuing story of Nova Whiteside was a joy to read Though I expected her to team up once again with former lover Seth, her interaction with her Delphian Vanguard commander, Tychon, took her story into a new direction.

  10. S

    Sci fi romance, getting too far into mind mage territory for my liking Why do so many authors feel the need to introduce telepathy

  11. Alex Albrinck

    ONLY HUMAN is an intriguing space opera set in a galaxy of human like aliens collaborating together as a Union of planets and sentient creatures Humans, including Nova, interact regularly with the violent Rhuwacs and the thoughtful Delphians If you re a Star Trek fan, think Klingons and Vulcans if you re a Middle Earth type, think trolls and elves The Delphians go for blue hair instead of pointy ears, though There are others alien races as well, but if you re looking for slime, tentacles, or el [...]

  12. J.

    A pretty good sci fi novel that s a bit like reading an episode of Star Trek, including a race with developed mental abilities and a super advanced threat Good characters, but the villain felt like Jabba the Hutt a big crazy evil alien that liked to sit on throne ish seats and lord it over his underlings At least the cool, collected aliens never came across as Vulcans too emotional SPOILER ALERT And when one of the characters began developing into something beyond humanoid a la The Motionless Pi [...]

  13. Dave

    I picked this up for free as a bookbub offer a couple weeks ago It took me longer than it normally would to get through it in part because it just wasn t a totally compelling read I didn t seek out time to read it, but only occasionally remembered it on my commute to school or while eating lunch The writing was alright, although some of the switches in narrator seemed a little disjointed at times For that matter, the story was alright too It just didn t grab me by the collar and demand to be rea [...]

  14. Tinamarie Chappelear

    When I saw the cover on BookBub, it intrigued me and I hadn t read a really good sci fi space novel in years, so I took a chance Despite being the third book in the series, it definitely reads like a stand alone story, no background knowledge required Set in the distant Targon sector where humans have joined with other sentient races to form a Commonwealth, the story follows military brat and ace pilot Captain Nova Whiteside as she attempts to bring down an enemy rebellion, foil a royal kidnappi [...]

  15. Randy

    This is the second book I ve read in Chris Reher s Targon Tales, and I enjoyed it The plot was well developed and included an interesting and very dangerous threat The protagonist in this series, Nova Whiteside, develops a close relationship with a different, but human like, Delphian All of the characters are human or somewhat human, and there is a thought that the human species developed from them even though they live light years away The Targon Tales is actually five successive books, but eac [...]

  16. Linda Walters

    I loved this story I am a fan of science fiction and totally devoured this story Although a fan of sci fi I was relieved that it wasn t one of super gore those I don t like Yes, there was romance, intrigue and quite a few twists I liked the characters, even some of what most people might consider minor ones The details of the different planets, cultures and languages were quite in depth I don t want to say too much about the story and ruin it for the next reader The end while good was a little d [...]

  17. Meghan

    I started the series here and went forward I never did read first two books This was a fun read it in the waiting room kind of book I could pick it up and out it down without losing my sense for the details That being said I read a few chapters over the course of a couple days and hit a good spot and states up supa late that might to finish the book in one go I will probably go read earlier books in series, but the end book was really good and I don t really feel the need for details minus the [...]

  18. Michael Griffiths

    Just plain fun to read.This is not a genre I normally read and I was worried that I would be traipsing into some big interplanetary romance but I enjoyed Chris other book so I downloaded this one tooI m glad I did This is crisp writing that paces the story along without sacrificing character or plot development If you are looking for vast tracts of descriptives, this isn t it The author gives just enough detail to set the reader s mind in motion to envision the worlds traveled in this story.Ther [...]

  19. Jan

    I received this book for free in exchange for providing an honest review.A little science fiction, a little espionage, a double agent, a corrupt officer, and a little love story combine to make Catalyst a very interesting read The author keeps the suspense building throughout the story, provides characters that are easy to hate, others that are easy to love, others that are just plain evil and others that are very likeable This is a book I will read again and as it is the first book in a series [...]

  20. Sarah

    This has been a fun series to read so far I really like the main character and how she holds steadfast to her beliefs even though she has figured out that the world around her is a lot less black and white than she once thought She seems to fall into adventure quite easily but I also felt in this story that she got out of things a little too easily as well I look forward to reading the next book and seeing where the story goes.

  21. Natasa

    I really loved this book it is very inspirational regarding the other humanoids in the spaceeir outlook I loved the characters and the style of writing it seems there osjecas a book written before this oneI ll try to grab it and read it but I think they are not story bounded so you can read either except for the main character Nova s a mix of sci fi and a little dose of romance between to different speciesloved itcommend it

  22. Ron

    I like the view of the different non humans in this story What I like best is that some of the bad guys are intersting and memorable.This isn t a maudly space romance although the main characters are involved and that s a good thing I like the feisty main character and she seems too no nonsense to get bogged down with mooning over her guy.Lots of action and humor too.

  23. Lawrence

    I found this a fast paced story that felt kind of like reading an episode of Star Trek The various sentient beings in a battle between the Union and rebels, with a weapon of mass destruction as a prize is the back drop for the main characters, sort of special forces members, who I found enjoyable to root for Fun summer read Another for my brain candy category.

  24. Corinne

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book enough to consider reading it again in the future, which is a rarity for me The characters are very well developed and so is the universe in which they live This book has something for everyone great fighting scenes, space politics, sci fi tech, romance and a unique storyline.

  25. Nancy Smith

    I thought this might be a good SciFi novel with a female lead The first chapter delivered, but not much further on, it degenerated into pages of description of how many were captivated by the heroine s sexiness at a party Wish it had been less chic lit and SciFi Didn t finish it as chic lit is not a genre I enjoy.

  26. International Cat Lady

    I didn t dislike this book although I think I would gave liked it if I had realized that it was the third book in this series and had read the previous two first as it was, it felt like there was a lot that was referred to that I just didn t get.

  27. Philip McClimon

    This is great space opera It is as good as some Star Trek books I have read The characters are well developed and I like them The action and plot are compelling It is high adventure in outer space Based on this book I plan on reading the rest in the series.

  28. Jack

    I shouldn t have liked this book nearly as much as I did It s sort of pulpy and old school, so I did Like it, I mean Those four stars are an over rating, so be warned It mostly based on nostalgia and charming naivete.

  29. Barbara Eichler-Cline

    Enjoyable readEntertaining characters, dialogue, and storyline Love the Nova series Like stories where relationships continue through books The story is filled with military, civilians, rebels, and many sentient species

  30. Dennis E. Flynn

    Good read, continuous actionThis adventure kept moving at a good pace, the descriptions were good but not boring allowing the reader to imagine the surroundings Good read and enjoyable.

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