Selected Poems (2020)

Selected Poems Oscar Wilde Selected Poems This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers You may find it for free on the web Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery
  • Title: Selected Poems
  • Author: Oscar Wilde
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 382
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Selected Poems Oscar Wilde This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers You may find it for free on the web Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.
Selected Poems Oscar Wilde

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One thought on “Selected Poems

  1. Kimberley doruyter

    reading wilde makes you think that even if he were insulting you it would still be poetry.

  2. Hayder Hasan

    Well, if my heart must break,Dear love, for your sake, It will break in music, I know, Poets hearts break so But strange that I was not told That the brain can hold In a tiny ivory cell God s heaven and hell.

  3. Aseel

    Firstly I don t know if my edition is the same as this one but I did read a selection of his poems, so let s just say that it s this one Some of these were really hard to pay attention to but some were just amazing, my favourite was The Ballad of Reading Gaol, really wonderful

  4. Kayla

    5 5 for The Ballad of Reading Gaol I think I ll be revisiting this often The rest of the poems just weren t really for me.

  5. Jyoti

    With this book first time I came across Oscar Wilde s poetry And I just loved it It is so fresh, remarkable and soothing I loved Rose and Rue and The Ballad the most I remember I never could catch you, For no one could match you, You had wonderful, luminous, fleet, Little wings to your feet And other one But strange that I was not told That the brain can holdIn a tiny ivory cellGod s heaven and hell.

  6. Puri Kencana Putri

    I remember I never could catch you,For no one could match you,You had wonderful, luminous, fleet, Little wings to your feet.I remember your hair did I tie it For it always ran riot Like a tangled sunbeam of gold These things are old.

  7. Chris

    BeautifulSome beautiful poems that just trip off the tongue The most famous of all, The Ballad of Reading Gaol is here along with mentions to Keats, Swinburne and other famous people of the day A great read and very much recommended.

  8. Gemma Innes

    Although I can see objectively why Oscar Wilde s work has stood the test of time I just could not enjoy reading his poetry.I am new to reading poetry for enjoyment and thought I would start with an author whose prose I enjoyed Unfortunately I found the gap in experience, life style and age of writing too big to bridge I could not call to mind the images Wilde had tried to create as I could not understand his wording Perhaps if I had some guidance in what he had hoped to achieve it could help but [...]

  9. Kirsty McCracken

    Finally found another poet I get Even if he mentions lilies than any other author I ve read to date.

  10. Andrea Ika

    Original Language EnglishPublisher Methen CompanyCountry EnglandPublication Date 1911Page Count 98Rating 4 starsBlurb Selected Poems of Oscar Wilde contains the following seventeen poems The Ballad Of Reading Gaol, Ave Imperatrix, To My Wife With A Copy Of My Poems, Magdalen Walks, Theocritus A Villanelle, Greece, Portia, Fabien Dei Franchi, Phedre, Sonnet On Hearing The Dies Irae Sung In The Sistine Chapel, Ave Maria Gratia Plena, Libertatis Sacra Fames, Roses And Rue, From The Garden Of Eros , [...]

  11. Emad Attili

    I have made my choice, have lived my poems, and, though youth is gone in wasted days, I have found the lover s crown of myrtle better than the poet s crown of bays Well, that was a nice read But I was looking for something than that Anyway, it was fun I have to say that I loved Oscar Wilde the novelist than Oscar Wilde the poet I d like to quote some of my favorite lines Could the passionate past that is fledCall back its dead,Could we live it all over again,Were it worth the pain On your hand [...]

  12. Dalia Fawzy

    He does not wake at dawn to seeDread figures throng his room,The shivering Chaplain robed in white,The Sheriff stern with gloom,And the Governor all in shiny black,With the yellow face of Doom _ _ .

  13. Bookish Dervish

    Oscar s writing are very familiar to most English speaking readers this is specially true for people who have merged in the English literature Plays and novels written by Wilde are fascinating the portrait of Dorian Gray , The importance of being Earnest and many are masterpieces but when it comes to poetry sigh It is very tiresome for every verse needs a background knowledge on Greek mythology, word roots, words connotations, the geometry of poems.I tend to think that poems are very local, lan [...]

  14. Patrick Gibson

    I have always prefered Wilde s poems over his prose The plays are another thing.This is just one of edition of many A good one.And, since you needed a poety hit today you did, right , here is one of his sweetest The oleander on the wallGrows crimson in the dawning light,Though the grey shadows of the nightLie yet on Florence like a pall.The dew is bright upon the hill,And bright the blossoms overhead,But ah the grasshoppers have fled,The little Attic song is still.Only the leaves are gently stir [...]

  15. Neha

    I loved The ballad of reading gaol and flower of love the most For he who lives lives than one deaths than one must die Had my lips been smitten into music by the kisses that but made them bleed Yet I m not sorry that I loved you ah What else had I a boy to do for the hungry teeth of time devour , and the silent footed years pursue Certainly when I was reading ballad I found myself at awkward thoughts about isn t it absurd to like it at all So I reread it so I can hate it but it made me love i [...]

  16. Krista

    First, an admission I only read this because of the Book Riot Read Harder challenge I usually avoid poetry because I ve yet to find any outside of Shel Silverstein that I enjoy This collection of Oscar Wilde s poetry was short and somewhat accessible I did have some trouble following along when he started making reference to places I had never heard of but probably should have and to the gods, goddesses, and mortals caught up in the tales of Greek or Roman mythology I have rudimentary knowledge [...]

  17. Esther

    Nice little selection One of those pocket books Got this in England for a mere pound I m unfamiliar with his poetry Love the plays, Dorian, Happy Prince etc but didn t know his poems The poems are arranged chronologically and chart an interesting development Early ones are a bit sappy, lots of references to fair maidens and other such cliched references So far so in the closet Then things perk up with a series of poems about ancient Greeks and strong thrusting soldiers etc The final poem is of c [...]

  18. Brian

    oscar wilde is a brilliant playwright, but his poetry is only okay there were a select few that i really enjoyed, but the rest were somewhat dry this is a nice book to read if you have some spare time i brought it with me as i was traveling around scandinavia pleasant read, but nothing spectacular.

  19. Ally

    This book is a must read, if you are into poetry These palms are good in rhymes There specially selected by Oscar Wilde Some of them are even written by him You will never get tired of reading these poems You have the chance up this book and find a nice place to sit because you re not going to want to put it down That is why I rated it five stars and that s why you should read it.

  20. Lisna Atmadiardjo

    I have made my choice, have lived my poems, and, though youth is gone in wasted days, I have found the lover s crown of myrtle better than the poet s crown of bays Those who read poems tend to have a softer heart They said Cailah

  21. Jennifer

    Strong Writer, Aged PoetryI love Oscar Wilde and his general writing style but in than a few places, these poems struggle to fit the rhythm of the lines in rhyme To me, this particular collection falls flat.

  22. Merinde

    I m not sure if I selected the right selection I read the Gutenberg one The ballad of Reading Gaol I already knew, so this rating is just for the other poems I have to say I wasn t very fond of this selection, although I like Wilde a lot.

  23. Amyra

    With this book I discovered the poetry of Oscar Wilde To be honest I still prefer his plays yet his poetry is remarkable and it still reflects his beliefs and ideas Actually two poems in this book The Ballads of Reading Goal and The Flower of Love made me give it 4stars.

  24. Hayley Shaver

    I loved this book of poetry I read three books of poetry over a few days and this one was definitely the best If you like poetry, I would recommend this one.

  25. Roxie Maria

    Not really my cup of teaCouldn t get into them Bit old fashion for me compared to what I personally like Sorry to those who like his works.

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