Ties That Bind (2020)

Ties That Bind Carolyn Arnold Ties That Bind Madison Knight is a tough sassy and intelligent detective She is a straight shooter and takes no crap My Blissful BooksThe hunt for a serial killer begins Detective Madison Knight concluded the case
  • Title: Ties That Bind
  • Author: Carolyn Arnold
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 179
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Ties That Bind Carolyn Arnold Madison Knight is a tough, sassy, and intelligent detective She is a straight shooter and takes no crap My Blissful BooksThe hunt for a serial killer begins Detective Madison Knight concluded the case of a strangled woman an isolated incident But when another woman s body is found in a park killed with the same brand of neckties, she realizes they re dealing with some Madison Knight is a tough, sassy, and intelligent detective She is a straight shooter and takes no crap My Blissful BooksThe hunt for a serial killer begins Detective Madison Knight concluded the case of a strangled woman an isolated incident But when another woman s body is found in a park killed with the same brand of neckties, she realizes they re dealing with something serious.Despite mounting pressure from the sergeant and the chief to close the case even if it means putting an innocent man behind bars, and a partner who is interested in saving his marriage than stopping a potential serial killer, Madison may have to go it alone if the murderer is going to be stopped.
Ties That Bind Carolyn Arnold

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    179 Carolyn Arnold
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One thought on “Ties That Bind

  1. Dianne

    Meet the detective with a chip on her shoulder as big as Mount Rush Madison Knight gets the job done, in spite of being the lone female detective in the Good Ole Boy, Stiles police department.The case started with a body and what Madison found was a can of rotten worms and a pattern of heinous proportions It almost seems only Madison is after the TRUTH, as opposed to red stamping the case closed Along with her partner, with whom she has an often barbed relationship, she is determined to prove th [...]

  2. Joy

    This is a very good thriller I got it free from bookbub and I read it on my phone It s the first book I ve read by this author and I would read another of her books She had me guessing who the killer was until almost the end

  3. Joan

    This was okay to read but there was not much depth to the characters which was a shame as they had the potential to be very interesting I was going to give it 2 stars, which means I thought it was okay but then I read this comment by the author at the end As for any errors you might imagine in spelling, punctuation or capitalization please accept this as the variance permitted with the existence of many conventions and styles of writing There are also times my characters may use incorrect gramma [...]

  4. Notary Tim

    This book has way too many typos missing words, missing punctuation, some wrong word punctuation choices for a professionally written work I don t know whether they are the result of poor editing in the ebook version on the Kindle which is where I read this or poor writing by the author Who spells Sarge as Serg Beyond that, the motivation of Madison Knight main character for her behavior is too vague Why does she keep hitting her partner on the shoulder Why does she have such bad reactions to th [...]

  5. Muriel

    Bad editing ruins a book for me every time Despite the author s attempt to attribute any errors to the readers imagination.

  6. Stephanie

    I liked this book in the beginning, because I was hopeful By the end I was annoyed It is entirely too predictable and the characters are hardly developed.Unfortunately Arnold wasted a chance to develop a great character with Madison Knight She should be interesting, and there are plenty of references to her past however, nothing is developed We hear about her ex fiance, but we don t know why it ended, how it ended, if she still has feelings for him, etc We never learn why she decided not to be a [...]

  7. Carolyn Arnold

    TIES THAT BIND follows Madison Knight and her partner Terry Grant, as they try and stop a potential serial killer, but it also pulls you into the forensic lab.Similar in the investigative style to that of the acclaimed television show Law Order , you follow through as if were watching the story unfold in front of you There is limited swearing and graphic violence, and reviews have compared the writing style to JD Robb s In Death series.

  8. Frederick Brooke

    In her middle 30s and single, Madison Knight is a detective in the fictional city of Stiles The department is filled with men who give her too little respect, people like her Sergeant and her Chief, paper pushers, publicity seekers Like most procedurals, this excellent story begins with the discovery of a body What sets Madison apart, besides the fact that she is a woman, is that she is after the truth As the pieces start to fall into place, the men are quickly satisfied, but not Madison Things [...]

  9. K J Bennett

    Meet Madison Knight, ace detective She s on the case of a potential serial killer who has a unique method of killing people, and she encounters almost as many red herrings as a trawler man on a long fishing voyage She has a crime fighting partner who s a little distracted, a sergeant who s a bigoted bully and a police chief who wants results fast Let me state right now that I rarely read crime fiction, and when I do it tends to be written by Colin Bateman For the most part, Ties That Bind is a s [...]

  10. Debra

    Detective Madison Knight is determined to find the killer who strangled a young woman Since Knight has no love life, her boss demands quick results, and she failed to solve a previous case, the detective throws herself into the investigation Meanwhile, her partner Terry s personal problems are keeping him distracted, so a second murder only adds to the pressure for both of them.Ties That Bind is a gritty police procedural that would have been better without the occasional POV shift to the villai [...]

  11. Karen Crissinger

    It took me awhile to get through this book, in large part because I was so disinterested that I found myself surfing the web on my iPad every few pages Madison Knight is a poor knock off of JD Robb s Eve Dallas Knight isn t near as tough as she is jaded and petty About 2 3 of the way through the book I recognized a formula that I felt might have been JD Robb fan fiction, and did some research on the author Suffice it to say, nothing good came from any credible source The writing is amateur and u [...]

  12. Shirley Worley

    Enjoyable read, but I failed to connect with the main characters Madison eats, sleeps, and breathes her job and doesn t seem to have a relationship outside of her work We really know nothing of her past or the reason she has issues with an ex fiance in the story She s extremely hard working and driven, admirable traits, but she doesn t flesh out much from there She seems to be all business, until she playfully punches her partner on the shoulder Repeatedly throughout the book Somehow, it didn t [...]

  13. Lorena Angell

    Ties that bind First off I love book titles with double meanings and this one is certainly that This is a great read for those who enjoy detective novels and chronological play out, oh, and the excellent twists of skilled writers I found myself trying to guess where this book was going only to be pleasantly surprised where it went Without giving anything away, something that stuck with me since completing the book is Detective Madison Knight s reactions to viewing the deceased women her own age [...]

  14. C.C. Cole

    Ties That Bind features ace career minded heroine Madison Knight, an investigator of a homicide, but when the number of victims increase, so does the complexity of the case and the suspects This is an easy, entertaining read, perfect for readers that follow crime dramas The editing errors noted in the negative reviews on I didn t find as a big deal and to me didn t detract from the story itself Four stars

  15. Pete Morin

    I enjoyed Arnold s dialogue quite a bit, and she s knitted a nice suspenseful story, but I felt that the narrative lacked punch in places There were some problems for me with the plot, which I shall not mention, lest I be a spoiler.All in all, a good read.

  16. elaine m. suda

    Ties TogetherI found this murder mystery very intriguing and was surprised at the ending I enjoyed all the characters, especially Madison She really put all her energy and persevered in solving her case I look forward to reading of your work.

  17. Kenneth Hoss

    Carolyn Arnold pulls you into the world of Madison Knight and doesn t release you until the very end I found myself unable to stop reading this book A must read for the mystery fan You will fall in love with Madison Knight.

  18. Jean

    A PleasureThis book has elements of a cozy mystery and of a police tale I enjoyed reading it, even though I correctly guessed who dun it I believe Carolyn Arnold has the makings of a great author so I look forward to catching the next in the Madison Knight series.

  19. Brenda Fryland

    Just found this series with a free book from or Bookbub It was 5th in the series, but sounded great Happily, I found that the first book was free as well Downloaded it and read it in 2 days Interesting female main character a detective But she s not this super tough miracle worker like so in many other mystery police novels She s flawed and can be emotional and actually behaves like people I know She s real Of course, that means Madison is a bit annoying as well There s a lot of bickering with h [...]

  20. Lauren

    A good plot is essential This one was very predictable No spoiler here but this is a plot that has been used many times before Usually, when an author is using a time tested plot, there is a unique spin on it Not so with Ties That Bind If a good plot is essential, strong likeable characters are crucial and this is where the book disappointed me the most Madison Knight is hyped as a strong independent female, the kind of character I like Rather than finding the character that I would have liked t [...]

  21. Mary

    I gave this book a 4 star because it seems so many stories about Women Detectives show them to be very smart and good at seeing things beyond the big picture, yet they have to fight the men to get the recognition they deserve Madison Knight is always having to prove herself to her higher ups She therefore has a harsh personality and seems to be in a bad mood with everyone She is not the character that gives you the feeling that you want to care about her I think she may get caring as the book p [...]

  22. J Fearnley

    There has been plenty said about the bad grammar, lack of proof reading and editing by other reviewers with which I agree I would just say that this does irritate and makes the experience of reading much less enjoyable That said I finished the book.It was ok However, especially as it is the first in a series, it needed to flesh out the characters, especially Maddy Why have two senior officers behaving so similarly And with similar reactions from Maddy to them Why did Maddy behave like she did, w [...]

  23. BettySchroyer

    Good startGood start, but quickly moved into a typical female anti hero I had the plot when the photos showed up I would like to day this was a good book, but I just can t get beyond ok No I don t like perfect people, and I loved her flaws but I don t see her as hard hitting Too much left out in both detectives personal fronts that kept getting in the way of the story line causing confusion for the plot and investment of the characters personal attributes Couple hundred mired words could have he [...]

  24. Yvonne Persa

    It was goodThis book was pretty good I had at times a hard time with it just getting to the point When I did let myself go I quickly became involved Towards the end I figured it out at the same time as the detective I had to go back to another chapter to see if I was right and it had me questioning myself To me that is a good writer I m now going to have to read the other books of the series and hope they just get better.

  25. James Mooney

    Typical of the genresI started this book with some trepidation of another Who done It My initial dislike of the main character was soon softened and tolerated it until I realized that the author was very skilled in character development.Well done Ms Arnold I ve already purchased the next two books Thank You and please continue the good work.

  26. Judy

    Mediocre at bestI m the type of reader that will finish a book to the end in hopes that it could get better I only got 50% into this book and just couldn t read any of it The characters are one dimensional, the plot development was bad, and the writing is just horrible This is the first bad review I ve ever given.

  27. Vicky

    Good read, it kept me guessing all the way I liked the characters especially Madison who plays it tough but who is anything but The only reason I did not give 5 stars is that there were some gramatical errors which did detract a little bit That being said I already bought the next book in the series and I m looking forward to reading it.

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