Heart of Dixie (2020)

Heart of Dixie Tami Hoag Heart of Dixie New York Times bestselling author Tami Hoag mixes mystery and romance in this moving classic novel of a missing woman and the search that brings together the unlikeliest of lovers She was a blond go
  • Title: Heart of Dixie
  • Author: Tami Hoag
  • ISBN: 9780553591446
  • Page: 464
  • Format: Paperback
Heart of Dixie Tami Hoag 1 New York Times bestselling author Tami Hoag mixes mystery and romance in this moving classic novel of a missing woman and the search that brings together the unlikeliest of lovers She was a blond goddess, a box office megastar Every woman wanted to be her every man wanted to bed her But over a year ago Devon Stafford vanished without a trace As a biographer, Jak 1 New York Times bestselling author Tami Hoag mixes mystery and romance in this moving classic novel of a missing woman and the search that brings together the unlikeliest of lovers.She was a blond goddess, a box office megastar Every woman wanted to be her every man wanted to bed her But over a year ago Devon Stafford vanished without a trace As a biographer, Jake Gannon had taught himself to follow the clues of a person s life story like a detective As an ex Marine, he was accustomed to being firmly in control But when his car died in a little town called Mare s Nest on the Carolina coast, he had to admit he d come to a dead end There he met a.38 toting tow truck driver named Dixie La Fontaine She was no celebrity, but Dixie had an irresistible sex appeal all her own What did this down to earth woman know about a missing movie star Surprisingly, quite a lot And Jake was going to uncover it allif Dixie didn t end up shooting him first.
Heart of Dixie Tami Hoag

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    Tami Hoag

One thought on “Heart of Dixie

  1. Anita

    An oldie, but a really, really sweet goodie When things close in on me and I need a book that will lift my spirits I read an oldie romance Tami Hoag wrote wonderful romances in her early career I also love early Suzanne Brockmann and Janet Evanovich Jake Gannon is a biographer who wants to be a mystery writer He is on the trail of a Hollywood starlet who disappeared without a trace a year ago He thinks there is a book there and he just wants to know why the sexiest, most perfect woman walks away [...]

  2. Linda

    What a disappointment The library had this book in the mystery section The only mystery is how this book got published It s not even a good romance.Hoag tells me Jake Gannon is handsome in almost every paragraph By the middle of the book, I was skipping whole chapters trying to find out something about Jake Gannon that didn t have anything to do with his looks Hoag tells me he is a stud, he s solid, he takes your breath away He s handsome, he s really handsome, he s incredibly handsome, and he s [...]

  3. Rachel Koch Gonzalez

    This was my first Hoag romance book I have only ever read her thrillers, and I enjoyed the romance aspects of those books so I decided to read one of her solely romance books It was a good, cute story, but when I was reading it, I was missing the thriller who s going to die next kind of rush I got from her other novels I loved the characters in this novel, and I did feel sorry for Dixie, giving up everything she had to start over and be herself I thought that whole theme was a good one, just be [...]

  4. Lisa Weber

    I tried listening to the 5 disc audiobook, but I never got through the first The characters are stereotyped in the extreme and the writing uninteresting and flowery Dixie, the female protagonist, seems nearly bipolar, flying from aiming a gun at our leading man to crying from emotional pain at the thought of a mean reporter, all within a minute and a half For his part, our leading man can think only of his maleness and her breasts Over and over Give me a break.

  5. Susannah Carleton

    Good early book by Ms Hoag It s a sweet romance about how secrets can destroy a relationship, particularly if they are held onto for too long.

  6. Carol Hunsicker

    A typical romance novel Very light But that was good as I listened to it while driving back and forth to Mom s.

  7. Blueberry

    Meine Meinung Ich dachte, dieses Buch ist vielleicht mal eine Abwechslung vom Fantasy und wird mich ein bisschen ablenken Und genau das ist es auch Ein Buch zum Entspannen und abschalten.Zu Anfang war es noch interessant und nett zu Lesen.Dixie ist mit ihrer Schlagfertigkeit und Taffheit sehr sympathisch und auch Jake Gannon kann mit seinem Drang zum Perfektionismus und dem Mangel an technischen F higkeiten sofort ins Herz geschlossen werden Und auch die restlichen Dorfbewohner und Charaktere si [...]

  8. Annika

    This book is excellent filler It isn t a meal, it s a supplement, while waiting for the next Outlander book to become available See, I like Tami Hoag Her crime thrillers are excellent, and not just to pass time She warns the reader that before she found her niche in forensics and crime writing, she was a romance writer So I was fair warned This book isn t silly fluff, it s justller It wasn t too predictable, because Tami Hoag does understand suspense and writing and red herrings So it s not a co [...]

  9. Andrea

    When actress Devon Stafford disappeared a year ago she left no trail With a little help from Devon s past history though Jake Gannon, a self taught detective and mystery writer, has learned of a small town called Mare s Nest where the allusive megastar might be hiding Chock full of lovable animals, messes, and of course Dixie La Fontaine s.38 gun, Heart of Dixie, takes readers for a romantic heart stopping boat ride But, when Jake visits little Mare s Nest he ll learn about love and himself, th [...]

  10. Bronwyn Rykiert

    Jake Gannon writes biographies and at present he wants to write a biography on Devon Stafford, a beautiful box office megastar who disappeared 12 months earlier at the height of her career His investigations have brought him to the Carolina Coast looking for her but he finds himself stranded when his brand new Porsche breaks down near a little town called Mare s Nest.Dixie La Fontaine drives the tow truck that comes to his rescue him and his beloved car Jake has a bit of trouble with having a la [...]

  11. Barbara ★

    I usually like books with a snarky heroine but this book is a romance written in 1991 and doesn t have any of the fire and language of today s heroines Dixie La Fontaine is a little plump and has no problem with that until Jake Gannon comes to town and starts talking about her movie star cousinhis perfect ideal woman Dixie s insecurities got real irritating real fast And for a writer, Jake couldn t string two words together that didn t annoy Dixie He just always seemed to be putting his foot rig [...]

  12. Phyllis

    This was a mistake on my part There really is nothing I dislike than Harlequin esque romance novel, and this is what Heart of Dixie turned out to be Grabbed it at the grocery check out, as it has been a while since I ve read a Hoag novel Not the mystery I was anticipating although upon reading the forward, the author alludes to the fact that prior to making her mark in the mystery genre world, she paid her bills with romances Could have been much worse completely skipped all of the incredibly [...]

  13. Leonard

    This is the third book by Tami Hoag that I ve listened to and it may bel the last Her other books were worthwhile suspenseful mysteries There is no mystery here and this weak and pathetic novel filled with excessive swooning and drooling made me cringe many times I m still not sure why I finished it A handsome man admires a drop dead gorgeous actress who has been missing for a year so he goes to look for her Instead he finds a tow truck driver who turned out to be attractive It s not very inter [...]

  14. Sarah

    I forgot to bring 3 rd degree back to work with me and I didn t read it over this weekend so I picked up this book instead I m only on chapter 3 or 4 but it has had several funny moments already so I think I will like it I decided that I liked it Maybe only a one time read, or I will have to wait a really long time to forgot the story before I try to read it again It was a sweet romance type story The other books I ve read from her were suspence mysteries which I really liked This book was a li [...]

  15. Maura

    Entertaining, but very predictable I think I knew what became of Devon Stafford within the first chapter or so And I was able to predict exactly what would happen from there The ending was pretty cute, but a bit too short I was kind of irritated by Jake Gannon s philosophy on life, his superficial and strange obsession with Devon Stafford and his inexplicable hurt that Dixie isn t telling him her secrets when he s kind of hiding a big one as well Still I enjoyed reading it.

  16. Brian

    I found this on an airplane floor and chose to read it instead of play Mariokart DS Woe to me This is pretty much the LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE youtube video staged as a bodice ripper One dimensional characters that think they are three dimensional, a secret twist that is obvious by page 10, and a dramatically linear story that allows you to know what s going to happen 50 pages later with the possible exception to the ludicrous twist to the twist At least the sax was good.

  17. Tammy

    Well After I started this book I wondered if I could finish it I truly despise not finishing a book So I trudged onward Now that I ve finished I can truly say I m glad that s over with It was like so many of her early romances bland characters worse story This one didn t capture me at all I hate not having something redeeming to say but about this oneI truly don t Ah, yes I do The main character liked cats

  18. Kyla

    This is a simple, quick romance When I first picked up the novel, I didn t think it would be so much romance and so little mysterybut I enjoyed the characters I did guess the mystery ending right away, but still enjoyed reading about these characters falling in love I love reading about love and this was a wonderful book After books that consume me, this easy read was a nice change Since Tami Hoag started out as a romance novelist I did expect it and therefore was not disappointed.

  19. Kerry

    Totally predictable, but still enjoyable If you like stories where one person has a secret that they want to confess, but the other person finds out before they get a chance to share, then there s a big blow up, but everyone lives happily ever after, then you ll like this book I enjoyed the story, even though there weren t really any surprises It s the same formula I ve heard many times, but I did like the creative ending in this case.

  20. Fernanda

    meio sem sal ac o muito r pida sem tempo para de facto ser cred vel os sentimentos que se v o manifestandoaba por ser uma historia sem grande trama e n o traz praticamente emo o h leiturana porque a historia a ser bem desenvolvida at que teria pano para mangas mas tudo se acontece sem deixar transparecer a emo o e uma grande paix o.

  21. Dixie

    I love her mystery thriller books, along with her fairy tale book.but her romance novels I can take or leave This one was pretty predictable If you re looking for an easy read, with a little Hollywood mixed in, you ll like it I think if the male lead character would have had a different name, I d have liked it Jake Gannon and Dixie BFF s husband is Gannon LOL

  22. Emily Higgins

    Short story Jake Gannon is a writer who is trying to find a famous actress so that she can tell him her side of the story of why she had walked away from a successful career His car stalls in the middle of nowhere The tow truck driver is a woman named Dixie who vaguely resembles the star for whom he is searching.

  23. Beanse

    If I don t get a good back soon I am going back to watching T.V The book, which was super easy to figure out from the description alone, was a fair read until the very end Where it turned into drippy, dumb blond girl fantasy porn Not sex mind you just drippy we can all live happily ever eve after junk Ugh I miss Lisa Jackson.

  24. Sharon Bledsoe

    Found this on the library s audio book shelf in the Playaway section mp3 type plug on head phones and listen I didn t know it was written in 1991 I kinda knew the storyline progression before I even started the book It passed my morning here at work but wouldn t have read it in paperback otherwise.

  25. Carol Malone

    I personally liked this book because it speaks to the imperfection in all of us Hollywood crames perfection down our throats in the form of actresses who are too thin, too pouty, too perfect and tempts us to emulate them It s disgusting and it s wrong That s why I adore this book Take that, perfectly pouty Angelina.

  26. Keri

    This book was ok It was rather short so it went quickly The couple meets, the interests spark, there s the questioning and the should we, then there s the love, the shocking discovery, then the makeup and the HEA Typical but easy and light if that is what you are in the mood for.

  27. Denise

    If someone developed an AI machine learning algorithm thing and fed it a bunch of Harlequin series books from the 80s and 90s, you d probably get something pretty similar to this lamestorm of cliches and obvious setups.

  28. Cyndi D.

    My cousin and I listened to this audio book on a short road trip It was really predictable and boring There were parts when my cousin and I couldn t stop laughing, it was so bad We will remember how awful it was for years to come.

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