What Ho!: The Best of Wodehouse (2020)

What Ho!: The Best of Wodehouse P.G. Wodehouse What Ho The Best of Wodehouse We all know Jeeves and Wooster but which is the best Jeeves story We all know Blandings but which is the funniest tale about Lord Emsworth and his adored prize winning pig And would the best of Ukri
  • Title: What Ho!: The Best of Wodehouse
  • Author: P.G. Wodehouse
  • ISBN: 9780099551287
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Paperback
What Ho!: The Best of Wodehouse P.G. Wodehouse We all know Jeeves and Wooster, but which is the best Jeeves story We all know Blandings, but which is the funniest tale about Lord Emsworth and his adored prize winning pig And would the best of Ukridge, or the yarns of the Oldest Member, or Wodehouse s Hollywood stories outdo them This bumper anthology allows you to choose, bringing you the cream of the crop of storieWe all know Jeeves and Wooster, but which is the best Jeeves story We all know Blandings, but which is the funniest tale about Lord Emsworth and his adored prize winning pig And would the best of Ukridge, or the yarns of the Oldest Member, or Wodehouse s Hollywood stories outdo them This bumper anthology allows you to choose, bringing you the cream of the crop of stories by the twentieth century s greatest humorous writer.There are favourites aplenty in this selection, which has been compiled with enthusiastic support from P.G Wodehouse societies around the world With additional material including novel extracts, working drafts, articles, letters and poems, this anthology provides the best overall celebration of side splitting humour and sheer good nature available in the pages of any book.
What Ho!: The Best of Wodehouse P.G. Wodehouse

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One thought on “What Ho!: The Best of Wodehouse

  1. Aditya Mallya

    This is not a book for Wodehouse beginners For I regret to say that such people exist What that poor, downtrodden section of society that has never savoured the master s fare wants apart from a sound beating is a full meal I recommend a light Uncle Fred to start with, followed by a sumptuous Jeeves and Wooster, with a nice Blandings to wash the whole thing down Once this has been completed, a marked change will come over the unwashed beginner His spine will straighten His collar will stiffen A g [...]

  2. Donna

    2006 I am now completely in love with his works This is all Hugh Laurie s fault, you know I found out about Jeeves and Wooster when ahem looking for info about him on the internet, saw it on TV, noticed it was based on some books I d never heard of by a guy whose name was familiar, and bought the book And now I m hooked As if I don t have enough books to read already I loved the Emsworth and Jeeves Wooster especially Psmith seemed interesting, but there wasn t much in the collection, so I m not [...]

  3. Shree

    I can t believe no one reviewed this book before I m only half way through and i ve spent nights just clutching my abdomen in laughter This guy s a genius I laugh to myself on the way to work thinking abt some line i read the previous dayThe pig is out of this worldBest literary comic in the universe No contest

  4. Sugan Shreyas

    What a very, very lucky person you are Spread out before you are the finest and funniest words from the finest and funniest writer the past century ever knew this is how the introduction to the book begins And this is by no means an exaggeration Been a while since I read PGW, had picked up this collection out of curiosity and this turned out to be pure gold Makes me want to go and buy the entire collection of Jeeves and Blandings, and read, re read it I think I might just do that.

  5. Patricia

    P.G Wodehouse wrote like a fiend, and his particular specialty was soft, intelligent, wry humour Whenever I read Wodehouse s work, I find myself smiling and smiling always makes me feel good Gentle stories in a language that is beautifully wrought.

  6. J❆sephine (TheSeventhCrow)

    3.5I ve always been curious about P.G Wodehouse s work, and when I got this collection I was really excited to find out what I would end up thinking of it Wodehouse s writing is certainly excellent, and I did chuckle quite a few times, but in the end a lot of the stories that were selected here weren t entirely for me Some were wonderfully funny, and I think my favourite in this was The Clicking of Cuthbert or The Eighteenth Hole I think what I ve discovered is that I need a bit of a plot, or s [...]

  7. Sarah

    It is a truth universally acknowledged that I am an avid reader, both in despairing tones by those who think that the only proper thing for females of my age to be really interested in is useless saps like the Bieber, and also in proud accents by those like to boast the intellectual in their family circles if such lovely things exist today But I m getting off track What I m driving at, is that avid readers like good books Strange as it may seem, these entertaining pieces of paper and paste are r [...]

  8. Kaushik

    A collection of some of the finest stories of arguably the greatest humorist ever The only issue any reasonable person can have with this book is that it isn t long enough Stephen Fry s enormously witty and slightly emotional introduction is the icing on the cake From Jeeves to Psmith, the reader will be introduced to some of the most endearing characters ever to grace English fiction This is a book that every English knowing person must read before going to the grave.

  9. Mike

    This is a wonderful selection of choice Wodehouse, much of which I ve never read before In fact, most of which has eluded me until now There are marvellous pieces that make you laugh out loud, endless pieces of witty writing, marvellous moments when the words seem to leap off the page as though they d never been used before, and much Great for dipping into again and again The only puzzling chapter was the one that was supposedly cut out of the English edition of a book, but kept in the American [...]

  10. Somdutta

    What a gem of a book from a gem of an author This book is a delight to read especially for Wodehouse fans, it s a treat of ginormous proportions This book is a perfect gift to anyone who has not yet been initiated to Wodehouse s world and is willing to try a few reads This book is fine assortment of colourful characters created by P.G Wodehouse To top it all the later part of book contains poems, Wodehouse s experience during his stay in Hollywood, New york and some on his life My particular fav [...]

  11. Karthick R

    So far, it has lived up to the testimonies that nothing can ever go wrong in the world of wodehouse.Lovely read.

  12. An Odd1

    Nicknamed Plum , the author is little revealed by few letters, to be a kind, generous, funny, likable fellow The only autobiographical material is miniscule, last under Theatre Hollywood and Essays, Verse and Thoughts on Writers and Writing New house in Hollywood is miles away up at the top of a mountain an advantage in a way, as we don t get everybody dropping in on us p 497 Ethel doesn t like the roof at first, then does Youngest Peke is called Wonder The puppy is a comedian p 497 Naturally sa [...]

  13. Fips

    Despite the advancing years I had up until receiving this book for Christmas never read any Wodehouse, though I had been read excerpts in my younger years Of course, the problem with Wodehouse is that being such a prolific author, it s difficult to know where to start And since most Wodehouse readers have their favourites, asking for advice on what to read is a bit like asking which football team you should support.All of which is precisely why this compendium fits the bill nicely There s a litt [...]

  14. Anna

    This is a wonderful overview of the Master s works chosen by the international Wodehouse societies with a lovingly written introduction by Stephen Fry.Aside from the selections of comic escapades, my personal favorites are the excerpts from letters and essays about Hollywood and various writers In his usual style, he wrote about his own endeavors All we authors have our limitations and I have long recognized mine Hot stuff though I am in many respects, I have never been able to master the art of [...]

  15. Tim Murray

    Without any hesitation, this is a true 5 star book I can t believe that I d never really heard of Wodehouse before If you like clever writing then I thoroughly recommend you read this It contains such lines as The Right Hon was a tubby little chap who looked as if he had been poured into his clothes and had forgotten to say When This collection is mainly short stories that take about half an hour to read each, which is a perfect length of time.While reading this, I happened to read A.A.Milne to [...]

  16. Chetan Tyagi

    Right ho This is the ideal book for those uninitiated in Wodehouse It gives you a flavour of all his writings and can serve as a first step as to which are the ones you would want to pick up for a complete reading I loved the most famous Jeeves Wooster stories The Blandings Castle was the second in line The others are not stories I would pick up now The golf and Hollywood bits dragged along a bit and are the reason for the four star Wodehouse s world is one of genial, good natured Edwardian men [...]

  17. Mayank

    If I was asked to rate only this particular anthology of Wodehouse s works, I would probably rate it a 4, but my 5 rating is indicative of my love for Wodehouse s works in general, rather than this particular volume.Nonetheless, this is one of the finest collections of Wodehouse s characters and stories, and it introduced me to a few of the characters I am less acquainted with, such as Ukridge and Mr Mulliner I would have greatly enjoyed it if some of Wodehouse s early school stories were includ [...]

  18. Liam Proven

    It has taken me until my early 40s to start to understand and get Woodhouse Now that I do, I find that the Jeeves and Wooster stories tickle me pink, but I m afraid most of the other stuff leaves me cold.As such, I devoured the tales of Bertie and his faithful valet herein, but struggled, nay waded, through the others until I gave up I shall return Meantime, a lovely lady in Germany has sent me the complete World of Jeeves and Wooster the anthology of all the early shorts I shall return once I h [...]

  19. Rosa

    I read a review of one of Wodehouse s Jeeves stories on Guys Lit Wire several years ago and the review stuck with me, so when I saw this at the local indie bookstore I decided to pick it up It took me way too long to get to as usual but I did really enjoy it The stories are over the top funny and I loved them I doubt I will read it straight through again but I definitely see this as a book I will periodically take off the shelf and read several stories from.

  20. Swaroop

    This was my first taste of Wodehouse, and throughout the book, I kept thinking I needed some context Wooster Jeeves and the Blandings Castle stories seem to be the most popular, but I wasn t L O L ing as Stephen Fry suggested in the good introduction The first story about Uncle Fred was great, and so were the golf stories The Drones club stories were what left me in splits.

  21. Laura S

    I d only read a handful of Jeeves and Wooster stories before diving headfirst into this collection and it did not disappoint The absent minded Lord Emsworth is now on my roster of bumbling British characters whom i adore The Drones Club stories are ridiculous yet effortlessly amusing The weren t wrong when the said Wodehouse was one of the funniest writers ever

  22. Sammy

    A lovely edition and a great help for people like myself who ve come to elements of Wodehouse in my case Jeeves and Bertie but need to gradually get into the vast bulk of his work.Still, many of these stories are probably better told in the context of their original novels and collections Blissful but only a small slice of the bliss that awaits.

  23. Vasilia

    Wodehouse is always, always my favourite, but I find after reading this collection of essays and short stories, that I prefer his novels I do, however, want to go out and buy a collection of his letters right away.

  24. Reid

    This was my first foray into the works of P.G Woodhouse, and the story Uncle Fred Flits By was enough to get me hooked.The volume includes several stories of Jeeves and Wooster and each of them is a marvel I envy the late Wodehouse s talent.

  25. Alison

    While Wodehouse is never not amusing, his stuff can get kind of formulaic after a little while, which lost some appeal to me after the first 200 pages or so I skimmed some of the later stories, but his essays were interesting, so I did read those It is a pretty nice anthology.

  26. Anubha

    Don t attempt to finish it in one stretch Otherwise the plot might end up seeming repetitive But pick it up at intervals to lighten the mood and enjoy the brilliance of Wodehouse s wit As always his humor hits the correct chord.

  27. Nigeyb

    Perfection As Stephen Fry states at the start of the book s introduction, What a very, very lucky person you are Spread out before you are the finest and funniest words from the finest and funniest writer the past century ever knew Quite.

  28. Tejas

    It s a good anthology to familiarize one with the style of Wodehouse I liked the fiction portions better than the Hollywood and author s biographical accounts at the end, which honestly looked like fillers.

  29. Angel Serrano

    Extractos de los mejores libros del autor, desde los inicios de la Inglaterra de entre siglos XIX y XX hasta sus a os en Am rica Hollywood y Nueva York Es una muestra del mejor humor ingl s, con iron a y aprovechados herederos.

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