A Brief History of the Third Reich (2020)

A Brief History of the Third Reich Martyn Whittock A Brief History of the Third Reich Told through first hand accounts detailed scenes and a convincing and personality driven overview A Brief History of the Third Reich is a complete history of the rise and fall of Nazi Germany It is
  • Title: A Brief History of the Third Reich
  • Author: Martyn Whittock
  • ISBN: 9780762441211
  • Page: 144
  • Format: Paperback
A Brief History of the Third Reich Martyn Whittock Told through first hand accounts, detailed scenes, and a convincing and personality driven overview, A Brief History of the Third Reich is a complete history of the rise and fall of Nazi Germany It is an essential book that will explore the personalities and ideas that informed the rise of Hitler and his party, from the earliest origins in the Munich beer halls to the finTold through first hand accounts, detailed scenes, and a convincing and personality driven overview, A Brief History of the Third Reich is a complete history of the rise and fall of Nazi Germany It is an essential book that will explore the personalities and ideas that informed the rise of Hitler and his party, from the earliest origins in the Munich beer halls to the final fall of Berlin in 1945.
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One thought on “A Brief History of the Third Reich

  1. S.Ach

    I have always wondered how do radicals convince the unsuspecting of their own agenda Are people really that gullible or there is a trick Do rational thinking and sanity die in such situations or just suppressed I can imagine someone convincing one or two or may be few in committing an heinous crime, but how can that fringe become mass Two things answer me This book and My facebook timeline.This book tells me how Hitler could convince millions of Germans, who I consider intellectually highly evo [...]

  2. Amit

    A simple and concise history of Nazi Germany a brief Nazi Germany reference book Reveals,1 How Nazi rose to power.2 How majority of German people confided in Nazi ideologies.3 How youth was inducted in Nazification program.4 How Hitler influenced the complete Europe.5 How miscalculative Hitler was, for confronting Britain.6 How industrial production was revived by Nazis.7 How jobs are created by Nazi policies.8 How basic and higher education was nazified.9 How non nazi labor unions were neutrali [...]

  3. Khoa Dang

    It is just a coincidence that I started this book while finishing The Book Thief, a novel whose story line is set against the backdrop of Nazi Germany Highly recommended.The shocking extent of evilness that defines Nazism is an ugly legacy for the whole world to see Yet, what intrigues me lies in the preceding events, the combination of numerous factors that resulted in the ascendancy of Hitler and National Socialism The Nazi leadership was masterful in the politics of conspiracy and underhand t [...]

  4. Midgetbee

    An interesting breakdown of the various ways different parts of society were affected during the Third Reich Doesn t go into much detail due to the huge scope of the topic in question, but a good but sometimes brief overview that highlights the different ways Nazi rule affected people.

  5. Analuabc

    Um livro que prentede contar a hist ria do Terceiro Reich de forma breve mas que nem por isso deixa de focar todos os elementos principais e outros, muitas vezes esquecidos.Livro dividido em capitulos tem ticos que contam desde o fim da WWI at ao legado do Terceiro Reich Foca tanto a parte militar, pol tica como social N o esquecendo obviamente as partes mais negras como as batalhas mais sangrentas e o Holocausto Mas apesar de ser uma breve hist ria realmente aborda um pouco de tudo N o indo ao [...]

  6. Phillip Gonzales

    With concise topics and chapters, Martyn Whittock paints a picture of what the world was like in Germany and globally in the 1930 s with the rise of Nazism and the Third Reich It explores the fanaticism of Aldoph Hitler and why so many chose to follow him and his ideologies, and the dark reality of persecuting the Jews in Poland, the Ghettoes, and concentration camps As stated before, those that fail to study learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

  7. S.S.

    This is an interesting timeline of the rise and fall of the Nazi party, and their many evils and contradictions I liked the fact that it included the stories of ordinary German citizens who were affected by the regime as I haven t read many accounts from that point of view before The book is brief but concise, and revealed a good many things that I didn t previously know about the era.

  8. Kayla Giordano

    This book was a good overview of the Third Reich, although at times I did feel that the writing could be a bit repetitive I d say it s a great reference guide for anyone researching this period of history, as the chapters of the book are separated not by time but by subject Definitely of a supplementary reading material when it comes to this subject.

  9. Andrew Crawford

    I like it when people keep things simple Learnt a lot from reading this very informative book Without glorifying war it explains the impact the nazis had on not only everyday people but religion, economics and a lot Great read

  10. Ali Warsi

    It was a nice book Precise and hard hitting Perfect for anyone who wants to get initiated into the history of Nazism There are obviously detailed versions available but this one is a great started.

  11. Boyke Rahardian

    The fundamental questions this book is trying to answer revolve around the support of German people for Nazi leadership Were they dupped, coerced, forced or persuaded to vote for the Nazi and subsequently support it on its war effort On the other side, how the Nazi effectively gamed the system and made itself legitimately elected to rule There s no easy answer We know all along that the state of economy, due to the Versailles treaty and the great depression, played a major role in swinging the G [...]

  12. Lamiss Akkad

    the book was very interesting It felt like a window to the social situation and its various changes in the Third Reich It put forth comments, jokes,and some reports that reflected the common people s thinking and acceptability of that time I found the topics of the book very very interesting as they focused on various aspects of the third Reich on the German society The author rose, indeed, some very curios questions and presented evidences trying to answer them On the other hand, as a reader, I [...]

  13. Prachee

    Don t be turned off by the initial all over the place way in which the book begins replete with scattered thoughts and ideas thrown about seemingly at random off the top of the author s head If you re even remotely familiar with the timeline of important events and the basic outline of the Third Reich, the book can offer precious nuggets of insight and information as well as draw meaningful inferences based on cited data despite its haphazard beginnings although I do not deny that a coherent an [...]

  14. Kerry

    I quite enjoyed this book because it focused on the social and economic lives of Germans during Hitlers reign I ve been curious for a while to learn how Hitler came to power and held it, what it was like for Gemans, etc and this book does a good job of explaining it This is not an in depth look at war decisions, the Holocaust, Hitler, or his conspirators it really focuses on the culture of fear in Germany The author divides subjects by chapter so you can skip around, but I read it straight thro [...]

  15. Bas Crombag

    When it comes to the Third Reich, most people talk about Hitler this, Hitler that For obvious reasons, of course But regarding the scale of effects the Third Reich had which could never be caused by one man , I always had a curiosity about how and why so many people got involved in such a brutal and evil undertaking Which is mainly why I picked up this book And it the book diden t dissapoint It showed the Third Reich, all it s scale, motivations and effects on people of al nationsnand background [...]

  16. Pj

    I needed a primer on the 30s for a novel I was reading based in Berlin at that time, so I wanted something brief yet focused on the regular person The book is a sufficient overview of the era, with historical figures and events that are frequently mentioned It occasionally delves into the regular person s life, but not as much as I would ve liked I suppose there isn t enough room in 300 pages to cover 20 years of history AND recount multiple people s stories of the time.

  17. Pedro

    A concised but at the same time detailed story of the Third Reich that everyone should read It shows how this regime came to power, what where their methods and who voted for the Nazis All of this explained in a very fluent prose perfect for those who want to have a general but very well informated knowledge of the Third Reich Really worth reading.

  18. 4triplezed

    The best short history of the 3rd Reich I have read The only reason it is marked down is a bit of poor proof reading and editing Wittock is to be admired for producing an introductory book that does not home into just the war itself and briefly explains the day to day life of all that lived in these unhappy times These Brief history of series are well worth the couple of dollars.

  19. Ken Puddicombe

    After reading Shirer s Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich so many years ago this was a welcome brief refresher course But than that it explores aspects of life in Germany that debunked the myths propagated over the decades following WW11

  20. Tarik Al-Bahrani

    A great insight on the inner workings of Hitler s third Reich Those who are interested about the time period, or even just plain inquisitive on the third Reich s impact on German Society during its lifetime are recommended to read this highly interesting book Thoroughly enjoyed.

  21. Kelly

    Through the eyes of ordinary Germans, breaking down the personality, actions and horrors of Hitler and the Nazis, another glimpse into the horrific events of 1933 45.

  22. Jhumjhum Chakrabarti

    A great and simplified eye opener to Nazi Germany and the second world war A must read for anyone seeking further information on these issues.

  23. Maria Rodrigues

    Great book, different from the strict chronological approach, and instead you will find a subject or domain approach Interesting and in some way a page turner

  24. Elaina Deayton

    An extensive book on the sociopolitical environment in Germany that allowed the nazi regime to be democratically elected and remain in power for 13 years Very well written.

  25. Rohan Talkad

    A well written book that contains the episodes of the Nazi rise and fall Would recommend the book to anyone interested in history.

  26. Michael

    This a thorough yet brief book on the Third Reich It really does a fantastic job explaining just how such an evil leader could come to power.

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