BubblesGondola (2020)

BubblesGondola Renaud Dillies BubblesGondola Poetry fantasy and Django Reinhardt are woven into a fairy tale about solitude and awakening the creative spirit in this graphic novel Charlie is a mouse who enjoys his solitude staying up late nig
  • Title: BubblesGondola
  • Author: Renaud Dillies
  • ISBN: 9781561636112
  • Page: 218
  • Format: Hardcover
BubblesGondola Renaud Dillies Poetry, fantasy, and Django Reinhardt are woven into a fairy tale about solitude and awakening the creative spirit in this graphic novel Charlie is a mouse who enjoys his solitude, staying up late nights indoors to listen to records and play his guitar he experiences the outside world only through the windows of his house As Charlie begins to stumble with writer s blockPoetry, fantasy, and Django Reinhardt are woven into a fairy tale about solitude and awakening the creative spirit in this graphic novel Charlie is a mouse who enjoys his solitude, staying up late nights indoors to listen to records and play his guitar he experiences the outside world only through the windows of his house As Charlie begins to stumble with writer s block, a bluebird named Mr Solitude arrives to encourage Charlie to search for inspiration outside of himself and his home Told with a melancholic and heart warming lyricism, this tender story combines pithy observations with whimsical illustrations to create a simple yet poignant tale for readers young and old.
BubblesGondola Renaud Dillies

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    Renaud Dillies

One thought on “BubblesGondola

  1. Sara

    This is kind of an odd little comic I picked it up at a kid s book review council, but it really isn t for kids Not that it s particularly inappropriate for kids there is some drinking and smoking, but it s not excessive , but that the ideas in it are pretty deep and metaphorical At first, I thought that the title referred to the names of characters, but they re actually a metaphorical statement and symbol about the nature of creativity and what it means to be an artist In some ways, I was remin [...]

  2. P.

    A struggling writer mouse starts seeing a bird named Mr Solitude when he gets lonely It s all in his head or is it Loved the way this evoked than showed what was happening It did show what was happening, but it was than that The narration, coloring, and especially facial expressions on Charlie worked really well together, and the tone was like the charming parts of a Jean Pierre Jeunet film.

  3. Nicola Mansfield

    Once again Dillies art is so adorably cute but again the story is not for children This is a very deep philosophical story about writer s block and not particular to my tastes as much as his other two I ve read to date I must say I preferred the art in this one though Birds played the major role in the others, but he does such a cute, expressive mouse in this one that I just loved Charlie The title is quite obscure and takes some thinking to grasp the meaning of, while perhaps thinking it could [...]

  4. Amanda

    The French, they aren t like us Which is a good thing I ordered this for J GN thinking based on erroneous reviews it was a children s title It is not But still the art is wonderful and the story or a mouse author who thrives on solitude but learns this may not be the best for his art is lovely Just not for 8 12 year olds.

  5. Owen Curtsinger

    Wonderful and sweet describes both the story and the artwork A useful message that plays with existentialism but keeps it simple, and the drawings are charming and unique Read it two or three times.

  6. Lotte

    If you want to write but all you can think of is the menacing whiteness of the sheet of paper before you, read this cute little French comic It will take you for a short ride on a ferris wheel and show you how a little mouse tries to overcome his loneliness and writer s block Although not mindblowing, it is a fun read I feel the story could have been a better well rounded, as it feels as if the writer jumps from idea to idea, without establishing a connection.

  7. Corey Pung

    Bubbles and Gondola is the sleeper hit of the year in comics.I discovered it purely by chance While browsing around the library, I decided to check out Bubbles and Gondola based on the cover alone I was attracted by how it vaguely resembled Krazy Kat I hadn t heard of it before, nor did I recognize the author or the publishing company NBM I loved it I haven t felt so enthusiastic about a new comic in a long time Then, a week or two later, I saw it was up for an Eisner award Apparently, others ha [...]

  8. Dov Zeller

    This is not a kid s book though it looks and acts like one in many ways Only it is a bit trippy not that kids books aren t trippy and about a mouse who may be young but seems old, and who winds up in a proverbial rabbit hole after trying to hide from the world A carnival comes through town, drawing him out of his hibernation and he experiences some strange hallucinatory things, and finally gets really really drunk and plays guitar with a band and has a great time before waking up with a serious [...]

  9. Sean

    I liked it The art is fetching old timey and charming, with nice clear lines I am borderline graphically illiterate, and I have a hard time with muddy lines Really, it is beautiful to look at The conceit, that Solitude appears to the loner protagonist as a blue bird, is intriguing and interesting I enjoyed it for that, and because I could identify with the poor little mouse who just wanted to be left alone to write Sadly, as a story, it did what many stories in graphic format seem to do it faded [...]

  10. Helena

    Such a sweet little book, and beautifully drawn About the little mouse Charlie with a writer s block who is visited by the bird Solitude It s a bit hard to interpret the end, I guess it s part of the point Being a softie at heart, I don t find it too hard to imagine that better things will start happening to Charlie now Favorite quote Do you know what you and the kid blowing bubbles over there have in common That s exactly what I cannot manage to do You decorate the four corners of the city with [...]

  11. Julie (Manga Maniac Cafe)

    2.5 starsStrange little comic about a mouse named Charlie who wants to be a writer Charlie lives by himself, enjoying his solitude, until strangers begin to intrude and make him realize that maybe being alone all the time isn t so great With no inspiration for his writing, he ventures outside of his home, getting caught up in the carnival taking place in town, and finally finding the inspiration he s been missing.This is a quirky read that missed the mark with me I found the character designs we [...]

  12. John

    an exquisite little book that borrows from the visual language of children s picture books to tell a story that will resonate with kids of all ages Plus, it s good to see someone use mice in a fresh way Charlie is desperately trying to rationalize a love of his solitude and his writer s block when he is swept up in the carnival that comes to town Charlie is by degrees brought out of his loneliness and is creative emptiness by rides, family gatherings, and the play of being at the carnival the ar [...]

  13. Ame

    A short, charming tale about a mouse named Charlie He relishes his solitude, or at least he thinks he does, and he has complete and utter writer s block It s a short snippet into the life of Charlie as he slowly ventures outside in search of inspiration to cure him of his emptiness, both in writing and socially speaking.

  14. Christoph Segers

    Een muis overwint zijn writersblock door opnieuw te leren kijken zoals hij vroeger, als kind, deed Po tisch en zonder duidelijke verhaallijn, met tekeningen die uit een kinderboek lijken geplukt te zijn en die daardoor net de boodschap versterken Dromerig zonder zweverig te worden.

  15. Penelope

    Lovely illustrations and a simple story Sort of feels like a children s book at times but isn t although I m sure kids would find a drunk mouse kind of funnyd the drunken ness part would probably go over their heads anyway.

  16. Shoshanna

    LOVED THIS Romantic, interesting Seems like it comes out of the European comics tradition About solitude and friends Message is great but also just love the story telling technique and the art Really beautiful Book SMELLS AMAZING TOO D

  17. Emilia P

    High falutin little mouse tale of writer s block Maybe I am missing something in the frenchiness of it all But it looks pretty doing it I think I had built it up a bit too much in my mind.Wah wah.

  18. Jason

    A mouse struggles with writer s block and muses on the meaning of existence and, acutely, solitude It s true this isn t a book aimed at kids, but there s nothing they d find traumatic and the art is engaging and magical Let them work out what it means on their own and in their own time.

  19. Ilaria Galvani

    Profondamente poetico Per chi ama scrivere e leggere.Per chi vive quotidianamente il blocco dello scrittore da intendersi come blocco del vivere appieno la propria esistenza per paura delle vertigini che ogni nuova esperienza pu dare.

  20. sweet pea

    picked this up since it s nominated for an Eisner award a sweet exploration of solitude and the artist s life great illustrations ultimately there wasn t enough to the story to make me love it.

  21. Tom

    A quick read about a struggling writer who happens to be a mouse Very pretty art mixed with a story focused on solitude.

  22. Earline

    Dillies art is amazing The story has potential, but leaves much to be desired Perhaps something was lost in translation

  23. Davidfosterwallace

    A very wonderful and beautiful graphic novel about inspiration and the life of an artist Unfortunately the final third gets confused in its thematic elements and storytelling Art is great.

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