Decameron (2020)

Decameron Giovanni Boccaccio Rekin Teksoy Decameron Boccaccio nun y llar aras nda yazd ba yap t Decameron on g n boyunca anlat lan y z yk den olu ur G nde on yk anlat l r Her g n bir kral ya da krali e y netir Yazar Decameron un ns z nde kita
  • Title: Decameron
  • Author: Giovanni Boccaccio Rekin Teksoy
  • ISBN: 9789753297226
  • Page: 432
  • Format: Paperback
Decameron Giovanni Boccaccio Rekin Teksoy Boccaccio nun 1349 1353 y llar aras nda yazd ba yap t Decameron on g n boyunca anlat lan y z yk den olu ur G nde on yk anlat l r Her g n bir kral ya da krali e y netir Yazar Decameron un ns z nde kitab n zelliklerini a klar, sevenlerin, zellikle de seven kad nlar n ac lar n hafifletmeyi ama lad n belirtir Decameron geli mekte olan Floransa burjuv Boccaccio nun 1349 1353 y llar aras nda yazd ba yap t Decameron on g n boyunca anlat lan y z yk den olu ur G nde on yk anlat l r Her g n bir kral ya da krali e y netir Yazar Decameron un ns z nde kitab n zelliklerini a klar, sevenlerin, zellikle de seven kad nlar n ac lar n hafifletmeyi ama lad n belirtir Decameron geli mekte olan Floransa burjuvazisinin, i leri nedeniyle s k s k uzak lkelere giden kocalar n n d n n beklemekle m r t keten kad nlar i in yaz lm t r.Veba salg n ndan ka mak i in bir araya gelen yedi gen kad nla gen erkek g n llerince ya ayarak g l p e lenmek, akl n s n rlar d na ta mayan zevkler tadabilmek amac yla, nce Fiesole dolaylar nda bir evde, sonra da bir atoda konaklarlar Her g n cumartesi ile pazar d nda leden sonra, her biri bir yk anlat r yk n n konusunu g n n y neticisi kral ya da krali e belirler Birinci ve dokuzuncu g nde ise, herkes iistedi i yk y anlat r B ylece y z yk anlat lm olur Rekin Teksoy O lak Yay nlar , eksiksiz ve sans rs z ilk ve tek Decameron u gururla sunar.
Decameron Giovanni Boccaccio Rekin Teksoy

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One thought on “Decameron

  1. Renato Magalhães Rocha

    In the 14th century in Europe, during the devastating times of the Black Death, a group of young Florentines seven women and three men decide to flee to seek shelter and escape from the plague in a villa outside of the city of Florence This is the basic frame used by Italian author Giovanni Boccaccio to tell us one hundred tales of life, love and fortune with The Decameron.After leaving the city, in order to pass the time, an idea of telling stories is brought up and each one of the young group [...]

  2. Florencia

    After a couple of years, two attempts and two different editions, I have finally finished this book The first great literary accomplishment of 2016.All I can say is that the history of humanity lies on every page of this book Virtues and defects that have illuminated and darkened human existence were eloquently expressed by Boccaccio s brilliant pen that concocted, with mastery and otherworldly wit, one hundred tales told by seven young ladies and three young men who, to contextualize this fine [...]

  3. Ahmad Sharabiani

    Il Decamerone The Decameron, Giovanni Boccacccio The Decameron is a collection of novellas by the 14th century Italian author Giovanni Boccaccio 1313 1375 The book is structured as a frame story containing 100 tales told by a group of seven young women and three young men sheltering in a secluded villa just outside Florence to escape the Black Death, which was afflicting the city Boccaccio probably conceived of The Decameron after the epidemic of 1348, and completed it by 1353 The various tales [...]

  4. Jan-Maat

    The Decameron is a set of one hundred stories told to each other by a group of ten people, seven women and three men, over ten days All these stories exist within one story which is about this group of people who come together in Florence during an outbreak of the plague and how they react to it which is by going off into the surrounding countryside and recreating a kind of temporary Eden outside the ravages of the times Beyond that there are the author s intentions and his defence of his work, [...]

  5. Darwin8u

    Nothing is so indecent that it cannot be said to another person if the proper words are used to convey it Giovanni Boccaccio, The DecameronLike The Canterbury Tales, The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman, The Arabian Nights Tales from a Thousand and One Nights, etc The Decameron is an early masterpiece of literature It is one of those books I avoided because I thought it would be stilted and boring Hells NASTY Bells was I wrong Boccaccio is funny, flippant, irreverent, libidinous, [...]

  6. Nikki

    The Decameron is obviously a hugely influential piece of literature actually, it s just plain huge , so it s no wonder I d get around to it eventually I m not a huge fan of Chaucer, really, but I did recognise a couple of the source texts he used in this, and I imagine that the choice of frame narrative for the Canterbury Tales might ve been suggested to Chaucer by The Decameron Certainly The Decameron was an influence, anyway.The Decameron also inspired a song by one of my favourite singers, He [...]

  7. MJ Nicholls

    Permit me to offer another roar of support for reading The Decameron A divine mathematical structure ten parts of ten chapters with ten characters told over ten days props up this rollicking ride of classic storytelling A modern translation this ed from J.G Nichols renders the original in all its libidinous, virtuous mischief, making each page a rapturous pleasure to turn This book needs no further endorsement from me Make arrangements to read The Decameron before your fatal heart attack.

  8. Emm

    My encounter with this book has been a delightful surprise Expecting a dry and difficult medieval text, I was shocked to find myself unable to put it down This is a completely rich text that is complex, yet easy and fun to read Boccaccio has such a fun sense of humor I found myself laughing aloud For me, the dirty stories stole the show, but the other stories by no means fall short His characters and stories are so richly human and he is able to laugh at them, embrace their flaws, forgive them t [...]

  9. Alex

    In Florence, in 1350, Giovanni Boccaccio writes the Decameron, a collection of 100 stories told ostensibly by a group of noblemen and women hiding in the countryside from the Black Plague, the effects of which are described at the beginning of the Decameron in one of the world s most horrifying pieces of journalism The stories themselves are generally bawdy and funny, and in fact this was made into a porno in 1970, and here are some butts to prove it buttsIt was influenced in part by the brillia [...]

  10. David Lentz

    This great book is set in a country estate outside Florence during a plague The meaning of the setting was not lost upon me with death beckoning from all corners, one is wise to enjoy life and pass the hours sharing experience among those about whom one cares These comic and tragic tales are told in rotation among a group of wealthy people killing time within a garden, a little island of civilization, a little Eden paradise The vast majority of these 100 tales involve amusing stories about unwor [...]

  11. Alp Turgut

    Giovanni Boccaccio nun seven kad nlar n ac lar n hafifletmeyi ama layarak yazd Decameron , Kara Veba, di er bir de i le B y k Veba Salg n n n r nesansa nas l n ayak oldu unu a r din ele tirileri yaparak okuyucuya sundu u ger ek bir ba yap t Yedi kad n erkek bir araya gelerek on g n boyunca y z yk anlatt eserde papazlar ba ta olmak zere insanlar n t m kirli ama rlar n ortaya d kt hikayeler anlat lmakta Bir yandan g ld r rken di er yandan d nd ren Boccaccio nun m stehcen diliyle zaman n n ok tesin [...]

  12. Katie

    The Decameron, a collection of 100 short to short ish stories told by ten young Florentine men and women during the plague over ten days is a fun if often frustrating bit of fiction The stories range from the dazzling, creative and surprising to the rote and uninspired First the good there are all kinds of crazy shenanigans going on in throughout the course of the collection, and it s quite a bit of fun to read stories written almost 700 years ago that ends with wife swapping, threesomes, and [...]

  13. Fernando

    El Decameron de Giovanni Boccaccio es uno de esos libros que pueden incluirse dentro de una tr ada junto a Los cuentos de Canterbury de Geoffrey Chaucey, y el Canzoniere de Francesco Petrarca, verdaderos s mbolos de la literatura medieval.En realidad, el Decameron es un libro que se ubica entre la edad medieval y el Renacimiento y es el fiel reflejo del pensamiento europeo del siglo XIV.Boccaccio, digno sucesor de Dante Alighieri y disc pulo de Petrarca logr reconocimiento y fama eterna a partir [...]

  14. Sergio

    We need tales to survive in this world To escape the Black Death a group of seven young women and three young men flee to a secluded villa outside Florence And for two weeks they tell stories a noble and reasonable way to pass the hard times.Now, The Human Comedy by Balzac comes to mind In his multi volume collection, the great novelist was depicting French society of the time In Boccaccio s Decameron I find a similar representation of human comedies , in a nutshell.The whole collection is perfe [...]

  15. Francisco H. González

    Esta edici n publicada el a o pasado por Libros del Zorro Rojo con traducci n de Esther Ben tez e ilustraciones de Alex Cerveny recoge una selecci n de diez historias de un total de cien del Decamer n de Giovanni Boccaccio escrita entre 1349 y 1351 y considerada como el equivalente occidental de Las mil y una noches Historias no centradas solo en el aspecto m s difundido del Decamer n, la sexualidad, aunque de estas tambi n hay Si estamos acostumbrados a arrostrar actitudes y conductas mis ginas [...]

  16. Czarny Pies

    So many people have read this book and so many great authors have borrowed from it, that a GoodReads critic really has no choice but to give it 5 stars.My favourite day, is the one dedicated to the theme and I quote When they are twenty, they need it plenty Although, to be honest the book never at any point strays very far from the gutter which explains its perennial appeal.The problem with the Decameron is that people are terrified by the length They think of the time required to read all 100 s [...]

  17. Özgür Daş

    Boccaccio, bu b y k yap t yla La Fontaine, Chaucer, de Musset vs gibi bir ok yazar etkilemi eserlerinde esin kayna olmu tur.Boccaccio Decameron daki yk leri, kendi ahlak anlay ve erdemleri do rultusunda kaleme alm ve kitab n sonundaki Yazar n Vard Sonu b l m nde gerekli a klamas n yapm t r Bu durum baz yk lerde okuyuculara ters gelebilir diye d n yorum yk lerin az msanmayacak kadar b y k bir k sm nda din adamlar n k yas ya ele tirmi tir, kitab kaleme ald d neme bakacak olursak bu durum takdire a [...]

  18. TheSkepticalReader

    I hate to say I abandoned or DNF d this but I just couldn t read any I m happy to have to read the book til day 7 and story 2 The stories were often repetitive and despite the fact that each day offers a different theme, some of the stories easily overlapped and I got to the point where I have no idea what characters feature in which story or which story is even told by which person.I did try to leave days in between the days and then the stories themselves but overall I am still not in the moo [...]

  19. Scarlet Cameo

    10 personas 10 d as 10 historias cada uno.Este es de esos libros que le por primera vez en la escuela y que me gust tanto que termin leyendolos completos Las historias son de calidad variables, hay algunas que sacan carcajadas, otrs un tanto bizarras y algunas muy tediosas, pero como nota com n es que manejan cierto nivel de erotismo adaptado a la poca, osea que en realidad no hay nada expl cito y que cada d a hay una nueva tem tica.Cada uno de los d as tiene una introducci n que es de hecho bas [...]

  20. Nathan "N.R." Gaddis

    So I finally found a fifty cent copy of the Penguin Decameron trans d by McWilliam and here a new trans pops onto the horizon this one by Wayne A Rebhorn from Norton Following is a review from the new yorkerwyorker arts critics An instructive companion volume to Rebhorn s Decameron is the recent The Fabliaux A New Verse Translation, translated by Nathaniel E Dubin, and described by R Howard Bloch, in the introduction, as the first substantial collection of fabliaux, in any language, for today s [...]

  21. Laura

    From BBC Radio 3 Drama on 3 Terry Jones introduces five ripping Renaissance yarns from The Decameron, starring John Finne, Ingrid Oliver, Carrie Quinlan, Lydia Leonard, Samuel Barnett and Colin McFarlane.The one hundred stories which make up Giovanni Boccaccio s humane and comic masterpiece, come from all over the world They are vividly reset by Boccaccio among the flourishing merchant classes in the cities of Renaissance Italy But their witty, satirical, bawdy voice sounds utterly modern, and t [...]

  22. Fede

    Giovanni Boccaccio s Decameron is a monument to Italy and to Italians, mercilessly, hilariously portrayed as they really are because, you know, when it comes to vices and virtues very little has changed in my country in the last seven centuries It is a great human mosaic It is like walking through the crowd of a Mediterranean street market, in that kaleidoscope of colours and smells and noises and people pushing, screaming, laughing, sweating mind your bag, by the way Boccaccio s heroes never mi [...]

  23. El

    Being stuck on a couch for a day and a half helps finish off books that have been taking too long to read on a regular basis It was good to polish off Boccaccio.So the plot is pretty easy to understand It s 14th century Florence, and there s this pesky plague thing aka, the Black Death hanging around cramping everyone s style A handful of folks go off to some safe distance and amuse themselves by telling each other stories 10 stories a day for 10 days Cool, right Almost.The problem is the storie [...]

  24. Bruce

    These one hundred short tales, written in about 1350, are framed within a charming and idyllic background wherein seven maidens and three youths leave Florence during the plague to spend time in lovely and implausible country palaces entertaining themselves until it is safe to return to the city One of their means of amusement and entertainment is to tell each other stories, ten each day for ten days, and it is these stories that comprise The Decameron.The stories are delightful and earthy, ofte [...]

  25. Tom

    Had I read this on my own, I probably would have assigned it four stars But fortunately I read The Decameron for a class taught by a medievalist who really knows how to put this bawdy book into context with Dante and Petrarch, Chaucer, and the Renaissance writers who borrowed from or reacted so strongly to this fascinating and ambiguous work Is it a satire Is it allegorical Is it a playful game You could read it many times over and not be sure But you will glean insights into the daily lives of [...]

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