Sarrasine (2020)

Sarrasine Honoré de Balzac Sophie Lewis Sarrasine Ostensibly a tale of sexual androgyny the power of love and its bitter aftermath this volume is in fact a study of the force of art on society and the deadly immortality of beauty The nameless narr
  • Title: Sarrasine
  • Author: Honoré de Balzac Sophie Lewis
  • ISBN: 9781843911517
  • Page: 201
  • Format: Paperback
Sarrasine Honoré de Balzac Sophie Lewis Ostensibly a tale of sexual androgyny, the power of love, and its bitter aftermath, this volume is in fact a study of the force of art on society and the deadly immortality of beauty The nameless narrator attends a ball held by a wealthy Parisian family whose fortune comes from a work of art, and there meets an extraordinary old woman who bears a strange resemblance to thOstensibly a tale of sexual androgyny, the power of love, and its bitter aftermath, this volume is in fact a study of the force of art on society and the deadly immortality of beauty The nameless narrator attends a ball held by a wealthy Parisian family whose fortune comes from a work of art, and there meets an extraordinary old woman who bears a strange resemblance to the statue depicted in the painting He returns to his lodgings to tell the tragic, yet ultimately rewarding tale of the creation of the painting s inspiration a tale of passion, lust, and transexuality, in which music and art, their powers combined, are fatally attracted.
Sarrasine Honoré de Balzac Sophie Lewis

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    201 Honoré de Balzac Sophie Lewis
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  1. Helen Ροζουλί Εωσφόρος Vernus Portitor Arcanus Ταμετούρο Αμούν Arnum

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  2. Χαρά Ζ.

    _Sarassine_ It s a 4,5 I really don t like myself when i get lazy, and i have been lazy for the past several days and instead of writing a review i would just sit on my pc and do nothing.I was away and i was browsing through a bookstore and i saw that tiny little book Sarassin is a small novel by Honor de Balzac published in 1830 And it s a story within a story and the author has a way with words and and it was interesting and it was great The writing is beautiful and alive and i felt the need t [...]

  3. Florencia

    Ernest Jean Sarrasine was the son of a rich lawyer that, after many problems at school, decided to become an artist He started to work as a sculptor and after winning a competition, he went on to Rome There he entered the Argentina Theatre and met Zambinella, an Opera singer From that moment, he was no longer the owner of his thoughts.But his frantic thoughts outran his pencil He met La Zambinella, spoke to her, entreated her, exhausted a thousand years of life and happiness with her, placing he [...]

  4. Warwick

    This feverish novelette about artistic creation and sexual identity is, perhaps, best introduced as being a kind of Bourbon Restoration The Crying Game The eponymous Sarrasine, a moody eighteenth century sculptor, visits Italy and falls head over heels for a prima donna he sees at the opera but trying to pursue her leads quickly to a brutal, melodramatic reveal and climax.From the beginning, Balzac plays the reader as Sarrasine is played, setting up a theme of flirty, desirable women and gruff m [...]

  5. Davide

    Ancora un balloAncora un ballo tra il fuoco dei diamanti e i cenni d intesa , in mezzo alle pi belle donne di Parigi , che la citt pi divertente del mondo e la pi filosofica Ma qui, a differenza dellaPaix du m nage, serve solo da struttura portante alla narrazione principale, zuppa di esotismo italiano.Bench sia il pi celebrato, mi piaciuto meno di altri tra i primi romanzi e racconti anni 1829 1830 circa che entrano nella Com die Forse proprio perch pi celebrato Come al solito aspettative maggi [...]

  6. Magdalen

    First time reading Honor de Balzac and I am impressed I ll be brief His descriptions are splendid and the story was interesting although at first I wasn t following and felt a bit lost When the narrator started telling the story of Sarrasine he got me It was shocking and keep in mind when it was written

  7. Alp Turgut

    lk g r te a k olup kur yapt sahne sanat s n n daha sonradan erkek oldu unu renmesiyle d nyas allak bullak olan Sarrasine in trajikomik hikayesini okuyucuya sunan Sarrasine , Balzac n okurken en keyif ald m eserlerinden biri oldu unu s yleyebilirim K sa olmas sebebiyle nl yazar n s sl dilinin a r ya ka mad eserde zellikle hikaye i erisinde hikaye anlat m olduk a dikkat ekici Kitab okurken Lord Byron, Homeros ve Diderot a yap lan g ndermeler dikkatlerden ka m yor Yazar n bibliyografisini merak ede [...]

  8. Petra X

    Overblown and boring It was the equivalent of standing in front of an Old Master in an art gallery and being instructed by the enraptured guide to study the beautiful painting of the velvet folds of the curtains, just look at those brush strokes, see how he has captured the light Yes, beautiful, can we move on now

  9. Tracey

    This was a real treat Right away, the opening sentence caught me eye I was buried in one of those profound reveries to which everybody, even a frivolous man, is subject in the midst of the most uproarious festivities This author has a descriptive way with words It is poetry There the loveliest, the wealthiest women in Paris, bearers of the proudest titles, moved hither and thither, fluttered from room to room in swarms, stately and gorgeous, dazzling with diamonds flowers on their heads and brea [...]

  10. Sylvester

    Left me with that empty feeling that very truthful writing often does I didn t love the story but must pay my respects to Balzac s insight So much of our love and what we think of as our identity is a complete fraud We don t know others, we don t really know ourselves, and we are blown about by every wind whims, desires, fears it s not a pretty existence Balzac gets under the skin precisely, as with a scalpel.

  11. Lisa

    In this story, Balzac uses a device he often employs, a story within a story Madame de Rochefide, not yet experienced in the ways of the world, is startled by the appearance of a very old man at the salon of the Lanty family She thinks he is a ghost This family is wealthy even by the standards of Parisian society, but the source of their wealth is unknown Early speculation about this fades the two children, Marianina and Filippo are both beautiful and rich and therefore valuable assets on the ma [...]

  12. Kristen Chavis

    Sarrasine by Honor de BalzacSarrasine is about a man who falls in love with a beautiful opera singer Enchanted by her lovely voice, he cannot help but to try to meet her He shows up at every performance and his love becomes known to the members of the Opera When he finally meets her and gets to spend time with her, he finds that he is the butt of a joke that he doesn t understand This is further complicated by the fact that the story takes place in an old mansion The story of Sarrasine is told f [...]

  13. Gláucia Renata

    Novela publicada em 1830 narrada em primeira pessoa por algum personagem da CH que o autor n o identifica.A casa da pr spera fam lia Lanty frequentada por esse narrador, e nesses encontros aparece a misteriosa figura de um velho decr pito que parece ser protegido pelos membros dessa fam lia Ao contemplar uma linda pintura de Adonis, o velho parece sofrer e a partir da a narra o retrocede no tempo a fim de explicar quem essa pessoa t o enigm tica e que segredo essa fam lia parece se esfor ar em o [...]

  14. Baran باران

    T m Balzacseverlerin okumas gereken m thi k sa bir roman zellikle fin de siecle ve dekadans n edebiyata yans mas n anlamak i in elzem bir okuma

  15. Momina Masood

    Way too much of a backstory man My first Balzac Wish I liked it Do I blame Balzac for writing like he was distracted and slightly drunk, and not in a good way , or do I blame the translation I read Whatever the case, he could have gotten to the point a bit early on Rambled way too much Might try another translation Also, Sarrasine and Zambinella reminded me of Casanova s fling with Bellino Which, of course, turned out much better for everyone involved But it s weird Giacomo thought Bellino was [...]

  16. Christopher

    A lot going in this packed little read that begins slowly and builds to an exciting and dramatic crescendo In brief, a layered story of Sarrasine, a man grown bored with life until he happens across the opera singer Zambinella Passion and infatuation follow but things predictably aren t always what they seem view spoiler La Zambinella echoed the Roman prince Are you jesting Whence have you come Did a woman ever appear in a Roman theatre And do you not know what sort of creatures play female part [...]

  17. Sara

    I just finished this in French and it may now be in my top 10 I ll update once I have finished it in Englishupdate Alright, this is officially one of my favorite long short stories novellas of all time It s everything the impossibility of desire, the slipperiness of gender, the seedy underbelly of the middle class, the way in which desire and art intertwine, and opera divas I am going to re visit S Z, just so I can spend time with this text It s completely sumptuous and an entirely immersing r [...]

  18. GrauWolf

    Oscuro, inusuale e difficile da comprendere Sarrasine una piccola opera capace di trasportare il lettore in ambientazioni esistenti ma al limite della dimensione soprannaturale caratterizzate da personaggi ambigui e misteriosi.Nonostante la grande brevit in questo libro sono presenti due racconti che, nonostante sembrino tra loro scollegati, sono uniti da un enigmatica figura.Una lettura che, nonostante sia davvero veloce, pu impressionare il lettore con un atmosfera veramente impagabile lascian [...]

  19. Dagny

    Ernest Jean Sarrasine s father was a wealthy attorney, but he went against his father s will and became a sculptor He was a success in Paris, winning a prize and much praise Sarrasine then goes to Rome, burning with ambition He has only been in Rome a fortnight when he happens to pass the Argentina theatre at a time when there is an enormous crowd gathered to see Zambinella and Jomelli His first experience hearing Italian music plunges him into an ecstasy of delight When he sees Zambinella he de [...]

  20. Eileen

    2.5 stars ok A short French classic of a man who becomes enad with an opera singer only to find she is other than he thought Balzac s descriptive and unfiltered observations of the Parisian high society people and lifestyle were the highlight but the plot itself was a bit thin.

  21. Pablo Del

    En una velada organizada por la rica pero desconocida familia Lanty, una joven muchacha de Par s siente inter s por saber m s sobre el pintoresco y fantasmal anciano que de vez en cuando se presenta en los salones El narrador acompa ante de esta sabedor del secreto de la familia, le relatar una historia ocurrida d cadas atr s sobre un joven escultor Sarrasine y la pasi n desaforada que sinti por una actriz italiana Zambinella acaecida en la Italia del XVIII En este relato Balzac vuelve a demostr [...]

  22. Sandra

    Un breve racconto dal significato tutto da interpretare, misterioso ed ambiguo come Zambinella, l attrice di teatro conosciuta a Roma nella met del settecento dallo scultore Sarrasine, dei quali un ignoto io narrante racconta le vicende alla signora di Rochefide Un racconto nel racconto, uniti da un denominatore comune, un vecchio dal ricco abbigliamento e dai tratti grotteschi, un fantasma, un mostro, che i signori di Lanty ospitano nel loro palazzo di Parigi, trattandolo con cure ed attenzioni [...]

  23. Emy

    Apr s tout ,la Marquise n est pas la seul qui r sta pensive apr s avoir lire une histoire pareil,nous sommes tous r st pensifs et vachement stup fi , par un style tellement raffin et labor ,un style qui fais r ver.La morale de l histoire c est que les apparences sont parfois trompeuses,car ils se r v lent toujours tre qu une illusion Et c est une illusion Vous m avez d go t e de la vie et des passions pourlongtemps Au monstre pr s, tous les sentiments humains ne sed nouent ils pas ainsi, par d a [...]

  24. Yves

    La famille Lanty a beaucoup d argent Tout le monde se demande d o vient cette fortune Est ce l argent du travail, d un h ritage ou m me d un crime Plusieurs rumeurs courent mais personne ne sait Lors d une soir e chez les Lanty, on apprendra l histoire de la provenance de l argent, un histoire qui met en vedette une certain sculpteur nomm Sarrasine et d une chanteuse nomm e Zambinella qui cache des gros secrets.J ai trouv cette histoire vraiment sordide Le secret de Zambinella m a jet terre car [...]

  25. Xysea

    This is an interesting book, filled with description, that describes the loss of innocence of a man He falls in love with a woman, an opera singer, who it turns out isn t a woman at all but a castrato who plays female roles in an opera.Sarrasine sets her up, emotionally and psychologically, as his perfect feminine ideal He is so taken with her, he plans to marry her But the proposal is rejected, due to La Zambella s true gender.He attempts to kill her in a rage, probably due to a fear of homosex [...]

  26. Jeffrey Gallen

    A sculptor falls in love with an opera singer, who, he imagines to be the embodiment of female perfection However, his love comes to a tragic end when his illusions are cruelly shattered One of the short pieces in Balzac s La Com die humaine, it is the basis for Roland Barthes structuralist interpretation S Z Thoroughly enjoyed Sarrasine Just started S Z Not sure how Balzac s 30 page story could provide the basis for Barthes 200 page book I ll let you know.

  27. Pete daPixie

    Two short novellas, Sarrasine and A Passion in the Desert Just sixty five pages in total Too short to become lost or bored with, yet not long enough to become engrossed.Although originally published in 1830, Mr De Balzac s writing talent give both tales a timeless quality, and where the author includes references from the early nineteenth century, the book comes with explanatory notes.

  28. Bill

    An amazingly descriptive story about what boils down to a bunch of pretentious hipsters and a wasted old man Also, the only pre 1990s transgender bender story I have ever read It s like the crying game of Parian hipsters.

  29. Alessandro

    Le storie vivide sono quelle pi reali, le mie preferite Balzac ti trasporta ovunque, nel tempo e nello spazio, come se nulla fosse Tu sei un suo personaggio, fai parte della storia Dentro ci sono le emozioni, dell umanit , e tue Balzac scrive per ogni lettore.

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