Mastodonia (2020)

Mastodonia Clifford D. Simak Mastodonia The time trails led him to mastodons money and the most amazing mystery of all time Published as Catface in the UK A cat faced alien stranded in drift free Wisconsin befriends locals and time enginee
  • Title: Mastodonia
  • Author: Clifford D. Simak
  • ISBN: 9780345274274
  • Page: 297
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
Mastodonia Clifford D. Simak The time trails led him to mastodons, money and the most amazing mystery of all time Published as Catface in the UK A cat faced alien stranded in drift free Wisconsin befriends locals and time engineers portals into prehistoric epochs, where they establish a new nation Mastodonia
Mastodonia Clifford D. Simak

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    Clifford D. Simak

One thought on “Mastodonia

  1. Denis

    A charming Simak novel Light reading Though published in 1978, it felt as if it was written in the fifties This is likely because it is based on a previous shorter work he published in 1955 entitled Project Mastodon which can be read at gutenberg ebooks 22216 The story is changed significantly but the style and spirit is intact It is, for the most part, a story that explores all the commercial and social possibilities that come with the discovery of time travel The time travel method in this boo [...]

  2. Michael Hall

    A charming wonderful tale of time travel Simak s characters are always so engaging and full of life, it makes the simplest of them lovable and almost tangible even the strange entity that is Catface The atmosphere of the storytelling is a bit simple yet is still one of wonder and of surprise Despite the slight hint of greed, the bureacratic stubbornness of government, and the nonsense of religion, the issue of social responsibility that arises doesn t detract from the adventure In all it s nice [...]

  3. Greg Curtis

    A lovely, gentle journey, well told and as with all of his books, with a love for his characters Clifford Simak has a very easy writing style, which makes all of his works simply fly along as you read them, and he brings a real warmth to sci fi.

  4. Jim

    I read this one before, by Clifford Simak 1904 1988 I remember finishing this story left with a warm and positive feeling It s one of those books that you wish could be true how many books do you read that you would rather not have come true and even wish that you could meet some of those characters in the story, such as Asa, his dog Bowser, their good friend Hiram and the alien Cat face And also the old friendly mastodon Stiffy Asa Steele, while living in rural Wisconsin, discovers a time tunne [...]

  5. Ron Rayborne

    I like this book because it opened my mind well it was already opened before that to the idea of what the earth was like before us These days there are plenty of books and videos discussing Life After Man, but how many to before And in this book there is one paragraph that is my favorite, the opening paragraph in chapter 21 It was spring in Mastodonia and everything was beautiful The mobile home stood on top of a little ridge no than a half mile or so from where the time road brought us through [...]

  6. Keith Beasley-Topliffe

    Social commentary wrapped in time travelThe title shouts time travel The blurb mostly talks about time travel There s a lot of time travel in the book to the era of mastodons and one elderly one named Stiffy in particular and further back to Cretaceous era dinosaurs All solid science fictiony stuff and since it s Simak very well done But that s just the MacGuffin The real subject of the book is America in the mid 70s The possibilities and dangers of the amazing discovery allow Simak to look at t [...]

  7. Peter Brander

    Boy Is Europe 2017 different from USA 1978 In this story a very sympathetic protagonist discovers a time travel mechanism What does he do with it 1 He makes a LOT of money selling outrageously expensive trips the mechanism costs nothing to maintain.2 He only sells trips to hunters who wants to shoot rare, extinct animals.3 He moves into the past himself to avoid the IRS in 1978 taxes apparently wasn t something that paid for roads,hospitals and schools Taxes was the Governments way of punishing [...]

  8. Julie

    One of my all time favorite SF books I have re read it several times over the years and it stayed fresh Mr Simak s writing style always delivers fully fleshed out characters that leave you wanting I still believe this would be an amazing movie if done correctly


    review of Clifford D Simak s Mastodonia by tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE May 17, 2013 I think this is the 1st Simak novel I ve read, maybe I ve read some short stories It seems that he always struck me somehow as a generic SF writer not necessarily such a bad thing, I d rather read a generic SF writer than a generic horror writer anyday Nonetheless, something about his work, maybe the titles, put me off HOWEVER, reading this, I enjoyed it At 1st, he seemed like a California SF writer, like Rudy Ruc [...]

  10. Cormacjosh

    My father purchased a copy of this book for me when it was brand new in 1978, and I was five I tried to read it then, but it was far, far above my head and I put it down I read it entirely at the age of 12 in 1985, and enjoyed it then The fact that Mastodonia was once a Science Fiction Book Club main selection inspired me to join the SFBC, a club to which I still belong, 26 years later.Having lost my original copy in a house fire years ago, I obtained another copy via the internet for one cent.I [...]

  11. Adrik

    Uma ideia interessante, do Cheshire Cat alien gena q s de onda organiza uns wormholes temporais pro casal de quase arque logos view spoiler Interessante como tudo vai escapando da m o deles, o sensacionalismo dos jornais, o advogado, a imensa e custosa infra q s o obrigados a montar, o governoDois golpes terr veis, primeiro pela cascavel q quase empacota o retardado, o protagonista consegue usar a si pr prio como backup batendo bola com o Catface, mas no final o alien precisa ir embora Ainda ass [...]

  12. David

    Fantasy story where a small town man encounters an alien who helps him travel through time He decides to try and strike it rich, and with the aid of his girlfriend, a friendly simpleton, his dog and others he sets up a business allowing people to travel in time, including big game hunters seeking to bag dinosaurs.I read this as a kid and was entranced by the idea of going back in time and experiencing mastodons and dinosaurs It holds up well, very charming story, enjoyed it a lot.

  13. Tome Addiction

    I really enjoyed this book, its all about a man who buys an old farm house and discovers a suspicious artifact and geological formation This starts off the beginning of the book that leads to time travel, political implications of controlling time windows, the business of time tourism, and a philosophical question what if we knew the truth about certain periods of the Earths history Another favorite that I have on my very limited book shelf in my home office.

  14. John

    This novel was almost an exercise in time travel itself Setting aside the folksy small town vibe and the weird treatment of a woman in business, the book struck me as by turns grimly realist, conservative, and cynical The premise is whimsical two disaffected archaeologists meet an alien who can build roads through time but it doesn t take long before business and politics shove the whimsy aside.

  15. Jason

    Like a cow walking through tall grass I felt utterly tickled to read this I mean it I thoroughly enjoyed this book I can t say it s the most original sci fi or the most creative in how it was carried out But it was an absolutely fun book to read I so wish there was a whole series based off of this first book because there was so much left to explore But maybe that s for the best leaving it to our imaginations to fill in the gaps.

  16. Randy

    A distant ancestor to Jurassic Park Interesting, though dated, sci fi Gets a half hearted recommendation from me you could do worse It ll kill a plane trip without killing brain cells No, this isn t the most cogent review, but I just can t bring myself to spend a ton of time on it That should tell you everything you need to know.

  17. Dave Bratby

    I love Simak, and this story was perhaps one of his best Its time travel, with first contact, and a touch of Jurassic Park thrown in for good measure Sure, time travel always has gaping plot holes, but i just love a good old fashioned Sci Fi yarn One day they Hollywood should do justice this this story Four stars If you like the masters, then put this on your list.

  18. João Sousa

    It is obvious that the author made a respectable sociological effort Characters are quite strong and although this is not a masterpiece, there is enough substance here for Mastodonia to deserve the attention of all book lovers.

  19. Evan

    Though imperfect and dated, this book has charm great atmospheric descriptions and an unforgettable character in Catface True to classic SF, it believes in its own ridiculous big ideas strongly enough to summon fascination in the reader.

  20. Devero

    Qualsiasi romanzo di C.D.Simak vale la pena Questo anche di pi L autore qui da fondo alla sua fantasia e passione per il Miocene ed i viaggi nel tempo.

  21. Nicole

    Big game hunting for the wealthy They exploit the past for safari expeditions with full governmental sanctions Once Simak posses questions of social responsibility.

  22. Jim Thomas

    More great Simak Simak is not the greatest but definitely one of the grand masters of the sci fi and fantasy genre.

  23. Fredrick Danysh

    An old girlfriend steps out of Asa s past along with his dog Asa starts trips in time as the woman starts thinking of a time travel business but soon problems arise as governments become involved.

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