Prelúdio à Fundação (2020)

Prelúdio à Fundação Isaac Asimov J. Santos Tavares Prel dio Funda o o pr prio Isaac Asimov quem esclarece que Prel dio Funda o constitui o primeiro livro da Funda o apesar de ter sido o ltimo a ser escrito at data Estamos no ano E G e o Imperador Cleon o Prime
  • Title: Prelúdio à Fundação
  • Author: Isaac Asimov J. Santos Tavares
  • ISBN: 9789723816532
  • Page: 138
  • Format: Paperback
Prelúdio à Fundação Isaac Asimov J. Santos Tavares o pr prio Isaac Asimov quem esclarece que Prel dio Funda o constitui o primeiro livro da Funda o 8apesar de ter sido o ltimo a ser escrito at data.Estamos no ano 12020 E.G e o Imperador Cleon, o Primeiro desse nome, sente se pouco seguro do trono imperial Em Trantor, capital do imp rio gal ctico, com as suas m ltiplas c pulas, quarenta bili es de pessoas cr o pr prio Isaac Asimov quem esclarece que Prel dio Funda o constitui o primeiro livro da Funda o 8apesar de ter sido o ltimo a ser escrito at data.Estamos no ano 12020 E.G e o Imperador Cleon, o Primeiro desse nome, sente se pouco seguro do trono imperial Em Trantor, capital do imp rio gal ctico, com as suas m ltiplas c pulas, quarenta bili es de pessoas criaram uma civiliza o de inimagin vel complexidade tecnol gica e cultural um mundo t o intricadamente entretecido que bastaria algu m puxar um dos seus fios para que se desmoronasse completamente Cleon I est preocupado com isto porque sabe que h quem o queira derrubar pessoas que n o pode atingir Se, ao menos, tivesse uma ideia do que o futuro lhe reserva, o Imp rio poderia verdadeiramente ser seu Quando Hari Saldon chega a Trantor, desconhece por completo o perigosos acontecimentos pol ticos que se preparam O jovem matem tico do mundo exterior, apenas com 32 anos de idade, foram muito simplesmente assistir Conven o do dec nio e fazer um pouco de turismo Mas, quando profere a sua palestra sobre a psico hist ria not vel teoria da previs o do futuro , Hari n o se apercebe de que selou o seu destino e determinou o destino da Humanidade Porque Hari Seldon possui o poder prof tico t o desejado pelo Imperador Subitamente, aquele ing nuo e desconhecido Heliconiano transforma e no homem mais poderoso do Imp rio, enquanto se esfor a desesperadamente por fazer com que a sua portentosa teoria n o caia nas m os erradas e vai forjando a chave do futuro uma pot ncia que ser conhecida como a Funda o.Resumindo, em Tranton, capital do Imp rio Gal ctico, o imperador Cleon I persegue o helicoliano Hari Seldon, criador de uma monografia sobre Psico Hist ria que poder transformar toda a Hist ria do Imp rio Essa fant stica teoria da previs o pode conferir a Cleon o saber prof tico de que ele necessita para manter a estabilidade imperial Enquanto luta desesperadamente para evitar que sua teoria caia em m os erradas, o jovem matem tico forja a sua arma para o futuro uma for a que se tornar conhecida pelo nome de Funda o.
Prelúdio à Fundação Isaac Asimov J. Santos Tavares

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    Isaac Asimov J. Santos Tavares

One thought on “Prelúdio à Fundação

  1. Stephen

    In the realm of science fiction, Isaac Asimov s stories have always been my woobie This rings especially true for his Robot and Foundation series For me, they re a literary panic room where I can escape the stress storms and never ending deadlines of the day to day ruckus into a much simpler time where the ambient happy is always turned way up Yes yes before you say it, I ll acknowledge your gripes about Asimov and even concede to some of them Asimov wasn t as skilled a wordsmith as, say, Jack V [...]

  2. Apatt

    What I have done is to prove that it is possible to choose starting conditions from which historical forecasting does not descend into chaotic conditions, but can become predictable within limits However, what those starting conditions might be I do not know, nor am I sure that those conditions can be found by any one person or by any number of people in a finite length of time That is pretty much the gist of what Hari Seldon, Asimov s most iconic character, tries to accomplish in Prelude to Fou [...]

  3. Peter

    Unless you re just a die hard Foundation fan and have to read them all, Prelude to Foundation can safely be skipped In particular, I m not sure that I would recommend reading it prior to the other Foundation novels despite the fact that it s a prequel.It s not spoiling anything to briefly explain why this is In Foundation, which is really a shorts collection than a novel despite the fact that the stories do flow very well together, Hari Seldon is already an old man The whole premise is based up [...]

  4. John

    My first Asimov book, it was both wonderful and disappointing I loved the hugeness of the imagination at work here The bizarre and diverse societies of Trantor with their rituals, structures, foods, ways of living, and just the physical structure of the world itself, with multiple layers and a surface covered with sand and the occasional forest, made for fun reading As for the disappointments, although it is probably a clich at this point, I could not stand the squareness of the dialogue, the cl [...]

  5. C.

    This really wasn t that bad in fact I enjoyed it quite a lot but it was very disappointing It is an entirely different kind of book to Foundation, which was about concepts Not amazingly written, certainly, but neither was this, and without the great concepts, there s not a huge amount left.I think it would be a bit harsh to say that this book was written to cash in on the phenomenon that was Foundation, though I suspect that is part of it What probably happened is that Asimov realised that he co [...]

  6. Nicolás Mendoza.

    Muy bueno Quiz s al comienzo pueda percibirse un poco densa la historia pero vale la pena terminar el libro, del capitulo Billibotton en adelante se pueden empezar a sacar algunas conclusiones El desenlace final es genial, me gust mucho Ciclo de la Fundaci n o Ciclo de Tr ntor Prelude to Foundation Preludio a la Fundaci n Primera precuela a la serie de la Fundaci n Hari Seldon esboza las bases de la psicohistoria y queda atrapado en una competencia pol tica por obtener sus conocimientos Forward [...]

  7. AnaVlădescu

    Finally After all these years I have finished the first book of Foundation What exactly took me so long, I will never know I really enjoyed this work, it s high quality SF, with all the societal elements inserted in it, all the questions about humanity posed and all of the wonders of the possible future bestowed on the reader Brilliant for someone who loves the genre and I most certainly am in love with science fiction, it sparks the imagination in a completely different way than any other liter [...]

  8. Daniel Bastian

    Why, he wondered, did so many people spend their lives not trying to find answers to questions not even thinking of questions to begin with Was there anything exciting in life than seeking answers Note As with other reviews in this series, spoilers to follow After five novels spanning as many centuries, one might have supposed Asimov s stepwise tinkering with his Foundation universe had come to an end The adventures of Golan Trevize, Janov Pelorat, and Bliss concluded in Foundation and Earth 19 [...]

  9. Tobin Elliott

    Well, wasn t this a dreadful little book It s been decades since I read any Asimov, but I remember him with fondness for the the original Foundation trilogy I read in the late 70s, along with several of his other novels.I do, however, have no recollection of his narrative style whatsoever After finishing this travesty, that actually scares the shit out of me for considering the other nine books in this series.Prelude to Foundation reads like it was written by a somewhat over intelligent twelve y [...]

  10. Sesana

    I m working on reading the Foundation related books in internal chronological order I ve worked through the Robots and Empire books, and now I m moving on to the Foundation books Is this a good idea It s probably still too soon for me to say I imagine that somebody who s read Foundation would have a totally different reaction For me, it was my first exposure to psychohistory, so it worked to see what I guess you could call the birth of the idea I didn t need to see details into what exactly it i [...]

  11. Martin

    You mean that something quite accidental came to be viewed as a tradition p.118 No no I mean primitive only in that it has been known as long as our records go back, that its discovery is shrouded in the mists of antiquity as is that of fire or the wheel p.168 So you insult us by asking about out religion, as though we have ever called on a mystrious, insubstantial spirit to do for us what we cannot do for ourselves p.230 They would support, as such, even that perfectly ridiculous tale of the fi [...]

  12. Vicho

    4.5 5 No lo s , la cosa es que me gust Asimov ha recomendado leer su saga en orden cronol gico, pero yo soy rebelde porque los libros me han hecho as jaaaa yo recomendar a leer definitivamente primero la Trilog a aaaantes de leer la precuela El motivo es que siento que apreciar s mejor algunas referencias que se ver n realidad en la Trilog a Bueno es solo una impresi n de alguien que reci n se adentra al mundo de Asimov XD Durante varias partes de la novela, sent que las acciones de los personaj [...]

  13. Maanasa

    I did the unthinkable when it comes to reading the Foundation series and started with Prelude I recently also finished Forward the Foundation and have started reading Foundation I read the book slowly during my commute, and I found myself getting progressively annoyed with how quickly I got to and from work I felt like the book went 0 60 in no time as it immediately set a brisk pace that it would follow for the rest of the book I found that the flight of Hari Seldon was both exciting and full o [...]

  14. Tomislav

    Some day I m going to read the novels of Asimov s future history in story order1 The End of Eternity stand alone 19552 I, Robot short stories 19503 The Caves of Steel Robot 19544 The Naked Sun Robot 19575 The Robots of Dawn Robot 19836 Robots and Empire Robot 19857 The Stars, Like Dust Empire 19518 The Currents of Space Empire 19529 Pebble In The Sky Empire 195010 Prelude to Foundation Foundation Prequel 198811 Forward the Foundation Foundation Prequel 199112 Foundation Foundation 195113 Foundat [...]

  15. Terri Jacobson

    Prelude to Foundation was written in 1988 by Isaac Asimov as a prequel to his Foundation series I listened to the audiobook, which was well produced and read nicely.The year is 12,020 GE Galactic Era , and Hari Seldon, mathematician, is giving a paper on the planet Trantor, home planet of the Galactic Empire He is presenting his theory of psychohistory, a system of equations and analysis that may someday be used to predict human history The empire wants to get hold of Hari, so he goes into hidin [...]

  16. Joe

    Asimov wrote hundreds of books, but he is best known for his Foundation series and his stories about robots The Foundation series chronicles human society far in the future where we ve spread across the galaxy and established colonies on millions of worlds but have forgotten the one we started on And in the vastness of this human empire, decay has set in and cracks are growing a galactic dark age so grand in scope few can even see it s dimensions.The hero of the series is Hari Seldon mathematici [...]

  17. JonSnow

    Contrary to what seems to be the popular consensus, I actually thoroughly enjoyed this book for what it was I first read these books out of order The original trilogy, then the two that followed it I had never read the robot books, prelude forward empire novels So I have been doing this.Having already read the original trilogy and two sequels as well as The Complete Robot, 4 robot novels, 3 empire novels , I thoroughly enjoyed Prelude to Foundation It is certainly NOT a necessary read, if all yo [...]

  18. Alejandra

    Mi papa tiene A OS dici ndome que los libros de Isaac Aimov son buen simos, que me van a encantar, etc no se porque nunca fui de tomar uno y ponerme a leerlos, ya quiero terminarlos TODOS Le primero el libro de la Fundaci n y me pareci s per interesante toda la idea de Hari Seldon y la Psicohistoria, pero en vez de ir en orden cronol gico de publicaci n, a sugerencia de mi papa inicie a leer este libro, Preludio a la Fundaci n, donde inicia la historia de Hari Seldon quien en el futuro ser a ref [...]

  19. Christopher

    Prelude to Foundation kicks off the story of Hari Seldon much alluded to in the other Foundation books and gives us a look at the legendary character who created the concept of advanced maths used by the FOundation to manipulate the events of the galaxy depicted in the first Foundation books D Prelude to Foundation gives us a look at a very different character to what history has portrayed him as Harry starts off simply as a mathematician giving a maths lecture which in hindsight may have been o [...]

  20. Neo Marshkga

    Prelude to Foundation is the first prequel to the classic Sci Fi saga, Foundation, written by Isaac Asimov.This book starts before all the science that explains the Universe of the original Trilogy is fully developed.We are drawn into a world where knowledge is on a constant state of decay, as the Empire itself.After thousands of years, the Empire is so big and has extended so much, that several problems started to arise The Universe is way too big, way too many planets compose the Galaxy, and t [...]

  21. Joel Simon

    This was my first Foundation book, and my second Asimov book I, Robot was the first Even though written later than the original books in the Foundation series, I decided to read it first because it is in chronological order of the story I will never know whether or not this was the right thing to do and I can see from other readers comments that many Asimov fans found this book to be disappointing So in a way it is good that I read this Foundation book first because things will get even better I [...]

  22. kellyn

    I read this when I was about 13 or 14 and loved it Re reading it almost ten years later lets me read it with a depth I couldn t have at 13 Asimov was such a genius, writing in the 1940 s with a prophetic political and technological imagination Granted, this was written in the 1980 s as a prequel to the books written in the 40 s He writes the dialogue with a clinical edge that really makes you feel you re hearing people from an entirely different society speaking At the same time the descriptive [...]

  23. 50 a year

    Prelude to Foundation by Isaac Asimov is an excellent prequel to Foundation whereas that book was like a collection of three stories, this one is a straightforward romp of a novel Read my full review on my blog 50ayear 2016 03 25 11

  24. Ahmad Sharabiani

    Prelude to Foundation Foundation Prequel, 1 Prelude to Foundation Foundation Publication Order 6 , Isaac Asimov 1372 572

  25. Stela

    C t de d un toare este supraspecializarea Taie cunoa terea ntr un milion de buc i i o las s s ngereze.

  26. Christian, Kelanth, Scala

    Preludio alla Fondazione, in originale Prelude to Foundation un romanzo di fantascienza dello scrittore Isaac Asimov, edita nel 1988 uno dei due antefatti al ciclo della Fondazione e narra l origine della disciplina della psicostoria Per la prima volta, Asimov racconta la vita di Hari Seldon, l uomo che ha inventato la psicostoria e l eroe intellettuale della serie.Ma prima di parlare di questo libro in particolare, doveroso parlare del Ciclo delle Fondazioni Il Ciclo delle Fondazioni un gruppo [...]

  27. Ajeje Brazov

    Finito il sesto dei 7 tasselli del ciclo della Fondazione e sempre pi mi convinco che Asimov sia la fantascienza Insieme ad un altro maestro del genere, Philip K Dick, unico che secondo me pu competere con la maestosit letteraria di Asimov ovviamente una mia opinione ristretta a ci che ho letto finora Trantor Capitale del Primo Impero Galattico Sotto Cleon I, conobbe il suo Stando alle apparenze, era allora all apice La popolazione ammontava a 40 miliardi di abitanti chi viveva su Trantor indubb [...]

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