Learning Javascript Design Patterns (2020)

Learning Javascript Design Patterns Addy Osmani Learning Javascript Design Patterns This edition is no longer available
  • Title: Learning Javascript Design Patterns
  • Author: Addy Osmani
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 213
  • Format: ebook
Learning Javascript Design Patterns Addy Osmani This edition is no longer available.
Learning Javascript Design Patterns Addy Osmani

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    Addy Osmani

One thought on “Learning Javascript Design Patterns

  1. Pawel Szymczykowski

    Good book that taught me how to recognize some of the patterns I ve been recognizing in other peoples code I thought the second half of the book got unnecessarily bogged down in third party library examples for Backbone, Knockout, JQuery and others Felt like this was out of scope for the book and would have preferred to see vanilla javascript pattern implementations Notably, I really skimmed past many of the jQuery plugin examples because while good to know they were there, they weren t immedia [...]

  2. Rob

    has a community guideline that states that reviews must be about the book, and not about the author Now, I happen to agree with the spirit of this guideline, but I also feel like that guideline gets a little fuzzy when you re looking at non fiction, and especially fuzzy when you re talking about technical books I mention this because this provides the appropriate frame of reference for what I m about to say next that I was disappointed in Addy Osmani s Learning JavaScript Design Patterns O Reill [...]

  3. JR Smith

    Reads like a collection of slightly out of date blogs Good information on some the commonly known patterns, but that same information has been presented in a much better elsewhere Better off sticking with the original GoF or for a modern take book show 1

  4. BT Robinson

    The sections on jQuery, Backbone, and Knockout aren t as essential as they used to be, but still provide useful context It s important to remember how much of a wild west the JS ecosystem was, and how far we ve come, but also how simple JS remains and how much you can do without requiring massive frameworks or libraries These patterns are useful and used today, and will continue to outlive the framework du jour

  5. Juan Pablo Romero

    A must have book for the professional JS developer I can t find anything wrong about this book in fact, I am bummed I didn t read it before.

  6. Тим

    Book didn t go well with me it seems like the author was discovering the patterns through the first link he found on Google, not through the hard won first hand experience It was written at the strange time where JavaScript started to go somewhere, but was not as big as it is now, so admittedly there was no such widely shared experience as it was, for example, with other languages Java, C, etcDifferences between patterns described very vaguely, and I didn t gain any particular insights about nor [...]

  7. Georgii

    I m disappointed in this book all the explanations are fuzzy, examples don t show the gist of the patterns If you are looking for a good book on the subject I would recommend Stoyan s book book show 9 It does the job and explains patterns that exist in the javascript world.And if you want to take a deep dive into GoF patterns just have a look at book show 5 Despite the fact that all the examples are written in java this book is the best guide to GoF patterns.P.S What I haven t got at all is why [...]

  8. Julio Nobrega

    Maybe I should have read the book description and summary better, but I skipped the later half of the book almost entirely.The first half is all about Patterns And you do learn it Each pattern is well explained, with code examples, and Addy starts with the simple patterns and build upon it, getting complex, but you can follow along.Then, suddenly, the book shifts from explaining each pattern to describing how several libraries, specially jQuery and Backbone, implement in detail some patterns An [...]

  9. Ahmed

    Good review of commonly used patterns with examples Tries to cover a bunch of commonly used libraries frameworks such as knockout, jquery, and backbone The narrative is very technical, sometimes I would get tired of the book and then pick it up back again, just because I know the knowledge inside is important and I should master it perhaps I like books that guide you through and teach while building something, those are less boring Overall a great book

  10. Logesh Paul

    Design patterns explain in the best way possible with clear examples The design pattern followed in jQuery is a great addition to the book, helped me understand how to apply design pattern in code AMD and CommonJS introductions is well explained Overall reference is greatI recommend this book if your planning to craft your JS code.

  11. Hovhannes Gulyan

    Very informative book on design patterns and applying them in Javascript Can be very helpful for those, who are unfamiliar with them Many examples on different Javascript Frameworks Maybe a good book to start with for Javascript developers, but I need another book on design patterns in Javascript to get insights on the subject.

  12. John-Philip

    The first part, about design patterns and their JavaScript implementations was really good Then it turned into a dissection of some patternish findings in jQuery and Underscore.js that went waaay to deep and long to be interesting.

  13. Ahmad

    This is a must read for every Javascript ninja and help them to write better codes Although one might want to skip sections related to special 3rd party libraries and frameworks Also can be kept somewhere as a reference for code snippet and further review during development process.

  14. Greg Kepler

    It s well written and there s a lot of good information There are also a lot of chunks that just don t pertain to what I m interested in It s a book that I m sure I ll reference later, perhaps 10% of it.

  15. Georgi

    Covers one of the most important JavaScript patterns in great detail and will almost certainly be useful to all JS developers I didn t like the lack of completeness the book looks like a compilation of articles Probably a bad editorial work

  16. Stefan

    It s not a book to learn Javascript It s just a reference for ideas how to implement design patterns in javascript and it helps you to write reusable code You can read the whole book online before you buy it just google for the boot title i bought the book because i like the online version.

  17. Anton Antonov

    Best book on JS design patterns.Although it s Learning , it s very much a good reference on when and why to use some of the patterns.Book is easily accessible and has a good amount of code to look at.Highly recommended to read regardless of JS skill level.

  18. Michael Coleman

    Nothing crazy new in terms of Design patterns, but has a lot of good insight into how to apply them in JavaScript.

  19. Dmitry Fink

    feels like a collection of ideas notes, jumps around patterns, javascript tricks and different javascript frameworks assuming reader knows all these frameworks.

  20. David Zukowski

    Overall very solid, despite its age My only real complaint is that it often delves too deeply into simple concepts while glossing over complicated ones.

  21. Abdulfattah Popoola

    Good book, learnt some new tricks I didn t know about Book didn t cover all design patterns and sometimes read like hastily put together.Overall, good read.

  22. Beshoy Louka

    I like how he goes over live examples like backbone.js and other libs to show how they are formed

  23. Enikő

    Too many jquery pattern Overall it is recommended I think I need to reread to better understand the content because of patterns are not that easy to digest.

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