Η Πάπισσα Ιωάννα (2020)

Η Πάπισσα Ιωάννα Emmanuel Rhoides Εμμανουήλ Ροΐδης gutenberg ebooks The Project Gutenberg EBook of Papess Joanne by Emmanuel RhoidesThis eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever You may copy
  • Title: Η Πάπισσα Ιωάννα
  • Author: Emmanuel Rhoides Εμμανουήλ Ροΐδης
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 482
  • Format: None
Η Πάπισσα Ιωάννα Emmanuel Rhoides Εμμανουήλ Ροΐδης gutenberg ebooks 27760 The Project Gutenberg EBook of Papess Joanne, by Emmanuel RhoidesThis eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever You may copy it, give it away or re use it under the terms of the Project Gutenberg License included with this eBook or online at gutenbergTitle Papess Joa gutenberg ebooks 27760 The Project Gutenberg EBook of Papess Joanne, by Emmanuel RhoidesThis eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever You may copy it, give it away or re use it under the terms of the Project Gutenberg License included with this eBook or online at gutenbergTitle Papess JoanneAuthor Emmanuel RhoidesRelease Date January 9, 2009 EBook 27760 Last Updated November 9, 2009Language GreekCharacter set encoding UTF 8 START OF THIS PROJECT GUTENBERG EBOOK PAPESS JOANNE Produced by Sophia CanoniNote Numbers in curly brackets relate to the footnotes that have been transferred at the end of the book as endnotes This must be a 1920 edition, although the year is not printed on the book A previous edition 4th edition, 1882 that I happened to see, included a further ntroduction and Notes written by the writer that are not included in this edition, although they are referredto in some footnotes These footnotes must be ignored The tonic system has been changed from polytonic to monotonic The spelling of the book has not been changed otherwise , , 1920 4 , 1882 , , , E , 13 I 1835 1904
Η Πάπισσα Ιωάννα Emmanuel Rhoides Εμμανουήλ Ροΐδης

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    Emmanuel Rhoides Εμμανουήλ Ροΐδης

One thought on “Η Πάπισσα Ιωάννα

  1. Feisty Harriet

    This translation of Rhoides research from the 1800 s on the authenticity of Pope Joan Pope John VIII , a woman who disguised herself as a scholar and monk and eventually rose to the office of Pope in the 9th century, was full of documentation both for and against the actuality of Joan having existed Many historians and scholars in the Catholic hierarchy claim Joan was invented by the Protestants to discredit the Throne of St Peter Rhoides argues that there are enough independent accounts of her [...]

  2. Barney

    I absolutely adore Rhoides, and it all started with this book His recounting of how a poor girl from England became Pope is full of irony, clever observations about life, symbolism and a deep rooted contempt for religion and its proponents The setting is exciting, beautiful and has a magical tinge to it, which doesn t completely wash away through Rhoides exquisite cynicism which otherwise dominates the book I am not fit to comment on the accuracy of the book s portrayal of the medieval world, bu [...]

  3. Damiana

    La Papessa Giovanna un romanzo che racconta la leggenda secondo cui, alla met del IX secolo d.C una donna sal al soglio di Pietro diventando Papa Tradotto e adattato direttamente dal greco, il romanzo fu messo all indice non appena pubblicato, dopo aver scatenato l ira della Chiesa Ortodossa di Grecia E un libro irriverente e sarcastico verso la realt storico politico dell epoca, non solo verso la religione Avrei per gradito meno paragoni e similitudini e un finale un po meno affrettato, sembra [...]

  4. Wayne

    Last night as part of Sydney s German Film Fest, we saw Pope Joan or Pope John VIII and met the director,Sonke Wortmann, at a follow up question time.I bought on the cheap and read the Lawrence Durrell translation of Pope Joan from the Greek of Emmanuel Royidis some years ago and was surprised when I found I thoroughly enjoyed it.Here was cross dressing of the highest and holiest order I have just pulled it out of my archives.The film was an exacting recreation of the mid 8oo s and this was fasc [...]

  5. Anastasia Hobbet

    A rich, delightful little book that brings Pope Joan to life I loved Durrell s Alexandria Quartet but had read nothing else by him I picked this up after finishing John Julius Norwich s 2011 history of the papacy, Absolute Monarchs In it Norwich says he puts Pope Joan aside as apocryphal only with great regret which intrigued me Now, like Norwich, I wish I could believe in her And why not Since she was religious only so far as it served her ambition, at least according to Durrell, she fits right [...]

  6. Pequete

    um livro divertido ir nico e c ustico, uma cr tica n o s religi o, mas tamb m natureza humana, pol tica Gostei de o ler, embora o final me tenha parecido um bocado apressado, penso que em parte pelo facto de a hist ria da Joana ser, na realidade, apenas um pretexto para o autor fazer a sua cr tica, mais importante do que a narrativa propriamente dita.

  7. Jane J. Janas, Ph.D.

    This was a histrorical description of the life of Pope john VIII Set in the 9th century, I found the tale fast moving and believeable Interesting

  8. Justin Neville

    Oh dear For such a slim novel, this took far too long to get through It started off readably enough, but it soon felt like wading through a bog.I d only bought it recently after I came across a cheap copy in a secondhand bookshop by chance just days after happening to read a glowing review of it I d read a recent novel on the legend of Pope Joan by Donna Woolfolk Cross a few years ago, which I had enjoyed although you, of course, have to take the whole story with a pinch or two of salt.I didn t [...]

  9. Amy

    This book got hidden away among the volumes on my shelf, and I only recently refound it I have also on my shelf, another book called Pope Joan which is a novel This book, however, it turns out is a translation of a Greek text very irreverent and quite funny, once you get used to the pacing and timing of the whole thing One reviewer, Peter Owen, writes Translated and adapted from the Greek of Emmanuel Royidis In this brilliant adaptation of a novel by the nineteenth century Greek author Emmanuel [...]

  10. Joana Marques

    Sou uma apaixonada pela hist ria da Papisa Joana, da rapariga que conseguiu ser Papa em Roma e que s culos depois foi apagada da hist ria.As hist rias sobre esta personagem s o bastantes e pululam por todo o lado livros, pequenos contos, fantasias, etc Nunca se conseguindo chegar veracidade da hist ria, dos factos, e exist ncia de tal pessoa.Gra as ao Bookcrossing tive acesso a mais um livro sobre Joana N o declinei a oferta da leitura e recebi o em m os com muita curiosidade.No entanto, ao inv [...]

  11. Surreysmum

    These notes were made in 1983 Durrell translated and adapted this from Royidis 1886 Greek original A curious tale, told in a deceptively simple fashion To my shame be it said, I have not read any other Durrell, so I cannot be sure how much the story owes that lucid, spirited manner to him, and how much to Royidis Certainly the dryly ironic yet apparently scholarly notes at the end belong to Durrell The story itself is poised on the verge of fact and fiction, though heavily overbalanced on the fi [...]

  12. Alana Cash

    This is the story of Pope John VIII also known as Pope Joan The Catholic Church denies that a woman posing disguised as a male cleric was ever elected pope, but there are documents to the contrary There are 156 pages of story in the book and the first 119 pages are Royidis fiction not based on fact of what Joan s life was like before entering Rome The last part of the book, still fictionalized, is based on fact and covers the period that Joan entered the Vatican The book is written satirically i [...]

  13. Farah

    Beautifully written and crafted.Read about a month after reading the preface which did its job of charming me into reading the rest of the book between other attractive choices on the bookshelf.The author continually reminding himself perhaps before the reader that he is no poet surely proves that not only a poet can craft such dreamy descriptions in a poetic manner I gave this book four stars yet I believe the effect of its words to grow stronger as to reach five stars that symbolize it being [...]

  14. Charles

    Simultaneously hilarious and interesting it nonetheless is a well researched cross section of 9th century Christendom, even though the central events of the book are entirely fictitious.I was sad that in part four Joanna becomes less central to her own story The author clearly loves her and has crafted her story carefully to make her a paradoxical hero an hero that simultaneously embodies and refutes Romanticism Royidis is a realist and a satirist though he has to limit himself to a traditional [...]

  15. R.L. Stedman

    Its a tiny book but it s taking a long time to get through As mentioned by other reviewers, this is a translation by Lawrence Durrell from the Greek original by Rhoides Which was itself a retelling of an older myth So there s layers and layers of perspectives in this story It s an enjoyable romp, once one becomes used to the acerbic voice of the narrator not only is there Pope Joan in this tale, there s Rhoides and Durrell as well Joan, a mystic holy woman, is disguised as a man and eventually m [...]

  16. Margarida

    Este livro n o me cativou mesmo nada Quando vi o tamanho dele, pensei Devo conseguir acab lo em duas ou tr s horas mas que grande engano A vontade de continuar a l lo n o era nenhuma mas sou teimosa e consegui acab lo Para mim, a hist ria foi bastante chata e acho que isso se deveu ao modo como o autor escreve Estava espera de algo diferente Mas, pelo menos, gostei da personagem principal

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