The House of Belonging (2020)

The House of Belonging David Whyte The House of Belonging This is David Whyte s fourth book of poetry
  • Title: The House of Belonging
  • Author: David Whyte
  • ISBN: 9780962152436
  • Page: 316
  • Format: Paperback
The House of Belonging David Whyte This is David Whyte s fourth book of poetry.
The House of Belonging David Whyte

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    316 David Whyte
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One thought on “The House of Belonging

  1. A.M.

    I felt a connection with this book of poetry from the opening poem which wasn t even by David Whyte but a poet named David Wagoner Wagoner s poem is called Lost, and it sets the tone for a very introspective collection of poems that read like a meditation.The House of Belonging is set up in four parts Belonging to the House, the Night, Places and Those I know Throughout the collection, Whyte expresses the importance of finding and knowing one s true self and living the true expression of self, w [...]

  2. Katherine Sartori

    I can t say enough about this precious book of poems and David Whyte s incredible depth of vision This book is at my bedside and I review one or two poems for meditation often I ve also recommended this book to those who attend my local poetry group, as well as friends, especially those who are passing through the inevitable dark shadows we find on our life s pathI highly recommend this book for anyone who appreciates the wonder and mystery of nature, life and even death Whyte s words will touch [...]

  3. Chiuho

    Deeply touched The Winter of listening No one but me by the fire,my hands burningred in the palms while the night wind carries everything away outside.Even with summer so far offI feel it grown in menow and readyto arrive in the worldAll those yearslistening to those who hadnothing to sayAll those years forgettinghow everythinghas its own voiceto make itself heardSo let this winterof listeningbe enoughfor the new lifeI must call my own.

  4. Mary

    Lovely, evocative poetry that touches on home, community, family, love, nature, grief, joy, and belonging I first read David Whyte s poetry on the On Being poetry project website onbeing projects poetry r I can t wait to read of his poetry.

  5. Jen

    To start, I want to note that this book was already reviewed this year by Annie topic show 8But I found I had somewhat different things to say about it so rather than commenting on her review, I decided to write my own in full.David Whyte actually made makes money taking poetry Dante particularly into corporations to help move leadership teams out of ruts Crazy huh Yes But he did it and did it successfully His focus was on the ability of some poetry to move people spiritually I found this bit on [...]

  6. Molly Kraybill

    So may we, in this life trustto those elements we have yet to seeor imagine,and look for the true shape of our own self,by forming it wellto the greatintangibles about us What I am Is what I have been grown by,The sun,That great love,All the many small loves,And you that one love tooWho waited so long To find me and Who has always Walked by my sideFolding my remembering Hand in hers One small thingI ve learned these years,How to be alone, And at the edge of aloneness How to be found by the world [...]

  7. Lindsey

    Favorites House of Belonging, Sweet Darkness, Four Horses, Tienamen, and Working Together Overall, I felt many of the best poetry was hidden in larger poems that were trying too hard to make a point or trying to be deep without really going there, a case of staring two minutes instead of four, perhaps For instance, some of the best lines were in a poem about Kavenagh, but that poem was several pages long, instead of just the best of it A risk of this sort of poetry, too, which depends largely on [...]

  8. Gail Hernandez

    Superb poetry I m not big into poetry, but David Whyte is incredible I can totally relate to his poems and use them as part of my daily spiritual practice.

  9. Eric

    Sometimes readingKavanagh I look outat everythinggrowing so wildand faithfully beneaththe skyand wonderwhy we are the oneterriblepart of creationprivilegedto refuse our flowering.Recommended to me by due to my interest in Mary Oliver, I find this to be a decent collection There are some truly excellent pieces here that hold a universal and spiritual appeal, though there also a great many that seem to wander into a dispassionate droning of description that left me with a distance from the materia [...]

  10. Armand Cognetta

    What to Remember When WakingIn that first hardly noticed moment in which you wake,coming back to this life from the other secret, moveable and frighteningly honest worldwhere everything began,there is a small opening into the new daywhich closes the moment you begin your plans.What you can plan is too small for you to live.What you can live wholeheartedly will make plans enoughfor the vitality hidden in your sleep.To be human is to become visiblewhile carrying what is hidden as a gift to others. [...]

  11. Rebecca

    4.5 StarsHow do I explain how I feel about David Whyte without falling into dramatic cliche His work is warm Introspective Safe, but vulnerable He looks deep within and so you also look deep within.I feel better and patient and loving when I am done with one of his poems.Sweet Darkness will always be his poem that carries me, but there were many new ones I discovered in this installation that grew my heart a few sizes.I weep with satisfied calm.

  12. K Flewelling

    I read this short book of poetry over the weekend, and definitely fell in love with Whyte s voice and perspective of the world through verse I was so struck by his turns of phrases, and it made me want to notice things deeper the way that poets do the particular way things sound or feel or seem He is a new favorite, for sure.

  13. Katrinka

    Moments of simple beauty but episodes as well that felt as if I d been dropped into a self help manual.

  14. Nimitha TR

    Except for a few poems, this failed to invoke awe in me It happens to thosewho live alonethat they feel sureof visitorswhen no one else is there.until the one dayand the one particular hourworking in thequiet garden,when they realizeat oncethat all alongthey have beenan invitationto everythingand every kind of troubleand that life happens byto those who inhabit silence

  15. Ellie

    At just under 100 pages,House of Belongingis centered on the theme of finding one s home That home takes many forms throughout the book, including places like Whyte s former home in England, people like close friends and family, and even states of being like solitude Whyte s poetry quietly awakens something at the reader s core His words are universal, describing the sense of belonging we all strive for and find in our passions, but they also call to mind a spiritual sense of a greater purpose W [...]

  16. Dan Gobble

    Another great book of poems from David Whyte He speaks about the utter essence of life and being and his words are still reverberating through my soul A favorite from this collection What to Remember When Waking In that firsthardly noticedmomentin which you wake,coming backto this lifefrom the other secret,moveableand frighteninglyhonestworldwhere everythingbegan,there is a smallopeninginto the daywhich closesthe momentyou beginyour plans.What you can planis too smallfor you to live.What you can [...]

  17. Robert

    There are some gems in this collections that I ve returned to many times for example, the title poem, What I Must Tell Myself , and Dougie , but overall I found it uneven and not to my taste One of the primary reasons I read poetry is to see the familiar from new angles, but for every thoughtful idea or turn of phrase, there came a sprinkling of clich s, tired imagery, and eye roll inducing sickly sweet sentiments David Whyte has a parallel career as a motivational speaker, and it seems like som [...]

  18. Chava

    As usual, a disclaimer While I enjoy poetry, I cannot say I seek out poetry books to read, and often when I hear poetry, like for presidential inauguarations, I have no idea what they mean.But I read this book the day before I left for Israel The themes of finding a place where you feel you belong and actively seeking your life s goals and dream resonate But than that, they seem to fulfill what I think of as the power of poetry the choice of a rhythm and very particular words make the whole so [...]

  19. Meredith

    I wanted to like this book, but I just couldn t I couldn t even read it completely, and wound up skimming the last few poems It seemed too self consciously poetic and unsurprising to me I can relate to the subject matter, but something seems cheesy in its contentment and wonder Also, the line breaks seem arbitrary in a bad way, forced, too short, distracting Without fail, I would break almost every line differently And it s not like some poetry where breaks don t matter there seems to be intenti [...]

  20. Casey Fraites

    The House of Belonging is to me an appreciation of life Theses poems by David Whyte are a collection a of observations on life and the world we live.My favorite poem is the same as the title of this book The House of Belonging David Whyte explores the innocence of life and how the subtle things can changes our live in one direction or another He goes on to say that love is a lesson in which we are always learning in life, and sometimes it takes use longer than others to fully appreciate that lov [...]

  21. Cathy

    Sometimes, when I borrow a book from the library returning it feels like I am severing a limb Such is the case with this slim volume of poetry Yes, it is still in print Yes, I can afford to buy it BUT this book, this particular edition about which there is nothing special has become part of my heart These poems speak to me they speak about me they are my biography And you want me to GIVE THEM BACK I m a librarian, for heaven s sake, of course I have to give them back I know that But I don t want [...]

  22. Jessica

    Although not as great as Fire in the Earth, this book, this poetry of his, has a way of crawling unnoticed into my very soul and expand my heart until I want to go out there and love the world as I was always meant to, as if it was my only purpose in life and nothing else mattered but to love and be alive and breathe everything in.There is such a gentle, subtle power in his words, a power that can shatter every veil covering your being, a power that can silence the deafening noise of this modern [...]

  23. Judy Goodnight

    I have my friend Sharman to thank for introducing me to David Whyte At our last book club we shared favorite books authors and she talked about Whyte She even brought a CD for us to listen to the author reading several of his poems In the end, I borrowed this book from her and rediscovered the joys of poetry.The House of Belonging explores the themes of aloneness and connectedness connections with self, with place, with nature and with others Whyte s language is both simple and powerful and spea [...]

  24. Rebecca N. McKinnon

    What an elegant, awe inspiring book of poetry Whyte explores the philosophical concepts of home, aloneness, nature, and connectedness I recommend this book to the lonely as well as the joyfully alone It teaches the meaning and necessity of solitude It showed me how solitude can best lead to joyful relationships and overall connections with the natural world Whyte is using his poetry here as a vessel to understand himself and his surroundings In turn, his poetry has inspired me and I m sure other [...]

  25. Karima

    Whyte grew up in Yorkshire but now lives on Whidbey Island in the state of Washington Was not surprised to read that he is a Zen practitioner and a serious hiker This collection is perfectly titled for it is about home Not just home in a personal sense, but the connection to a greater home in the wide world He speaks of the open moor of the American mind He believes that everything confirms our courage.

  26. Licia

    I love this collection of poems, these struggles with belonging Do we feel that we belong in our aloneness, our houses, our families, our own bodies Do we allow ourselves to belong And I would add, to heal and to belong.If that is ever possibled the geese travelling south are like the shadow of my breath flying into the darkness on great heart beats to an unknown land where I belong.

  27. Austin Bauer

    Wow David Whyte embodies all of the beauty and philosophy you would want from the poet His poetry is rich, and often times takes multiple readings But, it is worth it Unlike many modern poets, David Whyte is actually quotable, and many of his poems are practical I highly recommend this book, and will likely read it again soon.

  28. Angela Counter

    Wow Just a lovely book of poetry Many lines brought tears to my eyes.It s not full of rhyme or form, and there isn t a ton of metaphor It s simple truths in verse But it resonated with me very powerfully.Loved the last poem.

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