Prima della passione (2020)

Prima della passione Diana Palmer Prima della passione Maggie e Cord si conoscono sin dall infanzia e insieme hanno condiviso tutto Ma una notte tra loro successo qualcosa che ha creato una crepa nel loro a ma ci nonostante non cessano di rincorrersi La
  • Title: Prima della passione
  • Author: Diana Palmer
  • ISBN: 9788880190974
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Paperback
Prima della passione Diana Palmer Maggie e Cord si conoscono sin dall infanzia e insieme hanno condiviso tutto.Ma una notte tra loro successo qualcosa che ha creato una crepa nel loro a, ma ci nonostante non cessano di rincorrersi La loro una passione che li travolge, una passione alimentata da vecchie e nuove ferite, da segreti non detti.
Prima della passione Diana Palmer

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    461 Diana Palmer
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One thought on “Prima della passione

  1. Chitra *CJ*

    This book, last in huttons and co inspired a lot of mixed feelings But as I finish it it was an overall good experience.Let me get the negatives out first I hated the way Cord behaved with Maggie in the past however I did like that it was all before the story started and that made it easy to forgive him Maggie s emotions were a ping pong ball They went through changes in blink of an eye the things Maggie went through were painful to readNow the positives, Though the first half of the book was bo [...]

  2. Dee

    Two haiku review They were foster kidsHe hasn t treated her wellBut she still loves himBoth have hurtful pastsUp and down relationshipHe was an a hole

  3. Katherine 黄爱芬

    Maggie Barton sudah berulangkali patah hati terhadap Cord Romero Kedua duanya sudah sejak lama memendam rasa, tapi nasib belum berniat mempersatukan dua insan keras kepala ini Hingga saat mereka bekerjasama utk menghancurkan penjahat yg memiliki jaringan perdagangan manusia dan pornografi anak anak.Kekurangan buku ini masih sama jg dgn buku buku tante DP lainnya Terlalu banyak repetisi narasi dan dialog yg kadang kadang kelewat panjang, padahal intinya cuma satu kalimat doang Kegalauan cinta mer [...]

  4. Kaycee ❤️

    It was no secret on how much I loved Diana Palmer s books I always find comfort in her works no matter what Although most of her works seemed similar to each other I still can t get enough of them I loved Maggie and Cord They were perfect for each other Both of them have pasts full of heartbreak and pain They were messed up But together they were perfect As they spent time together they learn about each other And we get to see them open up to each other and learn about each other, and grow clo [...]

  5. Christel

    This was one of action and intrigue with multiple locations even overseas I really liked it alot This story kept you riveted to the storyline and the characters

  6. Laurie O'

    I do enjoy this Author, she does keep your interest But she does get kinda of racy in some parts and some love scenes You know this may bother some people, but if you can get over that, she is a good writer.

  7. Elisa Vangelisti

    un mix di storie tormentate, spionaggio, romance e sesso Shakerate tutti questi argomenti e ne esce Prima della passione Desperado il titolo originale In tutta onest , credo siano poco azzeccati entrambi i titoli La trama di Diana piuttosto prevedibile, ma la narrazione coinvolgente quel tanto da far proseguire la lettura L interesse stato altalenante I dialoghi sono molto intensi e veri, mentre il contorno lascia un po a desiderare Tutto sommato la lettura conviene Ma se ne pu anche fare a meno [...]

  8. Anne Roberts

    I would call this a cheap romance novel It is not my favorite genre In fact, I try to stay away from books that are focused on sex just for the arousal But, I read this book with plans to attend a local author s luncheon I wanted to read something by the author prior to the luncheon I gave it 3 stars because the story was readable and even entertaining It was simple and a quick read with some replication It s a happily ever after book.

  9. GuisBell

    No me gusto Cord, debi ser m s valiente y arriesgarse con Maggie y no crear demasiados obst culos que los da aba much simo a ambos Maggie debi vivir alegremente o intentar solo sobrevivir y estar solo esperando a Cord, que desesperante

  10. Adriana Fogaça

    Hutton CO 05.Agonia e xtase.Diana Palmer.H.C.P.Sucessos 25.2012.Apesar de ter lido e ouvido diversas opini es diferente sobre livro Quando comecei a ler, tentei ficar imparcial, n o ser influenciada nem positivamente e muito menos negativamente E assim tentei manter a mente aberta para o desenvolvimento do enredo.Mas obvio que na j na terceira p gina, os coment rios voltar o a minha mente com uma velocidade descomunal Fazer o que Ent o, vamos l Cord n o um mocinho horr vel como foi pintado por v [...]

  11. Joy

    I read this sometime round 2008 and did a quick refresh read for this review view spoiler Cord Romero has been fighting his attraction for Maggie his foster sister for upteen years she s too young until she reveals her plans to remove herself permanently from his life Maggie has loved him just as long but she s finally given up on him and Maggie has secrets she s determined to keep from Cord and Cord is just as determined to ferret them out while finally acknowledging his feelings for her and hi [...]

  12. Jessica

    when i orignally read this i loved it and initially gave ot five stars as it was one of my favs i just finished a reread now that that im older andexperienced and im not quite as impressed first off the dialogue is a bit over the top, if this was a movie it would be waaaaay over acted palmer needs to lay off the exclamation points second the sex scenes are jusy dreadful finally the characters are so ass backwards it drives me nuts maggie is talked about as strong an fearless but we only ever see [...]

  13. Amanda Sheila

    Not exactly my favorite Maggie s been in love with Cord since she was just a kid And now after her disaster marriage, she wants to get close to him But he kept pushing her away Cord s fond of Maggie, but he sees that Maggie s been keeping secrets from him, secrets that d kills her if he found out But what will happen if Maggie s life is on the line of fire Again, this one is moodkiller I ve been looking forward to reading about Cord s reaction towards Maggie s secrets But it turns out Flat I nee [...]

  14. Dakota Storm

    I absolutley love Diana Palmer s books This book is about Cord and Maggie, they were Foster kids together and Maggie fell for Cord and loved him her whole life Cord pushes Maggie away and treats her indifferently but he secretly wants her They both caused each other pain throughout their lives by being with other people and or pushing each other away I love the action, the mystery and intrigue But as most of Diana s books the main character male is always tough, brooding and pushes the women awa [...]

  15. Judith Sherrod

    AwesomeMaggie tried to keep her feelings for Cord a secret But bad men put her in Cord s territory once again and not only did her love of him come out but also all the secrets of her past Cord was holding his own touch for Maggie and didn t know of her fear of intimacy or it s cause Together they entered a world of intrigue to help put a child slavery ring out of business Unfortunately there are bad people in this world that put money and power ahead of children s welfare.

  16. Manuela

    Pieno di sensualit , passione e tensione ad altissimi livelli, che reggono l intreccio per i primi 2 3 del romanzo in maniera ottima Quando, per , entra nel vivo la trama principale del romanzo, che riguarda l indagine che i due protagonisti intraprendono, lo sviluppo lascia a desiderare, e l interessa cala leggermente, a causa soprattutto di soluzioni affrettate e semplicistiche in alcuni punti La prima parte, per , merita davvero, rivelando le buone doti di quest autrice.

  17. Cristina Contilli

    Questo libro mi piaciuto, anche se la trama molto simile a quella di un altro romanzo della Palmer, Emozioni senza paura , che ho letto l estate scorsa, probabilmente perch entrambi fanno parte della stessa serie degli ex mercenari La Palmer ha il suo punto di forza nell abbinare uno stile semplice e lineare a trame complesse, dove si registrano nell arco di poche pagine colpi di scena e imprevisti.

  18. Mirella Grace

    Haduh sebelumnya, maap maap maap deh, buat penggemarnya Diana Palmer Saya cape ati baca ni buku Gimana ya Baik cewek maupun cowok riweuh banget Jelas jelas saling menyayangi, lah kok pake masih menyimpan perasaan sayangnya Saya gregetan bacanya Cord si cowok, selalu nyakitin prasaan Maggie si cewek, selalu berpendapat gak papa disakitin, yang penting bisa bareng terus ama Cord ABCD, alias Aduh Bo, Cape Deh

  19. Stacey

    I had read a preview of this book a long time ago, and searched and searched for it the other day i came across this book at my local salvation army branch i had bought it because it was diana palmer, and not realizing that it was this book, i started it yesterday and finished it today i loved it, i love diana palmer i had been anticipating cord romero s love story so glad i found it, so glad i read it super cute book, great quick little read.

  20. L

    This was my first read from Diana Palmer Involves the character Cord Romero and his childhood friend Maggie Barton, and a plot to kill them both after an event related to Cord s CIA activity The characters have a haunting past, but finally see their way to realizing that their love is strong enough to survive all obstacles Lots of passion and action.

  21. Belle Augusta

    well, not bad.tapi yah rasanya aneh udah yakin gak mungkin sama hero nya tapi kok hero nya udah yakin gak akan menikah lagi, tapi gak dijelasin di deskripsikan perasaannya mengenai dirinya yang benar benar tidak dapat hidup tanpa sang heroine.dan Palmer berhasil membuat aku merinding dengan masa lalu kelam heroine aku sudah menduga ke arah sana tapi di film kan well

  22. Melissa

    I tried reading this three separate times I finally stopped at chapter 6 It was painful I liked Cash Grier in Judd and Chrissy s story which is why I was looking forward to reading this but it was like a different character completely I really disliked him and to be honest, I hated the way DP was writing the story in general I m taking a DP break for a while after this.

  23. nurmawati

    luv it so muchngat mengharukan cord romero en maggie salah satu tokoh fave gw di novel2 DPrd bisa diandalkan dan maggie walo keliatan lemah tapi sebenernya kuatkasian banget pas aib maggie ketauan sama penjahatnya.n nangis bombay bacanyangguh teganya waktu masih kecil dia dipaksa untuk

  24. Uthie

    ceritanya mengharukan seh tapi nggak serunya Maggienya malah sibuk dengan masa lalunya yang nggak pengen diketahui sama Cord Padahal Cord udah tau dan cintanya Cord juga nggak kurang tuh Malah nambah

  25. Andrea

    Nice romance, wonderful plot about a woman moving past all the abuse she has suffered to find true love, but not a whole lot of exciting going on really It could have had thrill All in all a nice read.

  26. Angelica Stevenson

    In 2005 2007 I read so many of Diana Palmer s books My ex s mom had a lot and that got me hooked She is an excellent author and I just enjoyed them Especially the rancher, texas, farmer themes plots and stuff.

  27. Patricia Solla

    This storyline is definitely one of he said, she said, he believes, she believes and a few bad guys thrown for the fun of it There s plenty of action and the story moves quickly to a satisfactory ending.

  28. Brittany

    This was a great read I loved it, though I was surprised that Maggie had so little problems with herself about her past Also gotta love a dangerous but gentle man like Cord.

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