Gateway to Heaven (2020)

Gateway to Heaven Beth Kery Gateway to Heaven Life is rough when you re gorgeous rich talented and so sexy that the media won t leave you alone It s certainly the truth in Christian Lasher s case He returns to the neighborhood of his childhood
  • Title: Gateway to Heaven
  • Author: Beth Kery
  • ISBN: 2940011391590
  • Page: 339
  • Format: Nook
Gateway to Heaven Beth Kery Life is rough when you re gorgeous, rich, talented and so sexy that the media won t leave you alone.It s certainly the truth in Christian Lasher s case He returns to the neighborhood of his childhood to escape the spotlight, hungering for a change in his creative endeavors In the midst of his soul searching he meets Megan and is captured by the tantalizing hint of her hiLife is rough when you re gorgeous, rich, talented and so sexy that the media won t leave you alone.It s certainly the truth in Christian Lasher s case He returns to the neighborhood of his childhood to escape the spotlight, hungering for a change in his creative endeavors In the midst of his soul searching he meets Megan and is captured by the tantalizing hint of her hidden fires Megan knows nothing about his wild, rebellious youth or his career as a rock star and Christian would prefer to keep it that way.There was much, much to her than the role of a fragile victim.Megan Shreve is a sculptor with creative depths and passions that tragedy had forced into the shadows When she looks into Christian s eyes she sees herself for the first time as an exciting, sexy woman She longs to discover of herself in Christian s arms and in his bed Two passionate souls destined for one another unless the stifling roles imposed by tragedy and fame rip them apart.
Gateway to Heaven Beth Kery

  • [E-Book] ✓ Gateway to Heaven | By ↠ Beth Kery
    Beth Kery

One thought on “Gateway to Heaven

  1. Crista

    This book was a nice surprise It was a kindle freebie, but amazingly it was so good that I would definitely recommend it, even if you have to pay for it What is it about rocker heroes There is just something about bands that intrigue me Christian is the lead singer for the band Lasher Down He has lived the high life as a celebrity, but he longs for in his life The band goes back to his home town to perform in a fundraising event and Christian meets Megan who also grew up in the same town as Chr [...]

  2. Jacqueline

    It was okay Nice enough story But I didn t really get sucked totally in Some opportunities for angst were missed I m not a psychologist but I wonder if she would realistically have had reaction to her childhood trauma than was portrayed here Also a bit unrealistic that she could have gone so long without figuring out who he was if he was so famous Some crazed fan would surely have come up for an autograph etc Pleasant read though all in all.

  3. Kristen

    Solid 3 starsFor the most part I enjoyed reading Gateway to Heaven The plot was fresh and interesting There were times, however, I had difficulty connecting with the hero and heroine during the story For whatever reason, they weren t able to make me a true believer in their romance That said, I think most people will enjoy this story.

  4. Jane Stewart

    Weak 3 stars Emotional and sexy, but not much plot It s shorter than a typical novelORY BRIEF Christian is a lead singer rock star He wants a quieter life and to create a different type of music It s lust and maybe love at first sight when he sees Megan He ardently pursues her.Megan lives a quiet life as a sculpture artist and teacher Everyone walks on eggshells around her because she was sexually abused when she was three years old She loves what Christian makes her feel love, lust, passion.OPI [...]

  5. C Joy

    This reminded me of Wicked Burn , where the hero has a literary background While the hero there is a playwright, Christian Lasher is a rock star, with depth to his lyrics and has a brain to match his charm.I noticed Ms Kery s writing style is somewhat similar to the above mentioned novel, where she withholds a mystery about a certain character until the love interest finds out from other people In this case, both the hero and heroine have secrets that spilled somewhere along the way The author d [...]

  6. Kelly

    I ve read several of Beth Kery s books in the past and I really enjoyed both her writing style and her characters RAWR to sexy alpha males BUT I m not a big fan of non paranormal contemporary storylines So, I went into this one with one eye on the door in case I needed to make a quick escape Oh, guys OH, GUYS This book was outstanding Christian and Megan s story was lovely and sweet and sad and I m so, so glad I decided to step outside my werewolf infested comfort zone and give them a try.Megan [...]

  7. Mitzi

    I thoroughly enjoyed this short story Beth Kery s books IMO are so much than your typical hot sexy book She draws you into the minds of her characters and as a result, the reader is able to feel what the characters are experiencing it doubts, fear, or excitement In this short story, Megan is an older virgin, a sculptor and works part time for her neighborhood church She has had a traumatic experience that has led to her being treated special sheltered by her family parish Christian is a rock st [...]

  8. Katie(babs)

    Beth Kery s Gateway to Heaven was free on Kindle now 2.99 , and since I ve enjoyed Beth s books in the past, it was a given I would grab this one Also, there are just not enough rock star romances and I ve been dying to read a few We need rockstar hero romances, STAT I also liked the idea that the supposed bad boy rock star isn t as bad as the reader is first led to believe The hero, Christian Lasher, who has an awesome sounding name, has deep roots in the town he grew up in and where his famil [...]

  9. Emily

    Rock Star Christian Lasher spends a month every year returning home seeking solace and relaxation This year is no different but much needed, then he meets Megan Shreve who is the exact opposite of him but exudes a sense of calm that he has never felt before Wanting to be a part of her tranquility he pursues the tender Megan, what he doesn t know that inside her is a rippling tide of mixed emotions and a past that has kept her from ever experiencing any intimacy.Megan doesn t remember what happen [...]

  10. Janet

    I can t believe this book was free If the object of free is to entice me to try books by Beth Kery, then it succeeded.Very well done the self questioning rock musician and elusive art teacher I want to use adjectives like innocent, virginal, naive she is all that but the reasoning behind her lifestyle is poignantly believable and her emotional and sexual unfolding is very well done Why 4 stars I thought her mother could have been developed further And the ending was a little rainbows and unicor [...]

  11. Christine

    Did not really like this one The switch in POVs happened to quickly for me to be able to connect The story was there, but the execution was poor What annoyed me was the heroine and her discussion of her breasts There is some internal obsession with breasts in this story.This did not work for me.

  12. Diana

    Loved it More brainy, angsty rock star heroes please I ve been sampling erotica and haven t been impressed until this one Kery at least in this story gets the balance right between erotica and romance Off to glom Beth Kery.

  13. Sophia

    I chose this book because I thought the blurb sounded good and I was not disappointed.Megan is the full time art teacher at the St Pat s parish school in her home neighborhood near Chicago She is a woman who carries on almost a shadow existence due to her past and everyone treats her as fragile and unapproachable to men because of being a childhood rape victim Christian is one of the St Pat s kids who grew up and became a famous rockstar He comes home for the charity block concert every year wit [...]

  14. Dianna

    Megan lives in the neighbourhood she grew up in in Chicago, where she has a job running an art program for kids, and is also a sculptor Christian shows up one day because his famous band is going to perform for a church fundraiser Christian owns the penthouse apartment upstairs from Megan, and they totally hit it off.Megan has Something Terrible in her childhood, and is trying to escape being treated like porcelain There s an interesting exploration of how Something Terrible has repercussions fo [...]

  15. Alex is The Romance Fox

    This is such a heart warming, sweet and so lovely romance And hey the hero, Christian is a famous rock star I so love love stories about rockstars Christian and Megan, an artist are two people, hiding so many secrets from the world and who had to meet and be two true souls.The tension and chemistry between the two is so well developed Great writing I really enjoyed this book.Book Synopsis Life is rough when you re gorgeous, rich, talented and so sexy that the media won t leave you al [...]

  16. Bethany Lovell

    3.5 StarsGood story, good writing, but here s my big issue Christian is a DICK I don t give a crap what personal demons you re battling or what fears you re harboring, if you are going to bother to go slow and worry about the virgin s feelings, even saying no to sex for fear of taking things too fast and freaking her out and then finally, FINALLY, she trusts you enough to give herself to you for the love of all that s holy, do NOT end her first time by throwing on your pants and walking out, lea [...]

  17. JennieWren17

    To be honest, I expected from this book when I bought it I would have liked to have seen romance between the two characters There was so much tension about her past that didn t seem to affect the female lead but completely dictate the rest of the entire set of characters It was less of an issue between the two leads and of a back issue with the rest of the characters which I felt took away from the love story I also didn t really feel the love from the male and female leads It felt like two p [...]

  18. Amanda

    I originally downloaded this one because Kelly told me to And it s pretty well established that I do just about everything that Kelly tells me to I put off reading it, probably because I haven t read a lot of contemporary romance lately, but it was worth it I loved the emotional journey that Christian and Megan go through It was sweet, poignant, and sexy Gateway to Heaven was a free Kindle book I downloaded on April 12, 2012 for the Why Buy the Cow challenge.

  19. Kimberly Rendle

    I checked this book out because I saw someone rave about it on here thanks Crista It was so good Amazingly, a freebie that is better than the past three books I ve bought Definitely check this author out

  20. Jenny - TotallybookedBlog

    This book came up as a recommendation on Kindle and I decided to give it a go.I really liked this book and so glad I took the time to read it.

  21. MsRomanticReads

    Christian Lasher is the lead singer of a very popular and successful hard rock band Despite his fame and good fortune, he wants to take his music in a different direction Needing time to decompress and think things through, he escapes from LA and returns to his childhood roots in Chicago, where he finds something to soothe his soul.Megan Shreve is a talented artist and sculptor Her gentle and shy nature sparks Christian s interest in her His words set her body aflame and she longs to explore th [...]

  22. Joletta

    I m not sure about anyone else, but I tend to read books by theme I had just finished re reading about my favorite rock n roll sinners and went hunting bad boy rockers This led me to Beth Kery and her Gateway to Heaven novel Just to warn you, I m trying to hold back, but am afraid that I have to unleash my inner fangirl for this book Kery has written a sensual, sexual and poignant story of innocence, sexuality, change and growth Christian Lasher is an uber successful rock star who wants to bran [...]

  23. Kaetrin

    3.5 starsFirst published in 2008, I picked this up as a Kindle freebie recently Christian Lasher is a rock star who s looking to take his career in a different direction He meets art teacher and sculptor, Megan Shreve and is instantly captivated by her She s different to anyone he s ever met before and she doesn t know who he is Because he doesn t think she d go for the rock god thing, he keeps it from her so she can get to know him without the hype Megan is over protected by her sister Hilary, [...]

  24. Sarah

    I really enjoyed this book I got it for free from , and it was surprisingly enjoyable for a freebie.At first, I had a really hard time figuring out what decade the story was placed because the heroine is so backwards It is set in present day, but she has no idea of modern pop culture, no computer, no cell phone, etc so it was really hard to place, but as we get into other characters we see modern technology When I figured out when the story was, I was worried about how unbelievable it was that [...]

  25. Laura

    I enjoyed the unraveling of Christian and Megan s parallel set of issues and their struggles to overcome their own prejudices while fighting a stance against those who choose to pre judge them including each other I chose to read this story because of the high ratings and I m going to give it 4 stars because I felt the story was pretty strong for about 90% of the book However, the plot wrapped up rather quickly towards the end I would have liked to have read about Christian and Megan after the [...]

  26. Eliza Hirsch

    I really enjoyed this book.Christian Lasher is a rock star, with the reputation that tends to go along with the job Megan teaches art at a Catholic school in Christian s home neighborhood When the two meet, sparks fly but Megan s past has a dark spot While the issues from her childhood don t effect her on a day to day basis she doesn t even remember the trauma she endured, because she was too young her family has done everything in their power to protect her, as they see it Which, unfortunately, [...]

  27. Diana

    When I saw this rock star title from Kery, I snapped it up I ve enjoyed her Harlequin titles and Because Your Are Mine is on my TBR list Reading it, I enjoyed it Christian Lasher was strong yet sensitive and troubled just enough that I didn t hate him Megan Shreve appeared delicate but had a inner strength that made her a perfect match for Lasher He would introduce her to the world and she would offer him companionship and love And the scenes of them togetherI could definitely feel the chemistry [...]

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