Run, Rainy, Run (2020)

Run, Rainy, Run Mel Ellis Run Rainy Run None
  • Title: Run, Rainy, Run
  • Author: Mel Ellis
  • ISBN: 9780448054322
  • Page: 327
  • Format: Paperback
Run, Rainy, Run Mel Ellis None
Run, Rainy, Run Mel Ellis

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    Mel Ellis

One thought on “Run, Rainy, Run

  1. Graceann

    Mel Ellis outdoors writer and editor, gives us a volume devoted to his partnership with Rainey, the remarkable dog who shared his life for ten years The book is well written, with lovely descriptions of cold, crisp mornings and brilliant sunsets Unfortunately, the story, as prettily told as it is, left me cold Ellis holds himself above Rainey, though Rainey, for all of being a canine, is clearly a superior creature Rainey is smart, and not inclined to kowtow to Ellis simply because he s a human [...]

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