I'm With Stupid (2020)

I'm With Stupid Geoff Herbach I m With Stupid Felton Reinstein has never been good with stress Which is why he s seriously freaking out Revealing his college choice on national TV It s a heart attack waiting to happen Deciding on a major for the
  • Title: I'm With Stupid
  • Author: Geoff Herbach
  • ISBN: 9781402277917
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Paperback
I'm With Stupid Geoff Herbach Felton Reinstein has never been good with stress Which is why he s seriously freaking out Revealing his college choice on national TV It s a heart attack waiting to happen Deciding on a major for the next four years of his life Ridiculous He barely even knows who he is outside of football And sohe embarks on The Epic Quest to Be Meaningful.Which leads to 1 MentoFelton Reinstein has never been good with stress Which is why he s seriously freaking out Revealing his college choice on national TV It s a heart attack waiting to happen Deciding on a major for the next four years of his life Ridiculous He barely even knows who he is outside of football And sohe embarks on The Epic Quest to Be Meaningful.Which leads to 1 Mentoring a freshman called Pig Boy.2 The state of Wisconsin hating him.3 His track coach suspending him.4 The funniest viral video the world has ever seen.5 A whole new appreciation for his family, his friends, and what s really important in life.
I'm With Stupid Geoff Herbach

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One thought on “I'm With Stupid

  1. Jenn Estepp

    Four stars for the individual books, five stars for the series as a whole Because the total is than the individual parts, even though I think the individual parts are pretty great I love Felton I love Andrew And Gus and Grandpa and Abby Even Cody and Karpinski and Jerri, who I was mad at so much of the time Basically, this is maybe one of my favorite if not the favorite YA series out there You know how, even though everyone told you that Friday Night Lights was amazing and not really about foot [...]

  2. Kelly

    We have problems, but we re so lucky, too That s the mortal coil It s the whole thing, all of it, and it s easy to hate that mess in yourself, fight it, hate those who seem to cause it But, whoever we sit next to in school is the same and whatever jerk you read about on ESPN is the same and whoever honks their horn at you at the intersection is the same They struggle Do you know what I mean They suffer, too We aren t alone We can act Maybe not fix everything But we can make it better for those o [...]

  3. Keagan Nicol

    I strongly encourage people to read this book This book could possibly teach future high school stars what is to come in the future dealing with colleges I have not seen the play so I do not know if it is worth seeing or not However, the novel is worth reading This is a story based on real life situations that some people or in this case star High School athletes adapt to The author published I m with Stupid in 2013 Geoff Herbach is known for his Stupid Fast series Geoff Herbach likes to talk ab [...]

  4. Bethany

    I m weak and weird and scary.I m also normal.You are not alone I didn t mean to finish this in less than a day.But oh my gosh this book was so great I m With Stupid was a spectacular ending to Felton Reinstein s hilarious journey, Stupid Fast It brought tears to my eyes.In I m With Stupid, our beloved Felton is a senior in high school, and is pressured with stress It is pressing down on his shoulders, and there is so much stress, he might just be going crazy.First of all, colleges are wanting hi [...]

  5. Jason Lyons

    I m With Stupid by Geoff Herbach is an fictional story about a football star Felton Reinstein has never been good with stress That s why he is seriously freaking about making his college choice on national t.v Felton is having problems with his family, friends His mom a few years ago had a mental break down and wouldn t leave the house or wouldn t even clean, or cook His brother ran away to find his grandparents down in Florida His friends are turning on him cause of a you tube video Also he got [...]

  6. Sarah (YA Love)

    I m sad that I m done reading Felton s story, but I m so happy to have experienced his story I love how I m With Stupid ended Full review to come.

  7. Andrew Stephens

    This quarter I read the book, I m With Stupid, by Geoff Herbach I have previously read Stupid Fast which is also by Geoff Herbach The book I read this quarter happens to be the 3rd Stupid Fast book This is now the second book I have read by him and now am familiar with his writing style This follow up book is about a three year older Felton Reinstein and his last days as a senior in high school He has many college visits and has to make a live announcement on TV, everything falls apart again on [...]

  8. EmmaB

    A fitting end to the trilogy, giving Felton a chance to greet maybe even exorcise a few his demons, and possibly leave them behind More fun, funny, forgettable humor protecting the dipshits , and very little Aleah Jerri makes one parent like choice in the end Andrew is going to be all right Felton will play football at a great school next year, and has friends I m glad for all of them.

  9. Hk

    Challenges and problems Two words every high school student has faced, continue to face, or will soon face in their life This fictional novel is an excellent read for older high school students due to its widely relatable topic of the day in the life of a high school student, Felton Reinstein, and its sporadic use of profanity Geoff Herbach concludes his Felton Reinstein trilogy with I m with Stupid Herbach won ALA Best Fiction for Young Adults Selection, YALSA Best Fiction for Young Adults, Jun [...]

  10. Bonnie

    Review originally posted to Words at Home blog June 14, 2013 wordsathome 2013 06 revI m with Stupid is the third and final book in the Stupid Fast series If you loved Stupid Fast and Nothing Special as much as I did you will be thrilled to know that I m With Stupid is full of the same razor sharp dialogue, lovable characters, and of course lots of chances to watch Felton as he navigates the complex waters of growing up and growing into the kind of man he thinks he should be This book felt a litt [...]

  11. Saquan

    The book I chose to read was I m With Stupid by Geoff Herbach This is only one of the 4 books and the series I chose this book because it had a football player on the front I thought the book would tell a story about a famous football athlete Even though it wasn t, I really enjoyed the book The book was about a senior football player named Felton Reinstein who was from and lived in Wisconson He was one of the best running backs in the country He was number 3 He was having trouble trying to decid [...]

  12. Katie Fitzgerald

    This review also appears on my blog, Read at Home Mom.I m with Stupid is the conclusion to Geoff Herbach s trilogy about nerd turned jock Felton Reinstein The first two books were Stupid Fast and Nothing Special In this last book, Felton is now a high school senior and a major football star He s being recruited by a number of schools, and ESPN will broadcast his college decision on television Aleah, Felton s girlfriend, is being uncharacteristically distant, while Andrew and Grandpa Stan fret ab [...]

  13. Jennifer

    I wasn t really sure what to expect from this book I didn t realise at first that it was the last book in a series, so I was worried that I wouldn t understand everything that was going on There was no need for me to worry though Geoff Herbach does a great job of making sure that you get the information you need from Felton s background so that I didn t feel like I was completely missing out on anything I still understood the story, which was great.The story is focused around Felton, who is a st [...]

  14. Julio Avalos

    The book I read, was about a topic that most teenagers can actually relate to The things kids have to do towards the end of highschool Choices kids have to make What school you re going to go to, what sport are you going to play, and all of the extra things we could talk about This book shows the anxiety of having to make these decisions, not only in school but also in life This book is called I m With Stupid The author is Geoff Herbach.This book relates to a life of a high school athlete All sc [...]

  15. joe Sudbeck

    I picked out this book, I m With Stupid, because i had already read the first two i the series and i wanted to finish the series This book takes place all over the country, where he visits his grandpa and brother in Florida, his recruiting trips all over or just his own home town in Wisconsin Felton the main character in the book is facing a lot conflict both internal and external conflict with not knowing where to go for college, but getting tons of pressure to go his state school there in Wisc [...]

  16. Austin Correia

    This story is about something that kids can actually relate to The things kids have to do towards the end of highschool Choices kids have to make What school you re going to go to, what sport are you going to play This book shows the anxiety of having to make theses choices and decisions in life this book can relate to any high schooler or any athlete This book is called I m With Stupid.This book relates to a life of a high school athlete All schools want him to go to their college but he doesn [...]

  17. Hasan Randolph

    I m with stupid is a story of a football star named Felton Reinstein This senior s life is going good with his girlfriend and everyone loving him for his football skills Colleges and universities are always calling him to make him come to their school But when the vision of his father s death starts to overcome him, he begins to act out Especially after the breakup of him and his girlfriend over her school choice Soon, he is unable to control his actions, his words or his anger With everything g [...]

  18. Greg Curtiss

    The book I m With Stupid by Geoff Herbach is an amazing life lesson In this book a talented football player Felton has to deal with his personal problems as well as try to help others From colleges, to girls, and even trying to stop bulling Felton had to make huge decides to help everyone around him First he has to decide what college he wants to go to And with his decision he pissed of his entire state Another problem he has is finding his self He has to learn to put all his past demons behind [...]

  19. Steven Mcgill

    The genre for I m with Stupid is realistic fiction The setting is in Bluffton, Wisconsin The characters are Felton, Aleah, Gus, Abby, Andrew, Grandpa, Jerri, and Tommy The conflict in the story is that he is going down the same path as his dad and the whole state of Wisconsin hates him because of what college he chose to go to On top of that he has picked up a bad drinking problem that has gotten in the way of his athletic career Some complications that Felton faced was his girlfriend breaking u [...]

  20. Dajamir Brooks

    I m with stupid is about a high school kid named Felton Reinstein He is a football phenomeno and leads the state in rushing yards for the season With the recruiting coaches blowing him up and the recruiting process taking forever comes stress Twelfth grade was the worst year of his life It started off with mentoring a freshman called pig boy and the state of Wisconsin hating him His track coach also suspended him and he had to deal with being embarrassed by the funniest viral video the world has [...]

  21. Liviania

    I love when a series ends this well Felton Reinstein has come far from the dorky, bullied kid he once was But at the same time, he s still awkward and anxious with a legacy of depression and addiction Just now he has fame because he s one of the best high school football players in the country and he s choosing which college he ll play ball for.I love how detailed the setting of I M WITH STUPID is Over the three books, Felton has come into contact with a wide range of people in his hometown of B [...]

  22. Hali Scholl

    We all have problems Felton Reinstein knows this But Felton Reinstein had to learn this.Summary Felton has to decide where he is going to college where he is playing college football On top of that, he is dealing with the memory of his dead father and the effect it has had on him his whole life His brother isn t around any because he moved to Florida His mom isn t present, even though they share a home The stress of deciding his future and dealing with his family are hitting him hard He s dealin [...]

  23. Cory Moore

    Hook If you saw your dad kill himself how would your cope with it Bridge Football and the media can stress top recruits out it can put them over the edge.But add the thoughts of your own fathers suicide and vivid pictures that you can t get out of your head on top of that, it spells disaster.Thesis I m with stupid by Geoff Herbrach is a kind of adventure book that shows us we need help sometimes no matter who we are Summary Felton wants to get past his father s suicide but his friends brothers s [...]

  24. Medeia Sharif

    Felton Reinstein is dealing with big issues There s his long distance relationship with the girl he loves He s making huge decisions about what college to go to and who to play football for People seem to be expecting a lot and putting too much of the spotlight on him He seems like a popular athlete, but there s stuff brewing under the surface.At first I wasn t sure this book was for me It seems like such a boy book and I don t understand football in the least bit, but that was okay since the fo [...]

  25. Victoria Whipple

    Felton needs to make a choice It s a choice that is influenced by many outside parties, except the one that might be most beneficial, his parents Felton s an outstanding high school athlete, and colleges from all over the country are wooing him His mother is so involved in preparing for her new career, as well as her new boyfriend, and his father is dead, so he is left to navigate this confusing mess on his own He visits schools alone and makes his decision based in part on his best friend s adv [...]

  26. Dylan White

    I m with Stupid is about a boy who is in highschool and about to go into college He is having trouble selecting what college he wants to go to He is not the brightest student ever but is the star player on the football team He is crazy fast Every college is offering scholarships He doesn t know what anything that the colleges are talking about and no classes interest him I thought this book had some great strengths The author didn t just talk about football and actually interested you in what ch [...]

  27. Holly

    I didn t realize until writing this review that this is the third book in Felton s series and I completely missed 2, but I had no trouble getting back into the story I love Felton s character so much, and I feel so deeply for him, while wanting to smack him upside the head sometimes for the decisions he makes I think Herbach does a great job portraying Felton s very sad life realistically, and showing how we can be so blind to the problems of people around us, even those we think we know and lov [...]

  28. Noah

    I m with Stupid is a sad, life novel that s about high school football hit Felton Reinstein In the world of alcohol, relationships, and football, he s 1 Between juggling alcohol problems, the whole state of Wisconsin being mad at him, and his relationship, he can barely find any bare stone to grip before he gets cast in But there s always light at the end of the proverbial tunnel In this uplifting story Felton Reinstein turns from national hero, to hometown menace, to happy boy I give this book [...]

  29. Aaron

    5 for the series as another reviewer said, this overall series is greater than the sum of its parts This was probably my least favorite book in the series, but it was still very good Kudos to Geoff Herbach for thinking of they psych college selection on TV before Cliff Alexander did his Those of you that haven t seen the reaction video to Cliff Alexander s decision have got to check this out.I also really liked how Dr Green interpreted his list of reasons he wanted to go to Stanfordchokengtitik< [...]

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