The Fading (2020)

The Fading Christopher Ransom The Fading WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU COULD BECOME INVISIBLE A GIFT Since childhood Noel Shaker has been able to disappear without warning or explanation A CURSE But his gift leaves Noel alone and afraid and the
  • Title: The Fading
  • Author: Christopher Ransom
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 237
  • Format: None
The Fading Christopher Ransom WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU COULD BECOME INVISIBLE A GIFT Since childhood, Noel Shaker has been able to disappear, without warning or explanation A CURSE But his gift leaves Noel alone and afraid and the he tries to control it, the nearer he comes to madness A DISCOVERY When Noel learns that some people can see him and that his power has unleashed an otherworldlyWHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU COULD BECOME INVISIBLE A GIFT Since childhood, Noel Shaker has been able to disappear, without warning or explanation A CURSE But his gift leaves Noel alone and afraid and the he tries to control it, the nearer he comes to madness A DISCOVERY When Noel learns that some people can see him and that his power has unleashed an otherworldly evil he must discover the source of his fading But the truth is dark and dangerous an unpredictable, shocking twist unlike any you have ever read From the internationally bestselling author of The People Next Door comes a story worthy of Stephen King a story of terror like you ve never seen.
The Fading Christopher Ransom

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    Christopher Ransom

One thought on “The Fading

  1. KC

    It honestly amazes me how some things get published, it really does This is the worst book I have read in a very long time, I couldn t even finish it it was that bad and I am very persistent usually It s very, very badly written all exposition, lazy and clumsy Characters are poorly fleshed out rip offs from Stephen King novels based on stereotypes the unambiguous doting mother, the works all the hours god sends to provide for his family father The gossipy old lady from across the street Oh, it s [...]

  2. Sarah-Jayne Briggs

    Okay, so I don t normally read horror books Not because I wimp out although one adult horror I read as a child still freaks me out to this day and there s no way I ever want to be reminded of it again , but because I find that they re normally not well done enough There s a fine balance between a book with too much horror and a book with not enough.I was actually kind of disappointed in this book I thought it started far too early and it took a while to get to the actual plot I think a lot of th [...]

  3. Lynn

    Intriguing yet philosophically disturbing Ransom has taken a seemingly un horrific idea and transformed it into a nightmarish disposition The main character is born with a talent that he s yet to understand and like many homosapiens, he uses this power selfishly As with any talents there is always a down side and when Noel Shaker tries to gain control of his gift,he unwittingly releases an otherwordly evil Written with such aplomb, I was left reeling with indecision after finishing this book I f [...]

  4. Siobhan

    In my personal opinion, after reading all of Christopher Ransom s books, this is his best piece of work and hasn t been giving the recognition that his other books particularly The Birthing House and The People Next Door have been given.If you ve read any of his other books I would most certainly recommend this one or if this is your first Christopher Ransom book it s a good place to start The plot is easy to keep up with, keeping you gripped until the very end It offers you a lot to think about [...]

  5. Siobhan

    i d like to say i loved this book but i didnt i liked it it was very slow and didnt really go anywhere however i did finish it

  6. Dark-Draco

    Hmmm I m still not sure what to make of this book To me, it was actually three different stories and somehow lacked any real cohesion, excepting the fact that the same character was the focus throughout.The first part of the book is a kind of mish mash of timelines, as we meet Noel and find out about his strange affliction He disappears completely, so not even he can see himself, which has serious consequences for his family and those around him It s a bit confusing following between the differe [...]

  7. Tim Spindler

    I liked this book and I wish I could award half stars, as this is deserving of a 3 and a half While not the best thing you ll ever read, the fading is a great story with strong characters, great plot twists, fine dialogue and enough scares to keep you turning the pages into the early hours of the morning One thing I must applaud is ransom s ability to scare the living sh t out of you in a single page A seemingly normal situation is quickly and seamlessly turned into a horrifying situation throug [...]

  8. Simon West-Bulford

    I don t believe the book deserves some of the scathing reviews it s received.I liked the concept, and the opening chapter was creepy enough to keep me reading While it s probably true to say that the characters surrounding Noel were at times bog standard, I didn t have a problem with this I found Dalton to be really quite disturbingly drawn, and the climax between these two riveting Yep, I like this one quite a lot Kept me interested the whole way.

  9. Barbara Elsborg

    Three and a half stars I enjoyed it a fast read, scary in places, very clever in others and always insightful What would it be like if you sometimes disappeared and weren t able to control when it happened I think the author does a good job in making the reader think what it would be like to be in Noel s shoes Reminiscent of King and Koontz and just as good in my opinion.

  10. Christopher Dodds

    It was a great book with an interesting plot about how the character reacts to his ability and wrestles with the morality at times of how he should use it It has some great moments of humour in it as well as some dark ones, but had a great if not the typical happy ending

  11. Rob Damon

    An interesting idea but the book failed to impress me The main character was likable but the story line had no real strategy and seemed like a gratuitous ride into the world of gambling drugs hideous people.

  12. Helen

    I enjoyed this book, it had some genuinely creepy moments and the action was fast enough to keep you hooked As with Ransom s previous books, the writing was fluid, making it an easy read My only criticism is that the end felt a bit like a rush job, it kind of let the rest of the book down.

  13. Mike Evans

    A canny book and really enjoyed it once fully got into it If a book fails to really capture me after a few pages I m a bit of a defeatist and give up In this instance I m glad I didn t A well written and cracking storyline.

  14. Vanessa

    I really enjoyed this novel.I am wondering whether Christopher Ransom will be writing a follow on from The fading

  15. Harvey Coates

    Thoroughly enjoyed this book Dark, exciting, and original Some of the chapters scared the hell out of me Unfortunately it does have a slightly rushed ending, but absolutely worth the read.

  16. Samuel Tyler

    If you are ever asked to choose between the super power of being able to fly or being invisible, always choose to fly Not because being able to soar above the clouds would be awesome, but because going invisible makes you go insane quickly If you don t believe me there is a legacy of fiction telling you just that H G Well s had it covered in The Invisible Man and Kevin Bacon went barmy in The Hollow Man the less said about Chevy Chase s memoirs the better Nope, going invisible messes with your m [...]

  17. David

    The book s cover informs me it is the scariest book of the year It isn t There are a couple of hundred pages that are a really interesting look at the life of someone who vanishes and reappears without any control over it, feeling like a really interesting metaphor for disability This is interspersed with ghost encounters, each encounter feeling very different compare the clown, with the one that comes out the poster and the ones in the restaurant making it feel a little like Ransom couldn t qui [...]

  18. Carl

    Having the ability to become invisible is an exciting prospect The opportunities open to an individual to do good or cause mischief are too great to count, but what if the cost of possessing that ability is that you cannot control it That is the case for Noel Shaker Who, from birth, has been repeatedly plucked out of the visible spectrum, without warning, for periods of a few seconds up to a number of hours Fearful of discovery and of the consequences he is sure would follow, Noel lives a solita [...]

  19. C.L. Raven

    We really don t like writing bad reviews, but this book can be summed up in two words nothing happens It follows Noel Shaker, who can turn invisible Yet he does nothing with his ability The book starts with a prologue of his birth and then gives the life story of the nurse in the delivery room, which was pointless as you never meet her in the book so we didn t care about her life The prologue was also written in a detached way which made it hard to connect with.The book sticks with Noel the enti [...]

  20. Gina

    I found The Fading at the end of a shopping aisle, on sale, I love a bargain, especially if its in the entertainment budget and was in need of something to read.I have found it quite liberating to broaden my horizons a bit lately, as I m running often short on time and tend to lose track when searching for a book to read I have invented random author book day hopefully one I haven t heard of, or one I have heard or seen something positive about, and its OK to be a bit daring On soo many of my ra [...]

  21. J.M. Rankin Rankin

    Although his endings tend to feel a bit rushed, I ve over all enjoyed Ransom s other books However, this one I just could not finish and I hate not finishing a book I might try again at some point but for now it s a no go In all honesty the blurb sounded very similar to a book I ve read by another well known author which I genuinely enjoyed , but gave it the benefit of the doubt anyway Bit of a mistake, as it was very slow to get started and I could not connect with the characters at all One of [...]

  22. Colin Watts

    Chris Ransom s descriptive style is very easy to read and equally easy to visualise the settings and characters I liked the idea and I m sure the ability to turn invisible at our slightest whim is a dantasy we ve all shared But, it didn t scare me Maybe I ve become hardened to horror stories and movies but I didn t feel the merest twinge of unease It was a good read that showed the torment of a young man s mind who feels afflicted with a power he cannot control and Dalton was an inspired additio [...]

  23. Alya Atiera

    1.5 starsI m just glad I manage to finish it It s quite a torture forcing yourself to read for so many times when all you want is to throw the book at the wall.WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU COULD BECOME INVISIBLE A GIFTSince childhood, Noel Shaker has been able to disappear, without warning or explanation.A CURSEBut his gift leaves Noel alone and afraid and the he tries to control it, the nearer he comes to madness.A DISCOVERYWhen Noel learns that some people can see him and that his power has unlea [...]

  24. Cavan Rigby

    I enjoyed the clever plot of the story and it s uniqueness It s not the worst book in the world, nor is it the best My problem with it is how the author drags the story out longer than it needs to be literally half a chapter or is dedicated to the main character walking home Also whenever the story would pick up and something exciting would happen, it would slow back down or end within the turning of a page This ultimately made reading It boring at times The plot starts way to early too, it tak [...]

  25. Annie

    This book was one of those that I impulsively pick up at the library with no expectations or knowledge of what I am going to be experiencing With that in mind, I was pleasantly surprised to find a story that was immersive and thrilling throughout I am not sure of its categorisation as a horror book, but I would firmly agree that it is fantastic as a thriller At times, it was unclear where the book was heading, but tying in a character who uses the gifts for evil was an excellent move as it added [...]

  26. Victoria Johnston

    I read this book over the weekend but was without internet to post.I like this authors novels but this one fell a little flat for me The premise started out well and I thought the supernatural element could be quite good seeing the dead , fading in and out of the world , evil spirits etc but the outcome and the reason for it was a little boring to be honest I kind of felt like I had wasted time reading the book when I knew what was actually happening had little or no connection to the supernatur [...]

  27. Lucy

    This is not the scariest novel of the year 2012 as suggested on the back cover blurb Don t get me wrong, it s a great read I love the concept and it s a good thriller but it did not scare me The Birthing House scared me, even though the ending let the book down The Fading is certainly a good read and definitely leaves me eager to read the rest of Ransom s books but it did not meet my expectations.

  28. Fi

    Really didn t enjoy The Birthing House but had already bought this one and The People Next Door, sadly didn t enjoy either of them much either Have obviously discovered an author that doesn t really work for me.

  29. Ily

    Honestly, its not scary at all haha like seriously its not scary at all But its a good book a boy who can be invisible and he actually drives his mom a bit crazy and his dad didnt believe he can disappear his condition made his parents fought a lot that lead to their divorce and when he grew up he somehow managed to still sane i guess i mean, he lives alone but at the end he knows how to control his gift and i think there will be book 2 i guess not sure.

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