Shinobi, Book One: Concealed in Shadows (2020)

Shinobi, Book One: Concealed in Shadows Sessha Batto Shinobi Book One Concealed in Shadows In modern day Japan the ninja legends live on in a grim saga of political maneuverings betrayal sexual abuse torture and dark homoeroticism The Shinobi clans lurk in the shadows performing servic
  • Title: Shinobi, Book One: Concealed in Shadows
  • Author: Sessha Batto
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 495
  • Format: ebook
Shinobi, Book One: Concealed in Shadows Sessha Batto In modern day Japan, the ninja legends live on in a grim saga of political maneuverings, betrayal, sexual abuse, torture and dark homoeroticism.The Shinobi clans lurk in the shadows, performing services that not even the hardened Yakuza will touch Takahashi Yoshi fulfills his duty with soul stripping resolve, each assignment driving a nail into a coffin of lost faith AftIn modern day Japan, the ninja legends live on in a grim saga of political maneuverings, betrayal, sexual abuse, torture and dark homoeroticism.The Shinobi clans lurk in the shadows, performing services that not even the hardened Yakuza will touch Takahashi Yoshi fulfills his duty with soul stripping resolve, each assignment driving a nail into a coffin of lost faith After years of sexual abuse and torture in the name of clan honor, Yoshi must learn to trust, but the man who offers him hope is himself flawed Sasaki Makoto has spent a career in torture and interrogation, exploring not only the dark secrets of his clan s enemies, but also the darkness within his own heart.How far must Yoshi run to escape his shame and torment
Shinobi, Book One: Concealed in Shadows Sessha Batto

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One thought on “Shinobi, Book One: Concealed in Shadows

  1. Michael Joseph

    This review was originally written for BDSM Book Reviews.Yoshi Takahashi is his ninja clan s most powerful assassin, the feared Shadow Wolf Only he hasn t been practicing his art much in recent years The clan leader finds it profitable for her to pimp him out as a sex toy to other clans and Yakuza crime lords to pay for her gambling and opium habits.Early on in the book, we re given a rather lengthy description of the sexual tortures to which Yoshi is subjected when he is sent on assignment to [...]

  2. Anders

    I bought this book because of the fabulous cover and publicity the author has done Reading the blurb, I thought it looked interesting, and having watched a few Japanese anime about ninjas over the years, I thought I d check it out Unfortunately, the book was a disappointment.This book had such a cool premise a talented shinobi warrior , forced to prostitute himself for the good of his clan, who is so battered emotionally and physically by his own people that he is really just waiting to die Unfo [...]

  3. Caro

    I promised myself I would finish this after reading the firdt few paragraphs and realising just how bad this book is, but it just isn t possible I won t even go into the story because for all I care this could have been the most brilliant story ever and it wouldn t have mattered one bit.Instead, let s consider writing and style This book is so terrible, the writing so riddled with glaring examples of bad life choices, it s impossible to read I m not kidding it s been a long while since I last re [...]

  4. Nemesis

    Characters with so much potential, but their development, if that can be called as such, left me disappointed I was intrigued by the darker aspects of this story, the description made it so full of expectations Where are the high skilled shinobi and the long experienced torturer We don t see them acting as the professionals they are supposed to be.

  5. Marsha Spence

    Extremely intense but completely engrossing Although I was at the point where is one person abused Yoshi I didn t know if I could finish Just be prepared Well written and very interesting.

  6. Samantha

    This book took darkness and depravity to a whole new level with the amount of sexual abuse that it described in detail when Yoshi went on assignment with the Yakuza I have read some dark and horrific things, but this might be a whole new level for me as a reader Just when I thought that some of the sex scenes would be too much for me, the storyline itself swooped in and whisked me away with an intense interest in the story and concern for Yoshi s future Some of the titles and heirarchy were a bi [...]

  7. KissMeSlowly

    After reading Shinobi it took me several days to gather my thoughts to well, write a clear enough review that expressed my thoughts sufficiently So without further adoShinobi reads like your typical graphic novel or anime series at first, I am not sure whether this was the authors intent or not, but it does 10 points to Gryffindor for that Sorry for the Harry Potter reference, but he s totes bae Shinobi immerses the reader into the modern world of the samurai culture.Yoshi, along with all the th [...]

  8. Jessica Degarmo

    Shinobi was an unexpected surprise for me I knew what the book was about, having seen it mentioned on several social networking sites, but I had no idea it was as good as it was Shinobi takes place in modern day Japan, where clans of ninjas are at war with each other Yoshi, the main character, is a shadow wolf, and a very special ninja He is also used as a sex slave whipping boy to fund the drug other habits of the malevoent Rin.Yoshi is an amazing character, used to years of abuse, a powerful a [...]

  9. Janie

    This book is almost impossible to write a review for because even though it is an excellent and well written book that clearly deserves five stars, the content is not something that I want to say that I loved Yoshi, oh my god, my heart was so broken for this man He is the Shadow Wolf The strongest and most feared shinobi in his clan However, instead of using his talents as an assassin his leader uses him as a sex slave to pay off her opium debts and his loyalty does not allow him to say no The a [...]

  10. Frankie Saxx

    I knew, when I started Shinobi, that I didn t care for erotica or BDSM, and so I mostly skimmed those scenes I did enjoy the story and the characters, and I suspect that many of the things I would highlight as flaws in this book are the result of genre constraints and not the abilities of the writer I would ve liked focus on the story and less on the sex, for instance, and I wish the paranormal aspects and the use of ki had prominence and definition Shinobi also left me with no doubts about Se [...]

  11. Bev

    First definitely not for the under 18s.As a middle aged, heterosexual mother of two I approached this book with some trepidation One of my dearest friends is a gay man and I adore him and his partner, but was I ready to read homosexual erotica To begin with the level of abuse the hero experienced made me cringe, but once I was past that, I began to realise that the book is than anything else about love.A deep and very beautiful love between two people who just happen to be the same sex Their tr [...]

  12. Eden Baylee

    Male male erotica is a genre I was unfamiliar with until I picked up this book I did not know about the plot and was intrigued by the synopsis about an elite warrior society inside an ancient Japanese culture.I ve read BDSM, but not in the way Ms Batto writes This is not a story for the faint of heart I cringed at some parts, and I m not someone who is easily shocked The sexual torture scenes are difficult but not gratuitous They are vital to the story, as are the scenes of love, redemption, and [...]

  13. Samantha Towle

    Sessha Batto is an incredibly talented author, she has a wonderful play on words, and pulls you into the world she has created keeping you gripped until the last word Shinobi is not the type of book I would normally choose to read but I was recommended to do so by a friend and I m really glad she did Shinobi is powerful, intense and engrossing, and now it s my turn to recommend that everyone read this book Go buy it now, you won t regret it.

  14. Thai Holman

    I am speechless Wow My first book from Sessha Batteo Never read the blurb or anything going in and from the first dark chapter was hook This very descriptive abusive story made me so emotional No spoilers But I really felt the pain, the erotica, the emotions 5 stars I want to reread to feel this again Just wow So dark so amazing I loved it.

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