A Way Through The Sea (2020)

A Way Through The Sea Robert Elmer A Way Through The Sea In when the Germans plan to send all Danish Jews to prison camps Peter and Elise eleven year old twins face danger trying to help their Jewish friend Henrik escape to Sweden
  • Title: A Way Through The Sea
  • Author: Robert Elmer
  • ISBN: 9781556613746
  • Page: 451
  • Format: Paperback
A Way Through The Sea Robert Elmer In 1943, when the Germans plan to send all Danish Jews to prison camps, Peter and Elise, eleven year old twins, face danger trying to help their Jewish friend Henrik escape to Sweden.
A Way Through The Sea Robert Elmer

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    451 Robert Elmer
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One thought on “A Way Through The Sea

  1. Chris

    A good children s retelling about the Danes ferrying the Danish Jews to safety in Sweden The story centers on a pair of twins and thier Jewish friend While the story is boy centric, the sister is well drawn and seen as just as brave as her brother There is no sex or violence.

  2. Leona Ruth

    This was an excellent book The only thing that I didn t like about it was that it seemed like the main plot started half way into the book

  3. Loraine

    SUMMARY For eleven year old Peter Andersen and his twin sister Elise, living in the city of Helsingor, Denmark during World War 2 means German soldiers in the streets, German patrol boats in the harbor, and German fighter planes in the sky Everyone is nervous, especially their Jewish friend Henrik and his parents Of course, before the invasion, no one in Denmark cared whether a person was Jewish But now the Nazis are secretly rounding up all of the Jews who live in Denmark and sending them to pr [...]

  4. Dan Rogers

    Ever since I was in elementary school I have always enjoyed reading books set in Europe during WWII This one, set in Denmark in 1943 revolves around the Andersen family, Peter, Elise, and their parents, and Peter Elise s friend Henrik Melchior whose family is Jewish As you might expect, the key conflict to the story is the Nazis rounding up of Jews to ship them extermination camps As I read this story I thought quite often of Lois Lowry s Newberry Medal book Number the Stars Although the story l [...]

  5. Tarissa

    Here I am again, beginning yet another Robert Elmer series And I am completely enthralled in it.Let me tell you a bit of the storyline.Peter Henrik are two friends that enjoy using Morse Code with each other, and also homing pigeon races always with a special note attached to their birds Peter s sister, Elise, also has her own homing pigeon, but lately she s not as adventurous as she used to be.The problem is that this is Denmark, in the middle of World War II Coded messages and birds carrying n [...]

  6. Kristy

    I always have a special spot for stories about the Jews in World War II And the story of how the Danish people rallied around their neighbors is especially moving This book is written for children so it s not as captivating to an adult reader as others might be, but it s still vey good The beginning is a little slow, with some pigeon racing stuff, but once it gets into the actual story of helping Jewish friends escape the interest level picks up.

  7. Kyra

    I really enjoyed this story It was written for teen readers, so it was overly explanatory in some respects, and a little too childish for an adult read Still, I enjoyed the story, the struggle and the endearing nature of this Hitler era fictional tale A Way Through The Sea brings home the burden and pain inflicted on the children of the era.

  8. Olivia

    Great for younger readers and teenagers a like The ending was intense as Peter and Elise helped their Jewish friend, Henrik, across the waters from Denmark to Sweden Sometimes the speech seemes to American, but other than that it was a great read

  9. Crystal

    This book was pretty good, from the first page I was interested I learned a lot about the Danish Resistance, and I thought it was amazing that while so many other countries in Europe didn t do anything to help the Jews, the Danish people worked very hard and many Danish Jews got out safely.

  10. Zoe

    I have always loved reading WWII fiction novels but normally the ones I read take place as a Jewish person on the ghettos This one instead was about Danish Jews and it also showed a very valuable life lesson the power of friendship All in all this book was fantastic.

  11. Eric

    A wonderful story of friendship and courage This novel is the first book in a series about the occupation of Denmark by the Nazis and those who helped their Jewish neighbors escape to Sweden.

  12. Wendy

    Began reading this series to my children Great story, quite a bit of adventure Looking forward to the next one

  13. Jane

    The first time I read this book, was when a teacher read it to the class when I was in probably fourth grade I really enjoyed it Great historical adventure

  14. Amanda Kay

    I LOVED this series My church library had them I read all of them and still remember parts of them though I read them in 96 97

  15. Rasmussen C. 7

    This book is about a dainish boy named peter, who is best friends with a Jew named Henrik The Germans are trying to round up all of the Jews and send them to camp Henrik didn t make the drive out on the cars to the boat to Sweden to be safe so they try to go to the boat their uncle is in charge of but he left They can t go back to the town though because there is German soilder s every were so they go on a little boat by theirselves.I think that the theme of this book is that the Jews had hard l [...]

  16. Ellen

    Most of this story was fantastic Bringing in elements from the author s own Danish ancestry, I found the story of Danes helping Jewish families escape to Sweden in WWII to be a compelling one with a ring of truth throughout So, why only three stars Because either the author or the publisher decided to inject chunks of decision theology in there which broke up the action and distorted the authentic voices of the characters It was clearly their design to get young readers to make a decision for Ch [...]

  17. Adaline Griffiths

    A Way Through the Sea is a book set three years into the war with Hitler Peter and Elise Anderson are twins in Denmark The twins are best friend with Henrik, a Jewish boy Things are going pretty good considering there is a war going on Nazis are prowling the streets, and the kids must check every corner Then the Nazis start secretly rounding up Jews The Andersons must help Henrik and his family escape along with others Will they work it out Will they escape I recommend this book to people who li [...]

  18. Rachael

    My personal rating is four stars, but my eleven year old loved it so much I m giving it her rating This is a great way to introduce WWII to children No violence or horror scenes to scare them, but enough truth to help them understand Hitler s hate fir the Jews The book gives part of a Jewish Celebration, and it talks about the plan of salvation.The Uncle is the main one who works for the underground The historical backdrop is true which I love I highly recommend this book as a children s read, a [...]

  19. Caleb

    This is the first book in The Young Underground series by Robert Elmer In this story it focuses on three eleven year old friends, Peter Elise who are twins , their best friend Henrik They live in Helsingor, Denmark, during WWII I really love to read historical fiction I like a lot of books by Robert Elmer So imagine my delight when two of my favorite things came together to form a brand new series to enjoy He has many great series is one of my all time favorite authors This series is no exceptio [...]

  20. Heather

    A Way Through the Sea by Robert Elmer is well written and relatively short so reads fast At times it drags, particularly the beginning, but once the real action begins it moves well and I couldn t put it down I wholeheartedly recommend this book for children about 10 in order to understand why the Jews had to escape to safety in Sweden and adults alike It s a sweet story and even amazing because similar situations to the one described really happened.

  21. Susan

    This historical fiction novel for children, published by the Christian publishing company, Bethany House, tells the story of how the Danish people helped the Jewish people living among them escape from the Nazis during WW II It is about three eleven year old children, Peter and Elise, who are twins, and their friend, Henrik, who is a Jew When Henrik is left in Denmark as his family escapes, Peter and Elise risk their lives to save him.

  22. Teri Miller

    Very good, looking forward to reading the rest of the series.11 year old twins, brother and sister, and the brother s best friend, having summer fun in their Denmark homeland What could be sweeter Except it s Nazi occupied Denmark, and their friend is Jewish.

  23. Abigail Lohmann

    Great book Well written Robert Elmer does a good job tieing in the facts with the story and still make it interesting.

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