The Chocolate Book Bandit (2020)

The Chocolate Book Bandit JoAnna Carl The Chocolate Book Bandit None
  • Title: The Chocolate Book Bandit
  • Author: JoAnna Carl
  • ISBN: 9780451239549
  • Page: 332
  • Format: Hardcover
The Chocolate Book Bandit JoAnna Carl None
The Chocolate Book Bandit JoAnna Carl

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    JoAnna Carl

One thought on “The Chocolate Book Bandit


    In this installment of the Chocoholic Mysteries we meet new library director, Henry Butch Cassidy Our protagonist, Lee McKinney Woodyard, has been asked to serve on the library board so she decides to attend a meeting before she commits herself Before the director can even start to talk about his proposed changes for the library the meeting is interrupted by someone s terrified screams One of the library staff has found the lifeless body of Abigail VanRoostock at the bottom of the basement stair [...]

  2. Janette

    I liked the other book I read in this series, but the considered infidelity in this one got to me It gets to me when normally happily married people start kissing other people So I didn t finish it.

  3. Alaine

    It never ceases to amaze me how people don t talk about things with the people they love Authors everywhere would loose pages and pages of story if people would simply talk to each other

  4. Jane Night

    In truth this book was closer to a 2.5 for me.The main thing I thought the book did well was the mystery I did enjoy that even though I figured out who committed murder about halfway through the book I love libraries and the fact that the murder happened at the library was the main reason I picked up the book The mystery was a solid 3 5 stars.I picked this book up without having read any others in the series This is book 13 It is always hard to say whether a book would be significantly better if [...]

  5. Jennifer

    Thirty something accountant, Lee Woodyard, has been asked to join the library board in her small tourist town of Warner Pier, Michigan along the banks of Lake Michigan While attending the library board s monthly meeting, Lee and the other board members hear a scream coming from the historic library s dark basement A retiring member of the library board is laying at the bottom of the basement steps, where the library clerk has found her dead body This certainly isn t what Lee expected from her fi [...]

  6. Christine

    This series is cute and funny and a little ridiculous, but if you love a light small town cozy mystery, I highly recommend picking them up They re like book meringues light, fluffy, and insubstantial but you still feel ok about yourself when you re done In this entry, small town politics comes front and center as Lee is asked to join the library board for Warner Pier It s realistic in its sense of the machinations people will go through in order to maintain whatever power they ve come to wield a [...]

  7. Traci

    I love this series.Lee has been asked to be part of the library board She goes to a meeting to determine if she truly wanted to be part of the library board During that meeting, one of the other board members, Abigail, was murdered Lee decides to help figure out who killed Abigail She also sets out to find the motive for the murder While she is investigating the murder, she needs to be cautious because someone is out to harm her.There is a secondary story involving Joe, her husband, and one of h [...]

  8. Elizabeth Tyree

    a very formulaic, classic cozy mystery that I probably would have adored it if the voices felt genuine to me The main character is supposed to be 34 or so and she speaks like an older lady and continuously repeats herself in random babbling anxiety bubblesat don t need re explained or even touched on since many of the issues she mentally babbles about or constantly references don t actually have much bearing on the story overall2.5 low 3 stars for this book.

  9. Kalendra Dee

    Lee wants to get involved in the Warner Pier community When she s asked to serve on the Library Board, Lee decides to attend a Board meeting to see if she thinks she d be a good fit When a body is discovered in the basement of the library, Lee is up to her ears in skulduggery even as she finds herself attracted to the new Library Director, Butch Cassidy.

  10. Kim

    Another festive tale in a fictional town in southwest Michigan on Lake Michigan Every time she mentions a truffle, she explains exactly what is in it or on it I m learning my truffles with this series The chocolate variety, not so much mushrooms.

  11. Christel Reynolds

    Cute Entertaining I don t usually do mysteries, this was fun and I m onto another perfect for a mind vacation.

  12. Beatrice M

    not sure I will read any in this series Just not my favorite, the plot was a little weak I think.

  13. Christine

    When not working in the family chocolate shop, Lee McKinney Woodyard is involved in various committees in the small town of Warner Pier, Michigan Lee is considering joining the library board and attends a meeting to give the committee a trial run She finds excitement than expected when a library employee discovers the body of Abigail Montgomery in the library s basement Abigail was retiring from the library board and although she was outwardly shy and mild mannered, she wasn t afraid to stand h [...]

  14. Leona

    Review of The Chocolate Book Bandit by JoAnna Carl.From When it turns out a member of Warner Pier s library board has been living on borrowed time, Lee is determined to discover who wrote the victim s final chapter Lee McKinney Woodyard, manager of TenHuis Chocolade, has been offered a position on the local library board Before she accepts, she decides to check out their monthly meeting at the town s historic library.Rumors are flying about the rugged new board director, Henry Butch Cassidy, an [...]

  15. Kimberly

    Lee Woodyard is quite busy managing TenHuis Chocolade and participating on various committees in the small town of Warner Pier, Michigan She is hesitant about undertaking any responsibilities, but has been asked to serve on the library board Before refusing, she decides to attend a committee meeting and get a feel for the tasks and members involved What she doesn t expect to find is the dead body of the clerk at the bottom of the basement Lee soon realizes that this library holds several secret [...]

  16. Bookworm

    Well, that was terrible I wanted a change of pace book and thought I d try reading a mystery I m not really a mystery reader, but I liked the concept a chocolate seller decides to check out the library meeting and is asked to consider sitting on the library board But things turn for the worse as the library clerk is found dead soon suspect to be the victim of murder But could be the killer And why This is actually number 13 in the series, and I wonder if perhaps I should have started in the firs [...]


    There s nothing I love than books and chocolate and when I discovered this series I knew I had to read it When I found this edition of the series combining books, libraries and chocolate I couldn t resist taking a taste test Lee Woodyard works at TenHuis Chocolade and she is asked to serve on the library board so she decided to try it out by attending a meeting.Once everyone is gathered they all become aware of terrified screams, Abigal VanRoostock is found dead at the bottom of the libraries b [...]

  18. McKenna

    SPOILERS I liked certain aspects of the story, but overall it wasn t to my taste In a mystery I like to be able to try and figure it out, and in this one the essential evidence wasn t known to the protagonist until the end, so as a reader I basically had to guess based on the various clues and on which characters were being focused at during times in the plot that indicated that they weren t the culprit.Also, I thought that the chocolate motif was cool, except that it had nothing to do with the [...]

  19. Suspense Magazine

    When new bride and chocolatier Lee McKinney Woodyard is asked to join the boards of her local library and the tourism committee in Warner Pier, Michigan, she knows she can t handle both So she decides to attend a board meeting at the historic library before making her decision The new head librarian in town, handsome Henry Butch Cassidy, makes Lee s heart flutter, although the changes he allegedly plans to make in the library has some folks wary of the new guy in town But before Butch has a chan [...]

  20. Nancy

    Love this series Can t wait for the next one Stories are always exciting and keep your attention Lee always gets mixed up in some murder and amazingly solves the murder before the police do.Lee Woodyard, the business manager of TenHuis Chocolade, her aunt s sweet shop in Warner Pier, Mich has an important choice to make in Carl s appealing 13th chocoholic mystery after 2012 s The Chocolate Moose Motive Does she join the library board or the chamber of commerce s tourism committee She s too busy [...]

  21. Tess

    What could be better than a book about chocolate How about 14 books about chocolate, which is what JoAnna Carl has given us in her Chocoholic Mystery series Lee McKinney Woodyard manages TenHuis Chocolate, a shop owned by Lee s Aunt, in the small town of Warner Pier, MI Lee has been asked to take a seat on the board member at the library Unfortunately during the first meeting, Abigail Montgomery is murdered, in the library As the town reels from the murder, Lee sets out to help investigate the m [...]

  22. Wanda

    A good cozy mystery Lee is asked to join the library board and when she attends her first meeting one of the other board members is found dead in the basement of the library It looks like an accident but than is ruled suspicious She starts asking some questions and wonders who could have killed the woman She digs deeper into the woman s background and the background of the rest of the board.The library clerk is also killed and an attempt is made on Lee s life While dealing with all this she has [...]

  23. Luffy

    These Chocoholic books aren t made of the best stuff JoAnna Carl isn t shy from repeating herself Indeed, many of her books have interchangeable sections But you know what, they make for a great reading experience, especially when one is looking for one Like most of her villains, the current one lacked dimension The most important aspect of this book is the way characters are introduced and the way they are used or put away in the box That was the single departure from previous books I liked the [...]

  24. Mayda

    Lee has been asked to be part of the library board, but before she even attends her first meeting to decide whether or not to accept the invitation, another member is found dead at the bottom of a staircase in the library Lee and all the other members are immediate suspects in the death, and she must find out the truth to clear her name To further frustrate her life, she finds herself attracted to the new head of the library even as it appears to her that her husband still has feeling for his ol [...]

  25. Marlene Chabot

    Fist time I ve picked up a book by this author If you like chocolate, it s mentioned a ton of times since the heroine, Lee Mc Kinney Woodyard is the manager of TenHuis Chocolade The first library board meeting Lee attends an elderly board member is found dead at the bottom of the steps leading to the library basement From the get go, Lee doesn t believe Abigail Montgomery s death is accidental But who would ve wanted the woman dead Everyone supposedly liked her The author throws in a few red her [...]

  26. Jenn

    I m attempting to catch up with the many book series I ve been reading, so I m probably reading these closer together than I normally would have This one doesn t offer much new, but was still an enjoyable, very quick read I still get annoyed how the title has NOTHING to do with the story This one so than others, actually Usually the item in the title is actually being made in the chocolate shop, but not even that this time I thought the thing with Butch was weird and out of the blue Plus, the c [...]

  27. Merle

    Ok picked this up at the library for a quick snowy afternoon read It meets all those expectations Fun, light and like any good mystery story keeps you guessing who didi til the end Also builds up the character of one person who think sounds suspicious so you are misled as to who the real killer is.But I must say that instead of the fun facts about chocolate that are in between chapters I would have much preferred some good recipes using chocolate I think that is one of the main reasons I have ne [...]

  28. Mark Baker

    Lee sits in on a library board meeting, but the missing member is found murdered at the bottom of the basement stairs The woman was quiet, and everyone seemed to like her So why was she murdered These books are always light and fun, and this is no exception I do wish we d see of the sizeable collection of supporting characters, but Lee is always a fun host to a fast paced puzzle that will leave you drooling for chocolate and the next book.Read my full review at Carstairs Considers.

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